Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #138 - Watch this, win Dean's iPad

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!

Three Great Choices...

rresnick2112's picture

Wholesaling to begin with by building important contacts and quick cash. Being a wholesaler in the car business is great for that quick cash but the biggger prize is the retail deal or end buyer. Fix and flip or buy and hold is what excites me.


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I have done a couple rehabs but, the competition with people buying reo's has made it a longer road than i like. I have now turned my attention to wholesaling lease options. There is a bigger demand for that and they are EASY.

IPAD drawing

I would love to do all 3 but because of my current resources I go for #1 I like working with buyers and sellers.


Jaguar.Investments's picture

Hey Dean,
Thanks for this week's blog. Since I can't pick all of the above I will choose buying/rehab/renting.

After two weeks of vacation I am really looking forward to this week!! Have a great one.


Most interested in quick Fix/Flip

Matt7's picture

though I really do want/need the fastest path to cash to clear the debt hurdle asap. I am wide-open to wholesaling for that reason, but feel my skills + network of friends skills lend themselves more naturally to a flip scenario.

As an aside, I'm driving by vacant houses more and more. Organizing the information to be readily useable is on my top priority list..


Pick me! Pick me!

Valuni's picture


I would really like to master all three strategies, but if I have to pick one, it is buy and hold. I love to be able to buy cheap, provide a home for a family who cannot buy, and hopefully sell in 7-10years.

Learning and progressing every day,


well, lets see what happen

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Just thought I'd give this a shot. Hi everyone who's reading. Looks like a lot of new REI's commented here, I'm also new. I would like to get into all the aspects of real estate. Currently, I'm only experienced enough to do bird-dogging and wholesaling. God bless and good luck to everyone.

All Aspects of REI

ultdinvesting's picture

I am interested in wholesaling for capital to invest long term. I have a goal of creating enough cashflow in the next 5 years to pay all of my bills but I plan to fix and flip some along the way

Thanks for the great inspiration and knowledge Dean,

Wholesaling to generate cash flow

I want to be able to buy and hold someday. Now, wholesaling would be more in sense to generate cash flow first.

Yes, let go for wholesaling....

Interesting in Wholesaling

I'm interested in wholesaling to start and once I have enough capital I would like to do both wholesale and buy real low and hold for cashflow.

My 2 cents

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Wholesaling seems to be the best way to catch the addiction, at least for those of us who haven't a lot of free time, money or patience to move right into a more demanding strategy.

Okey, so I'm not an apple user and it may be my Dilbert-esque synicism saying this, but even if I was, the odds of me winning will be growing against me through the week. Smiling Thanx for reading this one though (TL)

My Current Focus

I plan to start with Wholesaling because I am motivated with the concept of stating with No Money Down. As I make progress, I will launch out into more possibilities.


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Since I lost most of my desposable assets in business recently and have some real eatate knowledge, My wife is a non beleiver and I need cash now, then by re-investing most of that capital and would buy,fixup and sell for profit later. I am recently enrolled in Success Academy and need to pay it off first.

Thanks Brian

Buy Fix and Flip

I would love to learn how buy fix and flip, well enough to become very profitable at it plus I enjoy seeing a house come from nothing to something.


IPad drawing - buy low, fix, flip

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I was not having much luck finding wholesale deals however I have recently had an interest in buying REOs cheap and fixing them for retail.

Since I still have a regular job, I don't need nearly as much cash from a deal as other full-time investors which gives me alot more room to play with the numbers. Hopefully that also means more deals.

I'm more interested in

I'm more interested in wholesaling for quick cash.

iPad Drawing, Buy cheap and rent for cash flow

LocationLogiX's picture

I'm interested in all three areas right now but for the long term strategy at this moment in time I'm most interested in obtaining and growing my rental portfolio so for me the number one interest at this time is buy cheap and rent for postitive cash flow.

iPad Drawing: Wholesale IOT Buy, Hold and Rent

Hi Dean, my plan is to initially wholesale in order to eventually buy low, rehab and hold for rent.


andyrodie's picture

Iam definitely interested in wholesaling Dean.

Win Dean's iPad

I have little cash and time, therefore I am intereted in wholesaling. If I am successful in wholesaling, I would want to explore the possibility of getting involved in the other areas.

Thank you for asking, and for the opportunity to win your iPad.

Quick Cash

I'm more interested in wholesaling for quick cash.

Wholesaling Real Estate

Right now I'm more interested in wholesaling given my work schedule and limited time available to devote to this endeavor.

Quick Cash

I'm more interested in wholesaling for quick cash.

Win Dean's iPad

I have little cash or time, therefore, I am most interested in wholesaling. If I am successful with wholesaling, I would explore the other areas.

Thank you for asking, and for the opportunity to win your iPad.

IPAD - Please Sign It for ME!

I actually purchased an REO property almost exactly one year ago today. Rehabbed it, had new tenants move in on December 1, 2010, and I'm on the brink of getting the refinance done with some cash out to do my next property.
"Be A Real Estate Millionairre" was the FIRST thing I ever read on real estate and I want to thank you (even if you don't give me the iPad) for being a HUGE inspiration to me and kick starting my real estate career!


The quick cash flow interests me most at present. After flipping a few, use the cash to buy rental properties for positive cash flow to fund my retirement.


Wholesale, then buy and hold for cashflow.

Looking to set myself up for retirement....and then... hitting golf balls off my private yacht! LOL! You and that IPAD could help me make this happen! Can't wait to see what you come up with....



Hi Dean,

At this time I am most interested in buy low/rehab/retail. However, my daughter is looking to start with wholesale and I am hoping to help her with this.

Thanks for all you do!
By the way, I definitely want you to sign my new Ipad!!!!!

Questions for iPad

Hi Dean,
It depends on the numbers and opportunity. I'm interested in all three techniques. At this point, I'm more interested in buying low and then either flipping or renting.

Thanks for your continued inspiration.

IPAD drawing

I currently am interested in Wholesaleing for quick cash.

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