Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #138 - Watch this, win Dean's iPad

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!


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I have fixed and flipped before, which worked out well at first but right now "pulling money out of thin air" is what I need to do. What I really want is to buy and hold and help my kids do the same.

ps- can't wait to see what's coming up

I'd like to buy cheap and

I'd like to buy cheap and resale to families.

IPAD drawing

I would like to know how to buy cheap property, flipping, Rehab and fix up. I look forward to using my new IPOD!


My Future

Dean, I would like to go where the market takes me. With that I would like to help people that need my help. Put some needed cash in my bank account. Fund my kids college tuition and retire (yet still work at what I love) with some satisfaction that I can leave something to my kids. My goal would be to take these equity poor homes and connect them with a buyer. Find homes that I could rent to help families that need a good home. Once I've got the right funds in place, then I could flip a house or two. All I want is to have some success.

Response to email question for ipad

I am most interested to generation as much income with the least amount of money.


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Right now, I am more interested in wholesaling. I am just getting started, but later on as I get additional income, would love to buy, hold and then later sell at a higher price for a nice profit.

Thanks Dean - you are great!!


Im intrested in actually two

Im intrested in actually two strategies but i must say Wholesale is my number #1 choice with Buy and hold and renting for positive cash flow as a close 2nd favorite.

I want to win that iPad or I will cry!

I'm most interested in wholesaling at this time.

Thanks Dean, for all your helpful information and encouragement.

IPAD- Wholesaling

They all interest me. However, at this time it would have to be wholesaling to make the quick bucks and turn around to start trying the rest.

LOVE your Enthusiasm and Dedication!!!

Keep on Keepin On.


IPAD Drawing

I currently have three fix and flips going,one on the market,two finishing rehab 3-4 weeks.Market is slow and price is dropping, may need to finance and rent out if things don't start to move. So right now I need wholesaling help.I haven't had much luck wholesaling, so any help would be graeat.
Thank you,

IPAD Drawing

All 3 sound awesome - but if I had to pick one it would be wholesaling. Thanks.

Hey Dean be careful with my I-pad.. Dont brake it ....


About what interest me the most right now is wholesaling may be when I get more money I will move forward to the other strategies.

Wholesale challenge me more

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For me wholesale fix me best.

Being a senior, I am

Being a senior, I am interesting in the quickest way to create passive income in Canada, starting with no money. A fixerupper appartment block is the target. Would the IPAD with all that educational information help me reach my goal?


Real Estate

I am more interested by Wholesale.

Cashflow is king!

I'm interested in monthly cashflow. I feel that once you have good cashflow, it not only allows you to decide to leave your current job, but it also frees your time! Time is so important because money cannot buy time, but with money, free time can be very enjoyable!

wholesaling to start.

I would need to do wholesale for the cash to buy and flip or hold for cashflow. Seems like it would depend on how the market is in the area I would be working in.


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I would like to learn wholesaleing.


cureently wholesale eventually going to cash flow.


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I am currently working hard to get my real-estate adventure going. In my current situation I have to start with a no money needed technique and based on what I have been reading in your books wholesaling is my best bet at this point in time. I eventually want to do it all and I plan on getting your coaching program as soon as I can afford it. It would be great to win your ipad for the information it has on it would be most welcomed and vary valuable to my success thanks for the chance to win.


you can always use some cash now to buy cheap, fix and sell later..


Vladimir Mendez
Lakeland, FL

choosing an option

Right now my choice is to buy and hold. I already have property. I am trying to bring in an investor to help me buy more. Thank you. Mark

DG System What we ARE doing...

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We have purchased 2 income producing Duplexes, no money down, seller financed. Great income.
Saturday 7/16 we had met with a couple in our town who own 11 properties, 3 of which are duplexes, now unfortunatly their home had been hit with the tornado that passed thru here in April and then he had a stroke, causing him to be unable to maintain the properties. Now, we have seen the properties and selected 4 to propose seller finacing with no money down, all he is asking for is a reference, which we have and then he will sell us the 4 properties, Yes, using the DG system and eventually offering them for sale to our exclusive buyers list.
We want to say, if it wasnt for DG, we would have been floundering, not knowing what to do in this highly potential market. We also have our sights set on a 19 unit complex in a big town and will go for the same, little money down with seller financing. Thanks Dean for helping us reach our present & future retirement income goals...YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!
Frank & Pam G


I am starting to do rehabs now.Figured I would ease my way to buy and hold one day but for now buy and rehab to sell.

Blog 138 i pad

I am really looking to wholesale in this market..
fast in fast out..
thanks Dean!

Buy and Rent out for now

I have no money right now but i am looking to buy and rent out til later down the road. Thank You

Wholesaling is what I would like to concentrate on!

Hello Dean,

I don't have much money so the area that is of most interest to me right now is wholesaling - matching up the buyer with the seller and making some money in the middle.


thanks for the ipad


I prefer to buy rehab and

I prefer to buy rehab and sell and hold mortgage to have the steady income and still be able to help those that don"t qualify for loans. thank you for all that you do.

Which Strategy ?

Hi Dean, Thanks for the subtle prompt, the reminder to focus on the goals we should have each already set for ourselves. My personal goals are, First, I need to wholesale to acquire cash to work with. So, that is the strategy I choose. All else follows that. Thanks for the opportunity.
Marilyn Barton

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