Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #124 - Fortune Magazine Says Now Is The Time!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This week Dean shares an article from the current issue of Fortune magazine. In it the word is a certain type of real estate is more valuable than ANY other investment you could own right now. It's nice to know that they are finally catching on to what Dean has been preaching for 3 years now! What is the "type" of real estate? Take a guess, watch and post your comments below.

Last reia meeting I went to...

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They forecasted the real estate market would rebound just as Dean has said. It won't happen overnight, but they said these are some of the best times to be in right now.

Dean is right about never giving up on your dreams, because I haven't.

Sorry Dean,

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but in college we were taught the Contrarian Market Viewpoint which basically says, "When an investing style or class of assets is touted by the national media, it is probably too late to participate in the market as it has become too mainstream." That is not to say that money can't be made from real estate today; as we both know it can, but history has shown that national financial magazines always are late to the party and are a bad gauge to use for guidance.

Here is the Money Magazine cover story in June 2005 before the real estate tumble. Read the careful analysis by "the experts":
Here's the Fortune magazine of the same period:

But I still love your enthusiasm and look forward to reading about your new programs!!

OK Dean

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Great news, but it's time to put those programs of yours into second gear.

Dean-My thoughts exactly!

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Dean its funny that you posted this because I am seeing this exact thing happening on a small scale in several markets I am investing in. I agree that we won't see a fast recovery but the start of the recovery is already happening. I monitor all the offers I put out and now I am seeing multiple offers on the properties I am bidding on. I see in several markets I am bidding on the price per square foot is starting to inch up and the DOM (Days on Market)is slowing starting to inch down.

I think the point Dean is really trying to make is "push harder" everyone. We need to "make hay while the sun is shining." This opportunity of a lifetime will not last forever. It has already been 3 long hard years since the economy has been taking a beating and a rebound has to happen.

Trustpoint-I appreciate your contrarian thoughts but the mass media isnt claiming this. Most of the media is still saying to stay away from real estate but keep your eyes peeled because more and more media will start siding with Dean. I will have to side with Dean and say the rebound is quietly happening!

James-Cut Dean some slack. The things he is putting together are very hard to produce, that is why nobody else is doing it. Dean could have just thrown something together and released it to the market but that wouldn't be fair to his students. Dean would rather test it out thoroughly to make sure his students are getting the best of the best. By the way, Dean doesn't have a second gear. He only has 1 gear--FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Everyone--take action! Now is the time!

Get it done!

Matt Larson

I agree Matt

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It's time to take real action! No more being scared or letting others steal the dreams, it's now or never...

Excellent Point

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Matt right u r. Dean changes lives every single day, he is a true leader. He created this website for POSITIVE voice and networking. Those who choose to be negitive about Dean or what he does need not apply. Just my humble opinion.
Thank you Dean for every single minute you work at something to benefit all of us. Without your efforts to write your books, do your blog, build the success academy,host the edge event, give us the benefit of your realestate knowledge successess and failures, and every single thing you do that would take millions of hours to write, for us, to help us succeed. Without your insight, I would still be sitting on my couch waiting for a mircle. You and all my friends here on are my mircle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Donna Quenzer

Wonderful news for us to use...

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Great info - I'm off to buy my copy of Fortune now. Here's how I see using it. I'm on the warpath of finding private money and just learned the concept of building a "credibility kit" at my REI club. This article is fantastic ammunition as I target my funding prospects. I am seeing multiple offers on REO's and banks saying to offer more than asking on to be competitive. Yet I still see pricing sliding here in Seattle. It's all a bit crazy and exciting.
Can't wait to see you and the Fam at the Edge.

awesome news!

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Thank you Dean,

for sharing these exciting news with us; I just heard that from my lender; but I was a bit skeptical...

can't wait for your private money program!!!


Thanks Dean!

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I know that the market will be rebounding soon and I'm ready to take advantage of it. I've started my marketing campaign and I hope to get some great leads. Best wishes to all the DG family.


I applaud your dedication and tenacity

Being pretty disillusioned with the PMI program, I am so trying to stick it out. I watch every weeks blog to try to give me the boost to continue. I appreciate your dedication to your students and wish everyone in the DG family good health and fortune.


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog. I will be sure to pick up that Fortune magazine issue. Thank for the update on all the recent programs coming out. We appreciate you striving to keep your students #1 with the latest information, techniques,strategies and new programs.

It is so refreshing that the media is slowly understanding and prinitng story about the opportunity in real estate. For so long real estate was the hot topic to get it "licks" from the media. It was the one news topic that sold and everyone jumped on the bandwagon of whether they understood or not. The more we undertsnd how others perceive the real estate market, the better opportunity we have at achieving success within the world of real estate investing.

As I travel the country and actively review a number of real estate markets, the thing I am beginning to see in many markets is the innate value of real estate. Some people do not see this until others see and act on it. A favorite story I love to share is when I went to Wal-mart and purchased a shirt off the discount rack. As I put shirts over my arm to look for a certain size, a hand full of people raced over to the rack and had the look in their eyes that if I was buying an arm full of shirts they had to get some too!

There are many markets where people desire to live and the cost per square foot to build a home is cheaper to buy than what you can build it for! This means value! This means equity! This means cash flow! This mean deal!

I want to encourage all DGers out there that want to invest to "ACT" today! Don't wait to "REACT" for what others are doing tomorrow. Find those markets where homes are selling, days on market is decreasing and pricing is holding or begining to rise. You will be able to ride the market, if you know and understand the direction it is headed. The day will come when the window of opportunity will begin to close. Will you be inside looking out, or outside looking in?

Dean, we wish you continued success in all you do. Keep on continuing to inspire and change lives. You are an inspriation to many as we continue to open our minds to learn and apply what we learn to achieve success. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thank You Dean

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For another weekly blog. We are looking forward to the programs you have coming out.

We are still excited about the Egde event coming up.

I am glad to see that steinway024 (Gena) is posting here every week. I would like to see more posting from the other two winners of the send me away contest posting here on

Plus it is good to see Matt posting here also.

As always Indiana Joe has somthing good to say about REI.

I would like to thank the rest of the DG family for all the motivation they give us to keep on going with REI.

Closing soon on another deal around the first of May.

Steve and Veronica.


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Dean, we are new to your family and excited to hear this great news! Glad we are taking advantage and learning all we need to know NOW to make a great entrance into the world of Real Estate!!


Thanks Dean the only people that won't make a dime in R/E are the ones who give up and Americas never give up. EDGAR

Great News!

Keep encouraging us, and for some that are still in the process of doing their first deal, it will happen. If you don't give up on us , we wouldn't give up trying. Looking forward to the lending program, and I pray that you have some houses in my state.

Thanks for all you do!

Hitting the ground double

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Hitting the ground double time!!!

King Dean youre committment to our

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success is evident in everything you say and DO. It is greatly appreciated and in the end, it up to us to learn to use the tools you provide. Like Matt said, one gear. All I have to say is "if we have everything under control we are not moving fast enough". Mario Andretti

We all still have 24 hours every day

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It's hard to make time for thimgs I haven't been doing that I have been surviving without doing. But, if that is what I keep doing, I will continue to just survive. I know what I need to do, I just need a little boost. I guess that is why your real estate school is so successful. I need someone to be accountable to, that will tell me to put a priority on this. Thanks for your weekly blogs.

Great News

I am just starting out but have been watching the market in my area for the last several months now and am seeing the same thing here. There is a stir starting and properties are starting to sell again. Great news for all!

Great News

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Good to know in which direction the RE market is going.
It creates a urgency and a call to action.

Great News

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Thanks for the great news. I am taking bold action today by making another offer on a house using your creative strategies. This will be deal #2. I am off to the meet with my agent now. Thanks for another encouraging blog this week.


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Thanks for your official public notice/warning. It confirms what I've been seeing. The one thing that they do not account for is the Shadow Inventories the banks have which they (the banks) and the FEDs have worked out financial arrangements to hold back (Tax dollars at work). Which does not make some financing easier for some of use on the bottom as it did back when Greg Murphy or Joe & Stacy did their starts,(as the banks are getting paid to hold those properties back). BUT what the articles are showing is, yes, things have already changed some. My Broker was showing me this back at Christmas whereby he emailed me a 32 page report. It estimated that at current levels of action/response/buying and no more down turns in the economy we have 12-18 months left for the first stage, 24-36 months for the 2nd stage and 50 months to be ready to look at trading off or serious holding for awhile, with some large areas lagging by up to 24 months. Crude Oil will play a part in this too. I lost most of the few investors I had as they wanted the shorter term returns from oil.

This is great stuff

This is a great blog .I am going to be one of yhosr people that takes action as soon as possible.Have a Great day.

So Very True

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Hello Dean,

I've heard that real estate is gold. Everyone needs a place to live. I strayed to stocks and other businesses but they failed. The real estate that we owned has held its value. I just wished that I had done more with real estate. Now is a good time to get back into the market. Here is where I will spend the rest of my life.


Great News Dean!!

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This just pushes me to move harder and faster.

I hear you loud and clear!!

It's not too late in my neck of the woods. That's why I'm barely on here now. I simply don't have alot of time to blog. I'm out making deals happen, sending out newsletters and getting new investors.

The market will return, and we need to have already built our foundation to stand on when prices go up. Because no matter what happens, CASH WILL STILL BE KING!!!!


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Thank you for all you do and share. We look forward to hearing more about all your new programs. It takes time to get things up and running, sometimes people fail to see what goes on in the back scenes. But keep up the good work, can't wait.

As I read this string of comments the key to success with real estate investing, and really lets face it, with anything in life, is to make it happen! JUST DO IT! Don't make excuses as to why it worked for others and it just can't work for you. Go out there and make your success happen. If you want this bad enough, you will find a way.

DG USER: helpme2 - We just locked up 3 more deals in the past few weeks. We have also found 2 more banks that offer portfolio lending with no seasoning. The deals and the financing are out there. The deals and the banks are everywhere, coast to coast. You have to be willing to put in the time to find them. Ask yourself what are you not doing to find that next deal or financing? There are 24 hours in a day and make sure you make the most out of each day....CARPE DIEM! (seize the day) :0) - Stacey

time for action

now is the time for all investors to take action

while the time is still ripe. im on board,see you

from the top.

Dean, Matt and Joe. The Return of Real Estate

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Dean, Matt and Joe are 3 people that KNOW real estate investing. Thank you for your thoughts and inspiration. I will gladly take advice from these 3 people.

My wife and I went out yesterday and started driving the town and making notes on potential property deals. I also put up my first website last week and my reading & studying are making good progress. Getting started is exciting!

Great community here. Steve Hunter

mondays blog124

thank you dean for another great blog sounds like a good thing for the housing market to bounce back i dont want to miss out on these times but i got to have a major surgery in to days but thank you dean for all you do.

The Edge conference

Thank you Dean for your excellent Edge conference in the Bay Area in CA. It really has me motivated. Now I IS the time to take action. I even learned something new that I can use.

Thanks again, Dean

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