Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #21 - One Ring to Rule Them All?

One Ring to Rule Them All?

If you are familiar with J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," you know the story of the rings of Sauron. One plain gold ring, offered absolute power.

Unfortunately, the nature of the ring was that it slowly but inevitably corrupted its wearer, regardless of what their intentions were when they put it on.

In this week’s blog, Dean tells us about a ring that helps him rule over "something."

To find out what that "something" is, and to also hear a simple tip you can follow to help you get through the tough times and reach your goals, watch and listen now!


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I LOVE this post - thank you so much for continuously opening up your life to all of us this way. Its a touching story and just another of the many ways you encourage all of us who are at the 'beginning' of our journey to keep the faith, never give up and keep taking action!
You're the best!

Thank you for your weekly talks.

As a new student of the Success Academy, I am very gratefuly for your encouragement. I am stepping out "on my own" to make a difference in my life. Knowing that you took that first step by yourself, gives me confidence to take steps 2, 3, 4 .....etc.

I hope to meet you someday and express how grateful I am for your decision to help others transform their lives just as you did yours.

Thank you.

Great post

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Thanks Dean for the encouragement I'm going to read "Profit from Real estate right now again". I needed to be motivated to get going on investing, and change my life.

Weekly Blog

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You are truly an amazing individual to take the time to constantly encourage us all! What is really inspiring is your ability to connect on a personal level although you really do not know us. All of what you say is applicable to so many areas of my life. Your Grandmother would be proud!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dean your video blog made my wife inspired

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My wife and I were truly inspired by your live event. We came back to Indiana motivated and hit the groung running. We can't wait to watch your weekly blog each and every Monday. As we watched this past week's blog, it was so inspirational for my wife she got tears. Thank you for sharing your real estate knowledge and your personal stories with us! Believe and Achieve! Smiling

THE RING......

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Hi Dean,

What an inspiration you are. You are amazing! My inspiration is my father, Charles. He passed away when I was a baby.A little over one years old. I have held onto the memories of him thru my mother and family. What I know is he was a genious. An inventor! There was nothing he couldn't fix. He had quite a few invention's back in the 60's. I'm saying this because I have always felt my gift of being creative and inventive comes from him. I have always drawn strength out of knowing he would be so proud that I am going for my dreams! Thank you Dean for touching on this issue. Much Success......


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Mr. Graziosi: December 13, 09

I had never come across anyone like you, until this month of December.
I also wear something around my neck that I have not removed -Ever. I've worn it since the mid 90s & it is to remind me of one thing. To accomplish my biggest dream. Once said dream is accomplished, then it will come off & be enclosed & hung on my office wall as my personal trophy, a trophy to inspire me onward. A type of inspirational monument reminding me about all the overcomings & impossibilities that I'd overcame.
Past tense? -Of course. I R about to overcame & forever enclose it; By June of 010, if not before.


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