Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #127 - New Awesome Addition to Blog!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog This week's Blog is extra awesome!

You get a status report on our private money progress.

An announcement about great improvements coming to the blog, AND Dean takes to the white board to show you how HE knows what to pay for a property.

Grab your notepad and get ready to rock it this week.

Holy mackrell

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Hey Dean,

Matt here. Man-oh-man let me tell ya somethin!

I bought your book almost as far back as 2008 and I've tackled REI full time since then. I'm 23 with no job, no credit, and no money. I've never even had a credit card or bank account. So on top of everything else working against me, I didn't know squat about money, or the real world. But there I was tryin to flip houses. I hit absolutely EVERY bump that I could imagine there being along the way. I got beat up, beat down, beaten half to death. I faced negativity at every turn, even in my own home(want to buy it?I'll SS it to ya). I was stopped dead in my tracks by info overload and over analysis alike. I've even shot myself in the foot with INACTION, which would be my biggest mistake by far. And had to deal with my own stupidity. I've messed up PLENNTYY of phone calls, had buyers walk out on me, had sellers UP AND DISAPPEAR (leaving me with lawyer contract bills and no property. AT CHRISTMAS TIME no less!), had more RE agents than I could count talk me up, make promises and then walk out on me. Haha, I've even (pretty recently too) had some pretty nasty panic attacks and REI Nightmares because I just couldn't make anything work. Now I still haven't completed my first deal, and lord knows my folks have been through the ringer, and then spit out to go through it again, but I'll tell you somethin else:

We still BELIEVE! I still have the faith, I still love the work & want it more than ever. I've got more resolve than ever before. I love change of scenery everyday, and I LOVE the idea of actually impacting peoples lives for the better. So I won't Ever give up on it. I know its the real deal, you'd have to be blind not to see how much sense REI makes. Common sense at that. I know we're going to come out of this "joyless just waiting to die existence" so much stronger and well equipped than we've ever been. For that we are greatful. After thinking back about everything I've dealt with, you know, I feel pretty inpervious.. and pretty damn proud of myself for survivng it and not giving up haha.

I'm taking action now, and working on what will hopefully be my first deal. And boy, is it a BIG one.(Rehabbers rejoice for a 250k ROI!)

Thanks Dean, great video. How's the tomato plant doing?

P.S. Guess where I went to get my mojo back after my "freak outs", forums. Ty Laura.

... Oh man, how many people are gonna see this? That's embarassing.

Good Morning Dean

Actually it is almost noon and I am just back from my weekly grocery trip. I enjoyed your message today and look forward to more lessons and insights.
The prior post asked how your tomato plant is doing and it reminded me that last summer you did have a tomato plant that was trying to survive. Are you planting a garden this year? I am and will pay more attention to feeding them than I have in the past. I remember your story about the planting of tomato plants by two neighbors and one did well while the other did not produce. That was an excellent lesson with regard to what we need to do to be successful.
On with REI now looking for deals and attending two REI club meeting each month. Keep me in your prayers please.

Great Info

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Although I watch all the blogs I don't always comment on them... I wanted to let you know that info in this blog was awesome. Very concise and easy to understand. Good Job.

Thanks Dean

I try to sneak in on Sunday to see the new Blog. Real estate information continue to evolve everyday, with additional knowledge and concepts to contract negotiations. I like the foreclosure part of it. In the midst of repairs, you have to envision the profit margin and potential of the property. Great information. Thanks for sharing.


Right on information...

Thanks Dean for that accurate lesson. You have to know what the market is in your area not what they are listed for ...what they are selling for! The deals are there you just need to do the math and go for it!

Break it Down

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Thanks for breaking things down so that they are easy to understand. I plan on watching this video several times over - it will help me as I move forward.

Steve Hunter

awesome lesson

this information will help a lot of your students, thanks


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog with all of us. Many deals can be created by the offers we make. Sometimes when we lock up a property at a low amount we create the deal we are looking for. We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Is in Session!

Great vid blog today Dean. I totally understood it and it made absolute sense.

Thanks again!

Haey Dean,

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good information. Look forward to your updates.

Thank You Dean

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Once again thank you for taking the time to give us another great blog. I do wish I received the e-mail on the private money here in California. I don't always invest in California we invest in IL and IN also. I will wait to see what you have to offer us Dean.



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Sure, I'd give you a kiss for all you've taught me, but I really mean the good ol Keep It Simple Stupid. That was a crystal clear lesson. We try to complicate things too much and force deals to work that just don't cut it.
Thanks for the KISS Smiling

Good explanation...

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especially for someone who hasn't made their first deal yet and is struggling with that very thing. That really made a lot of sense... look forward to your next lesson!

Thanks Teach!

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Great, practical vlog today!! Very concise and understandable!

Dean this is a great refresher

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and Im looking forward to learning more about your PML's. Thanks for al you do for us.

Great info!

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Thank you Dean for breaking it down so simply! I know when a person first starts out, it may seem impossible to get those "GREAT" deals, ones so sweet that you're guaranteed to make a nice profit. Like you said, it's important to understand what investors are looking for (lots of equity) and be accurate on repairs for your fix&flips (for retail buyers) and DEFINITELY know your SOLD comps. Once you do that, you are MUCH more confident in knowing your deal is gonna work, and what to pay for a property. (Knowing your investor buyers' criteria will help with that, too). Helps reduce the butterflies when you're not "guessing".

Thanks again, Dean. Very valuable lesson!
To your continued success and blessings for all you do!

God bless,

P.S. See ya next week!! Smiling

Thank you for showing us how

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Thank you for showing us how much to pay for properties. It's always good to see an example. Looking forward to the market updates also.

Great Info Dean !!!

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Thanks Dean for the great info! I know you are a very, very busy guy, but it would awesome IF you created a "library" of these great quick video tips. Doesn't even have to be you each time. Maybe some of your very successful students ? Kinda like Youtube does?.....

Just a thought ....

THANKS !!! Again for all you & your awesome staff are doing for us everyday!!!
God Bless You,

Thank you Dean,

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This is my first time commenting on a Vlog....but, I had to since I was using the Retail Comps. I love the idea of using the Foreclosure comps, but, don't know how to access that information. I have been to many of the sites that Carol Stinson listed. Are Foreclosure sales listed differently or you just know due to the lower sales price? Thank you again!

Thanks, Dean, for the free

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Thanks, Dean, for the free training. That is exactly what I need. I have a pretty good idea what to do and how to do it, I just need to keep going over and over it in my mind until I am comfortable to take action. I have a huge responsibility to keep the cash flow going with the little amount of money I have. It's hard for me to take a chance, because there are so many people counting on me to come up with the money to pay the monthly bills.

Thank Dean

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Great info Dean. Thanks alot. It clears up a big mess in my brain wondering if I am making a good offer to wholesale the property.

Now Were Talking

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Thanks Dean for this blog. You explain how to figure out if theres a deal or not with this very easy formula. It leaves very little to chance and the numbers speak for themselves. If the numbers dont jive or the comps dont justify the the offer price then move on to the next. Remember the KISS saying, (Keep It Simple Stupid). Now, lets get busy.....

What to Offer!!!

Dean its strange sometimes how you seem to have blogs on the things that are swimming around in the back of my mind, Way to go !!! Light dawns on marbel head LOL Thanks DG!!!

The Nitty Gritty

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Dean, I appreciate your explanation about how to ensure that you pay and sell at the proper or correct price. This blog lays it out clearly and concisely and it should be very helpful for everyone, especially the people that are just starting out.

Other Contributors

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RResnick2112 said:
Remember the KISS saying, (Keep It Simple Stupid). Now, lets get busy.....

I prefer to say, "Keep It Simple Sweetheart!"

MattNJ said a lot. I want him to know that his explanation hits the mark for me also and I believe for many others.

Blog 127

You are right on the money..RE agent says you are getting this fixer upper for 88,900 and fixed up sme house in neighbourhood listed for 118,000 and 119,000 so it's a good deal..WRONG! the first house has been on market since Oct /2010 and the other almost 90 days neither of which has sold at any price so No Comp so no way of establishing current FMV...Needless to say I dropped that offer and am looking elsewhere

video blog


Great Blog, and timely too! I just bought a property this weekend doing exactly what you were talking about. I looked at over 50 properties online, and 15 physically, found comps, figured in repair costs and narrowed it down to 3 properties to bid on, 2 for cash flow and 1 to flip. Lost 2 but got a great deal on the third (for cash flow) and am re-looking at my property lists to make another deal ASAP! This is so much fun! Thanks for all the good info.

Thats' what i needed to hear.

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Thanks dean i'm always learning something new i just can't wait until i get my first deal going i haven't started yet,but believe me i'm not giving up that would be to easy for some i always follow threw and learning from you is always important.I read and go over your books everyday and i go to rei clubs and meet people every month and its a blast.I have to take that first step i'm really working on it and i believe that i can do it and i will.Your message always give me more knowledge every time i here them and thank you.

********MR. DEAN*********

That was great felt like I was back in school in the subject class I love. Now I'm going to the foreclosures auction in my area to look for a room filled of Buyers @ 2pm E.S.T. with my note pad and Business cards Thank you very much your the best!Smiling:-

Always good to hear.

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I'm still trying to get started and i'm going to take deans academy course in a few months i have the general idea and i understand it i just have to do it and yes i have those butterflies in my stomach and i'm a little nervous,but i guess once you get out there and experience it for the first time i will be ok.It's good to talk to other investors and your story how you got started was amazing i just wanted to let you know that.I enjoy hearing about people doing better for themselves that makes me happy.

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