Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #75 - Four Thousand One Hundred and Fifty One...Give or Take!

That's the approximate number of days Dean has done it. Done what you ask? Well, you need to watch to find out.

This week Dean doesn't really have a definitive lesson for you. His blog hopefully will make you smile a little as he allows you to take a peek back in time to his "younger" days.

Perhaps though, there is a lesson in this blog; that time waits for no one and it does fly by. So watch the video and make the most of today, and everyday...

great giggle

you definitely were high pitched back then. I look for your blogs every week to set the tone for the rest of my week. So now i can start my week full of laughter and joy, thanks again Dean and God Bless.

Gorgeous Frazier

ha ha he he !funny!

This is too funny, you look and sound like a teenie booper! (now I am aging myself)I noticed one thing that has not changed though, your sincerity in helping people. where does the time go! Enjoy every moment! Thanks for the laugh.

Funny Message

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Hey Dean...the hair is still pretty wild! LOL! The biggest thing is that no one else has been on the air this long and delivered the message. That you can make money IF you follow the steps.

Wowie! ! !

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Wow, wow, wow! That's all I can say. That was terrific!

Weekly Video Blog #75

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Hi Dean,

That was interesting and funny. If anybody ever questions how long you've been working as a real estate investor, they might take a gander at that. It sort of makes you stop for a moment to think about how fast time passes.

We are all so blessed to occupy a part of your life by receiving your attention weekly for some amount of time that’s unknown to me. Things happen daily and weekly that could only happen in the way that they do with your participation, involvement and/or direction. Therefore, you deserve to be recognized for the amount of time you devote to the creation of new programs, updating methods of administering prior teachings in order to keep them relevant, preparing the weekly video blog, and, let us not forget, preparing for the upcoming E.D.G.E. Event, plus the countless other tasks you perform. All of which is designed, at least in part, to keep Dean Graziosi books and programs far and away the best there are and to continue the reputation of being the most respected, qualified, trusted and effective in the business. Dean Graziosi Alumnae are the highest caliber and the most knowledgeable, effective and successful Real Estate Investors there are, thanks to the teachings and leadership of Dean Graziosi.

It is because of the time you devote to us to educate, motivate and direct us on a regular and predictable schedule that I feel that we should bestow upon you an honorary Doctorate in Real Estate Investing. Then we could call you Dr. Graziosi or, better yet, we could give Dr. Graziosi the additional responsibility for continuing education, making you the Dean of Continuing Education. That way we could still call you Dean without disrespecting your position at the Graziosi School of Higher Learning.

Thanks, Dean for your sacrifices and leadership.

Terry Smith

Have another incredible week!


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The one thing that has not changed is your continued desire to help people. That is it, short and to the point...Jan


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog for all of us. I believe sometimes its good to look back at our past to see where we use to be and be proud of where we have evolved to. Congratulations for being on tv for so many years and helping so many people. Each year is a new chapter! Two thumbs up to the guys behind the scenes: Chip and Mike!

P.S. Congratulations to Chip on his 10 Year Anniversary!


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I love that your enthusiasm hasn't changed! Thanks for sharing the vid and I hope looking back you are tickled at just how far you've come and how many people you have helped to make their dreams come true! Thanks for the continued vision and for sharing it with us all! You ROCK!
Love ya, Dean!


Hi Dean

I loved the video. Actually, you just got better looking. No Kidding! And congratulations on your many years in the business. Look forward to hearing from you on Monday's. Congrats too to Chip and Mike.

Blessings 2 U.

Kathy from California


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That was cool to look back at, I was only 14 when that was filmed. Time does fly, but it is wonderful that you are still here doing what you are doing and helping so many.


Dr. Dean...Keep It Up

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WOW, hard to believe you have been on TV for that long! Thanks for keeping up educated and motivated! Looking forward to the EDGE!

Hey Dean..

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LOL..did Don Lapre coach you sounded just like him, and moved just like him!


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I can only imagine how great it feels to look back and realize how far you've come, and how many thousands of people you've helped along the way! I am so inspired by your love of what you do. It shows in every blog and commercial you make, and especially shows up in person. The few times i've had the honor of meeting you are times that I will never forget and they continue to inspire me to ever more greater heights of success. Thank you for everything you do from the bottom of my heart!

Hi Dean

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Thanks for bringing yet another smile to my face.

Now when do we get to see the blooper reel?


Blog 75

Thanks Dean, you are a very brave man. LOL I don't know many people, myself included, that would want to show everyone so graphically how they have aged. But to your credit, it's been all good from start to present. Thanks for the chuckles, you have again made my day! Myra

Vintage Dean!!!

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Awesome video, I'd love to see more of past video's maybe even something from 98 when Dean first started TV commericals.


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Throwback Dean

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Wow, that was definetly a "throw-back" video. Loved it, and look mom, no glasses!

Thanks Dean for sharing.

Peace and Blessings,

Time can make or break you.

Time can make or break you. Some people age very well and your one of them Dean. That video was HILL-LAR-RE-US! LOL!


Same Burst of Energy, Then and Now

To tell you the truth, I do not think that you aged one minute more from then to now. Same burst of energy.


Thanks Joe & Dean

Thank you for offering your book to the DG family
first,that's what I love about this site and its
member each one selflesly helping each other to the top.

Hey Dean

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That was nice and your voice LoL:) but look how you grow over the year. Dean you has help a lot of people. In ten years look back that this.

Hey Dean

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That was nice and your voice LoL:) but look how you grow over the year. Dean you has help a lot of people. In ten years look back that this.

Well, Dean, you have changed a bit!

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One thing that has not changed is your enthusiasm for helping people be successful investing in real estate! I am so looking forward to the Edge Event!I am finally going to get the help I need to make my dreams come true! That is very exciting!

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