Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #138 - Watch this, win Dean's iPad

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!

CashFlow Now

My objective is to buy, rehab and rent out the properties for positive cash flow.

buy low and lease/op

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Good morning Dean,
Buy low, rehab if needed, and lease op until market improves. Thanks!!


Right now, I am interested in wholesaling because I it's quick and requires little money. Later on, I think I may try buying and renting. But it's not an option right now.

All 3 for me

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In todays market all 3 are me

I want your IPAD :D

I am working on wholesaling now... I want to get to the point of buying and holding for cash flow...


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I am interested in everything and anything in real estate investing. Like most in my position I am interested in and have to go the way of wholesaling and JV.

In advance, thank you for the IPAD!


Win Deans IPAD

We have done 14 deals of buying repo's fixing up selling retail to new home owners. However, I am very interested in wholesaling and would like to explore that avenue further.



As others have said, It depends.

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With my current situation, I need to wholesale. BUT!, if I can, I want to buy, fix, and hold to create cash flow. Only if everything is right would I buy, fix, and flip. I am amazed at how many people have posted on this blog this time. Usually, by this time there are less than one page of posts. Today, I am on page 5. We all want that iPad!

wholesale in NJ

Would be interested in wholesaling for quick $$

Interested in..........

It's a tie between wholesaling and buy and hold. Right now, I'm low on cash and my credit has been damaged by 2 years of unemployment, so wholesaling is the place for me. But I also need cash flow, so buy and hold is important too.
Thanks for the opportunity, Dean !! Winning your iPad would be awesome ! My fingers are crossed !! Smiling


I'm more interested in wholesaling right now. But in the future I am planning on getting into the Cash flowing property and also flipping others.

July 17th Post feedback

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I'm more interested in wholesaling at the present time. Will eventually will like to purchase and rent for positive cashflow as well.

iPad Drawing--Most Interested In

Hi Dean.

There are 2 most important stategies that interest me most:

1)Wholesaling--the most fastest strategy when time is of the essences and you need quick turnaround to making money, dealing with a buyer who is reluctant/resistant to assignment clause. Also, please go over calculating ARV, discounted purchase price and profit margins when assigning to investors.


2)My ultimate goal---buying cheap and selling retail, however, to help people who can't get conventional loans through banks, I would like to offer those who's credit rating falls below the bank's minimum credit requirement and give them an opportunity to purchase a home at a "reasonable" interest rate better than a bank would give. Sounds like a tall order, I know but I'm trying to be creative and give back.

Thanks a bunch!!

I'm really MORE interested in...

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I would like to do both but this one is interesting because it seems it would be less risky to start out.

And then I would like to do both in the future.


Areas of interest

Dean, thanks for asking. I am most interested in Rehabbing to rent and for retail sale. However, I would do Wholesaling to raise the money to buy the properties. THANKS FOR THE iPAD!!

ipad drawing

wholesaleing,buy cheap,rehab,flip.

Wholesaling Ipad Contest

HI Dean,

I would very much like to know more about wholesaling. From beginning to end. How do I find wholesalers. How do I get investors to buy? Where do I get the from and how do we buy?


Love to Flip!

So far, all I have done is buy, fix, and flip. I am thinking of changing strategies and or adopting a mixed strategy of buying and holding for rent/cash flow.

Reply to your question

Am basically interested in Wholesaleing.

July 17th Blog -IPad

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I'm more interested in wholesaling at this time and eventually purchase to create a positive cashflow. Thank you so much Dean.

I like to buy low, fix and

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I like to buy low, fix and rent til the market bounces back, then sell off a few less desirable properties.


Ipad give away

I see the need for all three in my portfolio. However, right now I'm working with investors with flipping as my priority.


I would be interested in all three, but if I had to choose only one it would be the wholesale verison.

RE questions

I am interested in all three depending on the circumstances for the following reasons.
We are interested in the setting up of free medical clinics as the need of the uninsured is going to increase. We need a source of making money, a source of work for some and a place to live for others. How much of this we can get done is in the Lord's hands. Thank you


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At this time I would prefer to wholesale though if I could buy it low enough or find a screaming deal that made sense I would consider the other two strategies.

Ultimately we all need to be familiar with a number of strategies because we never know what opportunities will present themselves.

Thanks Dean!


Buy and rent till things turn around.

real estate passion

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I am most interested right now in buying homes at a low price... fixing them up... and then renting them our for positive cash flow.

Buy and hold

I am interested in buying low and holding for bigger spread down the road. There are lots of opportunities where I'm at but I can't find financing. Any help is welcomed.

Buy Low

I am interested in buying low fix and flip!

I pad

Would like to win i-pad

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