Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #155 - Real Results Require Right Actions

Are you doing what you THINK we teach and not getting results? Are you doing what you THINK we teach and getting mediocre results?

Then this Weekly Wisdom is just what the Dr. of real estate profits ordered. Watch and listen as Dean describes what he did and what he witnessed
in ONE day last week, using the RIGHT techniques in the way he teaches. You're about to take your results through the roof this week. Enjoy.

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OK Dean

Got it. Not doing exactly as instructed means that we are not being fair with ourselves. The past couple of days I have been talking to myself and telling myself that I have to give myself a fair chance by just doing it. So, to JUST DO IT means I also have to process the exact instructions to get results.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation. I often joke about waiting for my letter from God and the truth is HE speaks to me thru you, my pastor and others. What a blessing!

Follow the recipe

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Thats it. I just have to continue to follow the recipe that was already laid out for us. I will see the results.

Thanks Dean.



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I must admit...I have not been following the recipe as given.

Mainly because it can be intimidating to cook or bake something the first time... you wonder if it will turn out ok, or if you will burn it, or will it taste awful...

After listening to your weekely wisdom, it made me wonder what my cake would turn out like if I didn't add enough sugar, or added another ingredient instead, or baked it at a higher temperature... hmmm, probably not the same as the one in the cookbook.

Got the message, I will follow the recipe to the dot to get the same results as your top students! Thanks for the reminder and the motivation!

Learning and progressing every day,

Thank you Dean

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For more of that great weekly wisdom. I am so thankful you spoke about sticking to the recipe this week Dean. This week I tried to help some new investors that made some post on properties this last week. My point was to get back to the basics.

You can't get a home under contract for X amount thinking it will sell for what it was worth 2 years ago and an investor would pay the price of 2 years ago. The property was a turn key property that anyone can buy for a little more than what it was locked up at.

We all have to remember to get the worst house in the best area that needs some repairs that rates a discount below fair market value so you can pass it on to someone that will do the repairs and still be able to make a profit and stay below the ARV of the area.

When you tell some new investors that they need to rethink their numbers they tend to get a little butt hurt. So Dean I am glad you said what you said this week so when I tell a new investor that the need to rethink what a good deal is they might listen now.

I know we are not the best investors on this site but I think we have spent enough time with you Dean and Matt and the success academy to be able to help out some new investors if they are willing to listen.

New investors please read Dean's books and reread them watch his videos and listen to the other season investors here on this site we are not putting you down but trying to make you go on the right path that Dean has already cut out for us.

Again Thank You Dean for this weeks Blog.

Steve and Veronica.


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i def need to go back n make sure that im doin everythin as laid out. thanx again dean.

I haven't been on track

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I've been mentored the last few months by a wholesaler in the business for about 6 yrs who claims to have done over 250 deals. I've strayed from what you teach and been more focused on what he's been telling me. Will get back on track tonight.

Following your instructions.

Hi Dean, you are right, I have to confess too, I am not following your instructions, but there is so many things to read and to do, and of course we have to do it in order to succeed but sometimes I really get very confused. I haven't been able to find a Real Estate Agent to begin with, but my daughter has a friend that is a REA and I am planning on talking to him as soon as possible, and see if he is the appropriate person, and hopefully I will be on my way to succeed, even if it takes me to start all over again, I don't want to quit, I want to become successful for my family but more than that for myself.

Thank you anyway for all the help we get from you and your students and the DG family.

Talk to you soon...... Adamina

thank you dean

just what i needed. I got off the path, but will get it right. I will read and then read some more. Thanks

Uh.... sounds familiar....

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It drives me nuts on a daily basis to have put in as many efforts as I have over the past almost year now and not had the massive success I have been looking for.

I am tired of saying I am so close to having it dialed it...

Yet the big results have escaped me until now....

The one thing I know from my own business history is that getting rich happens fast.... it is just a matter of lining up all the elements of success, and once they are all lined up {that is what takes so long) and the window of opportunity opens up.... the money flows in in avalanches of abundance.

Your message will be the spark to finally line up the elements of succes to begin my avalanche of wealth and success.

I also know all the actions I have taken in your systems, {Success Academy and Rock Bottom Blueprint} are simply the bedrock of my future success.

(And I am sure the coaches will be happy when I do EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing too...)


Follow The Recipe

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I remember not too long ago, you had a Weekly Wisdom about an Italian Recipe for making spaghetti sauce. In order to get the sauce RIGHT we had to follow the recipe. This time AGAIN it is follow the recipe. If you want the results, follow the recipe, to the letter. Do NOT deviate one iota, follow the recipe. It makes all the sense in the world. If you do exactly that, it works, every time. Others have found the RIGHT way to get the results, don't deviate. Do it RIGHT. Thank you Dean for the reminder, I will do it right too, every time, to the letter.

Guilty as Charged!!

Thank you Dean,

This weekend I slipped badly. Went out and tried to cut corners on the bandit signs by posting only 5 signs in the area where I had had the most success with my 25 sign rotation! needless to say, "poor effort, poor results..." as I only got 3 calls all weekend where normally I get about 16 to 20 calls.

Point taken, lesson learned, focused attention and dedication to the "why" is key here! thanks For the Lesson Dean,

Getting back to The Fundamentals DG Family!!


Great Blog

Dean - Thanks for another great blog. I was wondering when you might have your wife on a weekly blog??? My biggest hurdle in becoming successful in real estate is getting my wife on board. She is not convinced that this is the time for us to invest in real estate. I need her support more than anything or I will never be able to get out of the gate.

I think if you did a blog with your wife and have her explain how a spouse can either be involved or just a supportive role, it could change our live forever. Hope you really take this idea to heart. I think I could get my wife to watch a 5 minute blog. I think this would be a real WIN-WIN for you too, I think more people would be able to join the Success Academy if they had spouse support.

Really think about this one.

Kevin Addison

Yes, I need to get back to the basics

As I look back I can see that when I did exactly as you said it worked, then I strayed, just last night I decided to restart and follow through as you are saying in todays blog. Again your wisdom is timely
Thank you
PS yes signs get stolen or removed for what ever reason, in 5 weeks I lost 35 of my 50 signs, it did bother me, I had to get over that loss, a mental thing.


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I hear that Dean Smiling That is so true - and this is a great reminder for me to pull your book and make sure I'm following your PROVEN recipes!! FOR SURE! I think a lot of times, we think that we can cut a step or do something we may feel more comfortable with thinking that this will work better for me - or I'll get better results if I do it MY way..... but the fact is that someone IS GETTING results, doing EXCATLY what you say to do - and we should just follow that recipe to the very last ingredient.

I'm pulling my book TODAY and get refreshed on some of the recipes I'm following to make sure I'm doing everything correctly!

Thanks Dean

Getting going

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Thanks for the information I'm getting going now as I had been busy and haven't had time to look a the Edge DVD's until this weekend and along with the weekly wisdom things are getting into perspective.
Great job and I look forward to the first deal.

Keith Yedinak

Thank You Dean

When I started a year ago I put out 5 Bandit signs on Friday no calls. I check monday the sign was going. I put out 10 sign on Friday no calls I check monday the sign was going. I called the Pinellas county office. no sign they will be pick up.


Work smarter, not harder

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Work smarter, not harder Smiling

Bandit Signs


What do you do when bandit signs are not allowed in your city? The city will come along and remove them almost as fast as you can put them out. When they get tired of removing them they will call you and tell you if they find any more you will be fined. The one thing that is holding me back is finding BUYERS! I have posted ads online and in newspapers to no avail. I also live in Florida and wish you could help me get moving forward. Can anybody help!


bandit signs

great blog Dean I love how you explain about a receipe. All we need to do is follow it. I have made mistakes before not following a receipe , step by step. Thanks Carol

bandit signs

great blog Dean I love how you explain about a receipe. All we need to do is follow it. I have made mistakes before not following a receipe , step by step. Thanks Carol


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Heading out today with new vim and vigor!
(that's energy, enthusiasm, intensity)
Thanks, been drifting to the left, to the right... back on course!

It works

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Thanks for the wisdom Dean and I know it works. I have to just follow thru the plan and stay focus . I get to a level and then lose my focus on what I need to do next. I see properties and then tell myself that is a good property and then I don't take the next step and know darn well this could be the one. Few days ago a drove thru a neighborhood and saw a house that someone bought and put there sign out front saying they buy houses. At that point I told myself here is living proof and that was a missed opportunity I could have took action on. I'm calling that number today and adding them to my buyers list.

You did it again

Thanks Dean for that reminder to just follow the recipe that is put out to get the results you want. Time to get back on track. Thank you for giving it to us straight.


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All I can say is 90% of my deals or Bandit, Not only buying but selling.


Blog Nov 7...

Thanks Dean ..been dragging my tail what with renovations on upper Duplex.Gotta get back out there..Put in some offers.Dgld

You're Right!

Thanks for the reminder,Dean. Got a little off track with fixing up storm damaged homes... ready to get back with the program. Just the boost i needed!
Thank you!


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Thanks Dean All my deals are from bulk property or private owner I will be close a deal with a private owner next week.


THINK AND GROW RICH By "Napoleon Hill"

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Yes Dean, You are right. I have a free e-book for every one that I know You All will enjoy. There is a click Thur link...THINK AND GROW RICH By "Napoleon Hill"

PS I bet Dean has read this book more than once. Thanks Eric

Success is a process

Success is a process. Act, do, perform the process and you will be successful

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