Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #138 - Watch this, win Dean's iPad

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!

To Win Dean's personal iPad!

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Technique- I would like you to post a copy of the best data, information from all the top students on this web site.

As far as your question of technique goes, I am also more interested in wholesaling, then I can buy and keep for rentals as I go. Thanks again for the offer of the I-pad.

Victoria Huerta

P.S. Hope to meet you next week at the Buying Summit.

Response to Ipad Blog

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I'm more interested in wholesaling


Right now with my current situation I'd have to say wholesale. Great technique to master down.

Hey Dean,

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I am more interested in buy, fix and flip from the choices that your offered. Hope I win as I've never had an Apple product before.

gimme the money lol

hi dean, great blog as usual. can't wait to see what u have up your sleeve this time..i'm more interested in wholesale at the moment and eventually start buying rehabing to rent out.

Drum roll please....

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Of those three choices, I would have to say.....I gotta be the young gun who masters "Wholesaling" in CA. The thing is, Wholesaling is not quite that easy to come by in CA, but it is still VERY POSSIBLE and with you leading the way Dean, I know my chances are even better! However of course, even though I'm still a novice investor looking to capture my first deal, I eventually wanna take my business and approach it like a buffet....sampling just about everthing out there and loading my plate up with the most profitable deals ever! Eye-wink

Thanks again Dean for another awesome blog and such a killer opportunity to win your Ipad. I'm still really looking forward to that AMAZING unveilment of training you have planned for us all and I cant wait for it! Take care Dean and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


How do you choose just 1?

It is tough to say because I love the benefits of all aspects. I am going into this and keeping my options open based on the deal I get on the home. I got my first accepted offer on Friday, and have two others pending, so I am flying high. This first one I am going to fix, and cash out to rent. In the interim if I get others accepted I will wholesale because I will be out of cash until the other is completed. I know this does not give an exact answer but I believe all can be used at the right time.


Cash Flow

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I'm more interested in Cash Flow at this point with perhaps the Cash Out at some point. Thanks Dean

My picks in order

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Well I would want to start with wholesaling first due to lack of funds. Then work my way into the buy low and rent. Then add in the buy low and sell directly to the buyer.

At some point I actually need to jump in and get my feet wet. I haven't taken any steps towards making it happen! Gotta get myself motivated!

Newbie ready to dive in!

Newbie ready to dive in!

WHOLESALING is our thing!

WHOLESALING is our thing!

Win your Ipad and RE(Inversting)... What a deal!

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Dean, I have been trying to get started some how for a long time. I want to start with Wholesaling, just as most of the posts here. However what I would like to master long term is PROBATES which I would then use a few of the exit strategies you always talk about. Some Buy & Hold, Some Buy low and sell low( leave some meat on the bone), Some buy and keep for future retirement income. Is it FEAR that is keeping me from moving forward.. I could just kick myself. When will I take action?????


Wholesaling for now!

Joshua From Florida


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Buy cheap, fix up, and flip! THANKS DEAN!

Wholesale, Rehab and save

Currently we are working on two strategies...First we are wholesaling to build cash, and then plan on buying and holding.

We plan to keep doing this until we can build our portfolio.

This strategy may change depending on Success and/or failures as well as how the market may change.

Hope this helps and thanks for all the great things you do for everyone!

l like the three, but

Hi Dean,

l like the three but, short of money my favorite is wholeselling

Chuck Ubani

Must start somewhere

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Wholesaling is for me. I have a passion and drive to make my first wholesale by the end of August. I have 46 days to get my deal done. I respect the "process for progress" and understand we all need to start somewhere. Thanks Dean.


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All sound fantastic and I really invested a lot
time to figure where out which way I would chose.
Buying property below(way below) market price and fixing it up having positive cashflow, tenants rent, then when the market goes up I can sell it and have a profit from that. That and I could help family that need bigger homes but have credit issues, I could rent them a home to accomodate their needs without the house payment type rent, but instead an apartment priced rent.I like win win situations. :0). Looking forward to inheriting your IPad Dean!!!!

Dean, keep up the great work w/ your encouraging words & actions

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Personally, I am interested in all three.
However baby steps are needed. Wholesaling is my goal for now. Eventually, I would only buy to rent out for cash flow if the homes are close to where I live.
Fixing and flipping are my ultimate goals (when the dinero is right). As long as God is directing my steps, He'll whisper into my ear what I should do with each property I come across. Smiling God bless you all and I wish you ALL the BEST and much success in all your Real Estate investing careers. Take care!!!

- Margarita C.
Seek it...Believe it...ACHIEVE IT!!!

No money makes the choice

With no money, no credit, no income. Buying is not an option. So only leaves wholesaling until get into better position to have choices


Im currently looking to wholesale right now, due to not having much money right now, but am looking to all aspects as soon as I can get some quick cash. You have inspired me so much Dean, and look fwd to learning even more!!! I just today ran into a lady that owns over 500 propertys and she is also going to help give me tips and the in's and outs as well. Sooo excited!!! I cant wait!!! I hope to win I could sure use all that inspirational and motivating information thats already loaded onto the ipad. I've been trying to get one for about a yr now, but finances havent allowed me too. Maybe I'll be the lucky winner I hope! God Bless you and your family Dean. You're really awesome!

whole selling

Ditto for me!

Being single, 50 something (and beautiful!) Smiling AND new to this Biz....

the idea of rehabbing isn't as appealling to me personally right now. The same goes for renting...having to repair things doesn't sound as exciting as it used to once-I've repaired (and put together) just about everything there is over the years!

However I understand that property managers are an option for taking on this responsibility for you too.

Whole selling (once I better understand all the terminology) appears pretty enticing and challenging too.

Boy that Ipad sure would be useful just now-I just lost my cell phone! I'm hoping I left it at Dollar General a few nites ago-but won't know till the morning! And Dean? Promise I won't tell if I find something personal on there! Eye-wink

Although my longterm goal is

Although my longterm goal is to buy and hold, wholesaling seems to be immportant right now to build that cash cushion.

So for now, WHOLESALING!!! Smiling


We'd like to go the wholesale route, also do a flip for some cas

dgadmin wrote:

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Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!

They all sound good.

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They all sound good but with my finacial situation right now. Wholesaling sounds good for me right now until I can start making more money until moving on to the other steps. Thanks for all the info you give us to help better our lives.

This is what I learned from a book I have read.

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Hi Joshua (from FL),

I read your comment and I connected with what you shared. I hope this is helpful to you as it has been for me lately.


“If you only do what you know you can do, you never do very much.”
- Tom Krause


1.They Have Fear, and are Spineless & Weak:
Fear is projecting bad thoughts or expectations into the future. People say “what if it doesn’t work”,”what if I quit and my job and I fail and I can’t get it back”, "What if the real estate market crashes again” They 'what if' the opportunity to death and never get started.

2. They are Not Decisive:
The mindless masses, or an unsuccessful person, have a difficult time making or keeping decisions. In other words they’re wishy-washy. What does it say in the Bible? Revelation 3:16 “So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth” Don’t be lukewarm, make a decision to be hot or cold, either way is fine, just pick one or reap the consequences.

3.Lack of Action on Their Part:
I have a family member that has some of the most incredible ideas for his passion. He’s come up with some brilliant stuff and woo’s the rest of the family. But when it comes down to execution...he’s terrible. Do you know someone like this? YOU have to act and YOU have to do something. Not a lot, but something small every day.

4. They Make Excuses:
The mindless masses make excuses for everything. You’ve heard it, no time, no money, no knowledge yada yada yada. You either can make excuses or get rich, you pick.

5. They Pay Attention to the Negatives:
This is one of the most important, because if you don’t completely understand how to think and act like a wealthy person then all this following education is worthless. We could do another whole book on successful self-talk, the voice of the rich.

"Have a positive mindset and the rest will follow."



1. Be Relentless:
The true rich will stop at nothing. They will persist against all odds. They’ll never listen to other people's opinions unless the person giving the opinion is more successful than they.
My dog is relentless, he’ll bark and bark all day long if he has to without even blinking an eye. He’ll drive you crazy until you let him in. He wins.
You’ve got to plow through whatever problem that’s facing you at the time, because guess what...when that problem is gone I guarantee there will be another one.

There’s only one person without problems and he’s 6’ under the ground…dead.
Be happy you got problems and challenges. It's how you handle them.
A fool dwells on their problems, while A wise person learns from them and moves on to learn from the next one.

2. Be a Chameleon:
This means you have the ability to adopt the characteristics of your prospect.

Example: I met a seller from NY, Brooklyn to be specific. He was loud, funny as can be and skeptical. So what did I do, we’ll I listened, and asked the right question and got him talking. He went on for at least 30 minutes about his whole life story and I was truly interested and he knew it. I was probably the only person in a long time that has really listened to him. Well I raised my voice and attitude to his level and guess what-I got him to like and trust me.
The secret to getting deals is getting your buyer or seller to like and trust you as fast as possible.

3. Have an Undying Passion for Knowledge:
This will keep you on the cutting edge...always be learning. I read at least 2-3 books a month. I don’t listen to the radio. I listen to audio books or podcast. Make time to learn new information about your business.

4. Think Big:
Think about how much money you would like to earn on an annual basis. Now take that number and triple it. For example, if you’d like to make $100,000 a year, make the goal $300,000 a year. Why do you ask?
Because we all have a tendency to limit our own potential. If you have the ability to make $100K a year, than you’ve got the ability to make $300K a year. It’s all in your head.

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”
- Donald Trump

5. Write it Down:
Write you financial goal down, along with a date of completion. Write the day you want to quit your job and how much money you need to do so.


Joshua, God bless you and your loved ones!

Margarita C.
Seek it...Believe it...ACHIEVE IT!!!

IPAD Drawing

I am more interested in wholeselling right now.

ipad winner

Certainly wholesaling has appeal right now but so does flipping AND buy and hold. Each deal rendering it's own end. I want to be confident and able to do them all and decide based on the deal which is best for that property.

I want it all!

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Although I really want to do the buy and rehabs and sell or hold for passive income, my current cash flow situation requires me to focus on the Wholesaling right now! Look forward to seeing you this week at the Summit!



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I am looking to buy and hold, with cashflow, then cash out when the market turns around. I excited to hear what is coming!


We are looking for all three

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To do all three,Wholesaling along with Lease/Options and Subject-To's.

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