Weekly Video Blog #77 - Two Big Teachings In This ‘EDGE Week’ V-blog

With the EDGE event happening this weekend everyone in the office is busy, busy, busy.

So, this week Dean's filmed a timely message about the roller coaster we call life -AND how to make the most of the ride.

Oh, and He also shares some pretty awesome tips on the topic of building a buyers list too. Enjoy! And if you are registered for the EDGE, get ready to rock!

Thanks Dean

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Life is like a roller coaster. I can remember back in 1991 my wife and I collected all the change we had (and that was all we had at the time) just to go out to eat at a 25 cent hamburger stand.

We have been up and we have been down but we stayed together.

Now we live in a real nice home in a nice area with no money down and walked out of closing with money. Thanks Dean.

Steve and Veronica.


hey dean, really enjoyed your video. thanks so much for keeping us motivated. i really look forward to your videos each week.

dean is that a new set behind you ?? i like it.


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog for all of us. During the past few years we know many people that have been on the "roller coaster of life". There are many ups and downs and occasionally a few up side downs, curves and bends. The ride can be fun, exciting, thrilling, scary, sickening, and uncertain, at times, all in one.

However, the best thing to do is always keep your eyes open and ready for whatever lies ahead. Just like at Walt Disney World, it is better to live life and enjoy the rides rather than being on the park bench wondering about what they are all about! Wishing you continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thanks for another fun and informative blog. Life sure is a rollercoaster! Have to say there have been a lot more fun twists and turns in mine since becoming a DGer! Sort of like "Magic Mountain" meets Monopoly, Pass Go at 100mph and collect $20,000! LOL
Thanks, Dean, for all the inspiration and tools you give for us to keep on rollin! Never thought being a Real Estate Millionaire would be SOOOO much fun!!

Can't wait to see you and everyone else again at the EDGE this week!! Woohoo!!!! Smiling

God bless,

latest video sans sound

11:13 am MONDAY5/17/10 Dean I cannot hear your videos at the library comper because the have no sound STUART

Thanks Dean!!!

Well dean you are right life is a ride of differnt things and challenges etc. I will take your advice as to keep on riding until my success as rei comes keep on blogging my friend.

P.S. No struggle no progress!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the ride!

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I have been advised this very thing before. I understand, BUT - trying to get the freight train moving in the beginning is difficult. I am sure you know this but it is discouraging and painful. I am and WILL hang on and work at it anyway. This is the 3rd business I have tried to build (the others turned out to be quite successful), but for some reason this one has turned out to be the hardest. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your generosity, your wealth of knowledge on your website, all the other investors that help too. I guess all of us newbies in the business need all the encouragement we can get. Thank you in advance for your encouragement, patience and continual positive attitude. Most I think would crash without it. Honestly, the beginning of the ride is really scary!


I'm on my roller Coaster

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Hey Dean,

I enjoy your blog and this one is me. I'm riding this roller coaster because I have had some bad spot in the ride but I'm still riding on.



We will get kick but is a test Never give up on your dream

I rode the coaster under the tracks

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Another great Blog. And when I say I rode the coaster under the tracks, I mean that I actually dug up dirt I hit so hard. But thinks to the success acamandy, And great coaches and Matt And this great site I am loving the ride. At least the highs are better than the lows. And this I owe to you Dean and your loyal staff. Looking forward to meeting you at the EDGE. Wish you were going with Rina and I on our Hot Air Balloon Ride. We will wave as we pass over And give you a toast for all your hard work.


Roller Coaster Fan

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I love roller coasters! My life has been that at times, but like you, I KNOW I would only be in the great place I am because I took THAT ride! I am always grateful to be on this wonderful journey called life! I am so ready for the EDGE! See you all soon.

good tip

Sounds great Dean and btw it works Smiling

Thanks for the time out of your insane travel week.

Be safe,

Just staying on the track

Every once in awhile you hit that sharp curve, or a down slope but keep keepin on.

Thanks Again Dean

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Thanks for keeping these blogs coming! Yes life seems like a roller coaster at times and when you get off track you need to get right back on as soon as possible. Great tip on the buyers list I am e-mailing my realtor now! See you Friday!

Thanks Again Guys

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Well I just got on the ride so lets get it rollin baby.Show me what you got let`s get it on.

At the bottom

I'm at the bottom of the track and taking that journey to the top. Thanks to your books I have alot to look forward to and I will continue to inch forward in real estate. New to the game but I do fill confident. All thanks to you!!

Thank you Dean

I again want to thank you for all your ideas, encouragement and support. I agree, it is all about "now" and enjoying the ride. We can have the goal in our mind but if we don't appreciate the ride, up and down as it is, and enjoy the moment we are in, we will miss out on what really makes all of this worth while. For me, it's all about what it is making me into. Looking back, all the worst situations have brought me the most growth. I don't think we can appreciate the high without the low. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you. Mary-Ellen

Thanks again Dean

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Always enjoy your video blogs. Looking into this for helping with my buyers list. Thanks for all your encouragement. I'm in for the long haul. Thanks for being there for us.

Roller Coasters

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You know, when I was younger I always looked for the highest and fastest roller coaster. I was the dare devil. I jumped in fast with both feet and didn't look down, and that's what I've done here. It's definitely been up and down, but I like the ride.

Climbing the hill is the BEST part

Dean great blog this week.Alot of times people think that climbing that hill will never end.But what you always got to remember once you peak that hill it's a fast downhill ride so being ready for it and holding on is key.Thanks again for all the inspiration and keeping all of us on track..

We are on the Roller Coaster !

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Thanks for the Blog this week (and every week)! We sooooo want to be at the Edge 2010 this year, but are definately hoping to be there next year !!! Thanks for all the encouragement--I listen to part of an empowering conversation, or one of the Edge 2009 cd's most every day and learn something new every time !!! Thanks everyone ! Can't wait to hear how the Edge 2010 goes !!!!! Will cd's of the event be available ?

Weekly blog #77

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Hi Dean

Just wanted to thank you for another great weekly blog and can relate to what you talked about comparing life to that of a roller coaster. I still find myself having a hard time getting on the ride but will continue making an effort to keep going. Sometimes I find myself thinking that I can not do this but I owe it to my family and myself to change my state of mind and focus on " what could be " and continue gaining the wisdom and inspiration from this website and Dean's books.

Scary but Love Roller Coaster


Thanks again for the informative & useful blog you deliver to us weekly.
I've been & still in the roller coaster of life, but i believe that everyone of us can get out of it if we only listen & follow the steps you give us.
I'll try to open my eyes & start moving !

Thanks Dean!

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This one really motivated me. You did it again Dean. Time to start finding good real estate agents. Thanks


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Hi Dean,

Right before I watched your latest blog my Mom and I had just had the same converstation about the human ups and downs (roller coasters) and how greatful we are to have them. I often wish that I didn't have to live through such awful down times but if I didn't I would'nt appreciate all that I have.
Thanks for all that you do to keep us going. I'm scared to make that first step BUT I'm even more scared of NOT GETTING TO WORK! I've dreamed of doing REI for 19 years.....done all kinds of other things only to beat myself down with failure. I WILL be successful and HAVE FUN in my life. I HAVE to PROVE to myself I can have a ton of fun making money and THAT I CAN DO IT!!!!
My husband and I can't wait to meet you at the EDGE 2010 in a few days. I'm praying to find direction when we are there:)
Thank you.....thank you....thank you!
Mike and Christine Anderson

Weekly blogs.

Every week I like to see your blog, because like everybody says is very helpful. I am having a hard time
trying to build my buyer's list and finding a Real Estate Agent that really will help me, but I won't give up, I am going to keep looking into this matter, and I hope that I will be able to do my first deal.
Thanks again for your help and encouragement.
Good luck at the EDGE.........GOD BLESS!!!!!!

Not For Me

Well, I am not roller coasting, but I am still on the train. I am willing to enjoy the success without the undue excitement. Thanks Dean for addressing the challenges that affect all of us as we strive to succeed in real estate. God Bless. To all who attend, enjoy the EDGE.


Thanks Dean

I enjoyed this week video blog and a good way for getting to know the hot spots in your area and cash buyers at the same time that for keeping me motivated because this is a roller coaster ride for new investor trying to get their first deal.

Traveler Investment property

Great advice!

I wholeheartedly agree on the "enjoy the ride" advice. For those who are looking for the "highs" all the time now that they are doing something productive, it is a great reminder that EVERYONE has ups and downs, it's not all "easy street"!

I also believe that those lows make the highs much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Hang on tight, everyone, and don't bail out when the going gets tough. Thanks to Dean and all here who are so informative and supportive.


Great Help

Dean thanks for the "Blog" you sent to us life is a roller coaster for shore. The information about finding a buyers list was great I am going to try it. Sorry I couldn't make it to the Edge this year but maybe next year. Good Luck everyone their!

Thanks Dean,

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