Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #139 - iPad Winner and Hint at What's to Come...

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
This week Dean has a special video choosing the winner of the iPad. Congratulations!

Dean would like to thank everyone for all the great feedback. It is just what he needed right now! If you think the iPad giveaway was cool then hold on to you seat - because what he has coming next makes that look like child's play, seriously!

Watch this week's video and enjoy, big things are coming!

Grats Propertyworld

Grats Propertyworld, cant wait for the next video Dean.


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Congratulations propertyworld (Rosemary)! Dean, I'm looking forward to your next project.




Congratulations propertyworld, enjoy your iPad

Whoo hoo!!

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Way to get involved, Property World. Congrats.

Congratulations PropertyWorld

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I am really happy for you. I hope you enjoy utilizing this new tool.


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Good for you Property World. Enjoy and put it to good use. Congrats to you.

Congratulations propertyworld!

Enjoy your very cool prize!


Way to go Property World!
Thanks Dean


Congratulations Property World! Thanks for all you do Dean. Excited about the future.....


congrats propertyworld,if you decide you don't want it,you can ship it to me! lol

congrats propertyworld

Congrats propertyworld, put it to good use. Thanks Dean for all you do for us, looking forward to what you have coming next.


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Nice going propertyworld, have a great time exploring all that the ipad has to offer!

Thanks again for giving us this opportunity Dean!


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It was great to see all the responses from the DG Members last week. Congrats to the winner of your Ipad. We look forward to the latest greatest thing you are working on for us. It sounds like Christmas in July! Have a great weekend and make sure you find some time to have some fun too. Smiling Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Way To Go PropertyWorld !

Thanks Dean for another great opp' that was Kool!

Hey! Did you feel the earthquake there in SD??
Yeah, Too small to mention... But sometimes when you're near the epicenter 3.0 feels like a 5.0.... just wondering.

Be safe, C-ya Monday




Congratulations propertyword enjoy it bro!

Success! Success propertyworld!

Congratulations property

Congratulations property world.

Thanks again Dean for all the great opportunities you put out there for all of us.

Karen & Stephen

What Friday afternoon!?

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Hey, the world is off balance - Dean, you never post on Friday afternoon - must be the good California sunshine. Love it - great intrique - can't wait to hear the next clue.

Rosemary of Propertyworld - congrats - now go find some properties and let us know how you are doing!

Dean, hope you are out playing with the kids now:)

Congrats property world

Happy for you winning but wish it was me. Looking forward to making money Dean and your next video.


congratulations to property

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congratulations to property world for winning Deans I Pad, have fun with that, looking forward to what Dean is working on now

Have fun in LaJolla

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Hey Dean...
Enjoy LaJolla! I used to live out there...very nice beach. I am enjoying all the videos you share with us. I have lost out on several of my recent offers but I am still plugging along. My husband and I are both working professionals so I can only pursue my real estate search on a part time basis. Have been getting real close to some super deals. I am determined to find a good deals and think this current market place is ripe with opportunity for those who are pursistant. I view real estate as my retirement fund and believe millionaires will be made from buying and holding in this market. Your videos offer me the encouragement I need to continue on until I reach my goal. Thanks for your enthusiasm and continued encouragement and congradulations to propertyworld and thanks Dean for your generosity.

Doing Deals with Dean is so much fun!

I wouldn't miss one of your blogs for the world; I look forward to each one. You make digging for each new fact fun!


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Nice post. How do I get the DVD R.E.P.S????

Good Deal

Congrat, property world enjoy, maybe I will be the next winner:)

Congrats Property World

As always Dean I am very interested in what you have brewing for all of us DG REI'ers.

Congrats again for Property World!



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So, the long awaited news is finally here. I am sure Property World is so excited. I have to admit I love my iPad and what a great gift to share with one of the family members.

Dean, as always, you are awesome, can't wait to hear what is coming next.

Carpe Diem

I Pad

Congrats on the IPAD....

iPad Winner

Congrats Propertyworld.

Looking forward to what Dean has in store for us!


Hi Dean

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Congrats to Property World! An IPad is really a great thing to have. Wish I knew how to use one, hahahaha!

I'd like someone from your staff, Dean, to contact me about how to make money in foreclosures, trying to help people out of foreclosure if possible, saving people from having to experience that. I have suffered that, and want to help others from havng to go thru it.
It is no fun. What are ways to make money doing that? Please contact me ASAP about that.

Jim Hulton
Blue Bell, PA


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Hello, congrads to propertyworld enjoy the ipad
Dean you Rock!

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