Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #178 - Tax Day Eve Celebration

The painstaking work required to ensure you got your taxes in on time is almost over. So, Dean is doing a TOTALLY FREE, LIVE ONLINE broadcast Monday night to bring a little cheer to the tax weary soul.

AND - what he has to share is SO valuable, he's not even giving you anything else to think about in this week's blog. If this is the first you're hearing of this, watch the video now, get registered below and get ready for some mind bending information on Monday, April 16th 6PM PT/9PM PT. If you’re already registered, and your taxes are done, congrats!

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Jay Sthilaire's picture

im registered and cant wait for the LIVE training call but no my taxes r not done yet !!!! getting them done tomorrow JUST before the call !!!! two exciting things i cant wait for tomorrow !!! i got a new cpa and learning quickbooks from her and LOVIN IT !!! going to bring my real estate business into ORGANIZATION !!! see you tomorrow dean !!!!

question for live call

Jay Sthilaire's picture

what do you(dean) and matt use for tax purposes to keep track of all your properties?? example :quick books or other and why ? your opinion on what to use ?? thanks a million !!!
PUMPED for the call tomorrow and SUPER PUMPED for the edge !!!!!

Whole sale question

Mike S's picture

Hi Dean and Matt,
I am having problems wholesaling REOs. They want with the offer proof of funds even if I have a cash buyer. They will not except and or assigns after my name. And they sometimes make it so you can not sell for 90 days after closing. Should I avid REOs altogether or do you have a plan? I have your 30 days to real estate cash and it sounds like you do wholesale REOs.
Forever Grateful,
Mike S

OH yeah, I'm so THERE!

Registered last week, bookmarked the page, put it on my calendar on my phone so it will alarm and remind me... WOOHOO!

Been putting in offers left and right, aiming for that milestone of "first 25 offers submitted", and have almost gone through all the currently "past 90 days" listings. What should I aim for next? Expand my target area? Go ahead and submit offers on houses that have NOT been up for sale for more than 90 days? Please advise, I Want to keep going!

We will be there!

TomAndJeri's picture

Matt and Dean! We will be there tomorrow evening and we are very excited being at the Edge event this year again. Awesome event and look forward to seeing you again. Also, just being in the final 7, it already makes us all winners for taking action.

Question: you both have been investing in Michigan, how do you analyze your market, and how can we prove you Tulsa, OK could be your next great investment town?

Tom and Jeri

Questions for the live event

GlenA12's picture

1. Could you explain the differences between an LLC and Corp and how that works with taxes etc?

2. I went to one of the 3 day events and there was a "Money movement strategy" explained to us, but I don't understand how it works. It involves using credit cards and passing money through a local bank to pay off other credit cards which helps avoid interest and raise your credit score.

I'll Be On It!

DavidBoisvert's picture

Can't wait for tomorrow night to soak up more wisdom,it's all starting to come together.

Question-How do you get Badges?

Hi Dean

steve and veronica's picture

can't wait till tomorrow for your live video.

Hey Dean my question is this. Is there going to be a time when you and Matt would take my money let's say a 5k investment and use it to buy part of your next big deal like the one you and Matt bought in Michigan. Then pay us back our money with a percentage of the profit after you sell off the properties.

I know we can buy our on properties using your techniques we have done that but I also know that there is power in numbers and to be in a deal with you and Matt Dean would be big money.

Thanks for all that you do for us Dean from your successful students Steve and Veronica.

Boots on the ground events

Elevatingproperties's picture

Hey Dean! I am looking forward to the live call tomorrow night. I simply can't wait. I was wondering how you select which cities to do a boots on the ground event? Can you come to Bakersfield, California to do one with me? I would be forever greatful!!!!



Looking forward to the conference!

Valuni's picture

stop teasing us!!! Smiling

I am so ready for Monday night's conference! Looking forward to hearing what you and Matt have planned to share with us...

Learning and progressing every day,

This is going to be an awesome live video !!!

gceriani's picture

Question : We've been doing several rehabs by
buying either REOs or Probates, but our problem is we are running out of cash, even with 805 credit scores we can't get banks to loan money, where can we access money at 8% to 10% for short term; OR are there people who we can partner up with to provide the purchase cash, we provide the rehab cash, then flip the property & split the profit ?



Got my seat

Mark K's picture

Registered last week for the livecast. Did my taxes last month. All that's left is to pop the popcorn and watch Dean & Matt share the goods!

Hello Dean! Thank you for

Hello Dean!
Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity to live viewing and training with you and Matt. I have found all the conference calls and video information technology to be top notch with, and am especially looking forward to this one. I saw the California livecast and it was truly amazing.

My question is regarding social networking in real estate investing. I have access to the Rock Bottom Blueprint recorded calls and listened to Carol Stinson's (which was excellent) on developing a buyer's list. She stated she has signed up with over 300 investment clubs on linked in and this has become a hub for her real estate investment endeavors.

This seems like an excellent strategy to capitalize on but I have not heard anyone else at the DG events or yourself speak about it at length.

Can you please speak to:
*Your thoughts on utilizing social networking to develop buyers/deals.

*If yes, best strategies to navigate an abundance of information in a streamlined and productive manner.
*Any favorite sites or clubs?
*Any markets, strategies, or types of deals social networking works best with?
Things to watch for when developing deals in social networking?

Thank you so much,
Susan Magill

I can't wait!!!!!

AndyS's picture

Hi Dean and Matt:
I can't wait for the call. Registered the moment I saw it was available!

My question is this: As mentioned above by Gary C., Banks here in FL aren't loaning money and are really not working with short sales either. (I've heard this from the top investors in my REIA clubs on 2 different sides of the state.) With a very limited amount of non underwater FSBOs locally and no money of my own to invest, am I knocking my head against a brick wall trying to wholesale deals here in Central FL?

My other question is: What is the natural progression of strategies for an investor to attain financial wealth through real estate starting with $0 cash?

Thank you so much for doing this call. I can't wait to hear how I can watch the edge this year from home!

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member

can't wait !!

Dean you and matt are good guys I'am really looking forward to hearing how you unfold a deal in wholesaling.
I'am excited and can't wait.

Thank you Dean & Matt

bamagirl6730's picture

Thank you Dean and Matt for taking the time to share with us tonight!

Appreciate you both!! Can't wait for the awesomeness! Smiling

God bless,

Can't wait!

Rick888's picture

I am really looking forward to the Livecast and I hope my accountant has my taxes ready tomorrow so I don't have to file an extension...ugh.
Thanks Dean for all you do.


Hey Dean & DG family...

DWard45's picture

Hey Dean & DG family,
I cant wait for 6pm 2mrw, i know this will be good info. It always is, but i was wondering if Matt cud show his exact way to lock up FSBO property’s(No Realtor vs Realtor), maybe a 15min topic on exact paper work to use & a few golden nuggets how to fill them out. To help us move forward on making a deal happen. Lots of newbies like my self are a lil worried when it come to paperwork...

Thanks for everything, i gonna get a deal one way or another...

I Am Registered & I Am Ready Can Hardly Wait

Captain777's picture

I am ready to go. It is on my calendar and by 9PM I cannot work the business. I will be there. Thank you for the introduction. There sure are many things happening on DG this month. I have a few questions that I will try to submit tonight too. Let's go.

Earnest Money

Dean I have a cash buyers list, POF, but I cant get a realtor to submit any offers because they want earnest money how can I get around this?????.


I'll be there tonight! Can't wait to hear ALL - sounds exciting!!!!

Thanks for the free traning and the encouragement

PaulYoung4ever's picture

I am excited about the free training tonight. My bigest problem in getting into real estate is that I have been burned in the past and have lost some money, and I don't have the money to take a chance with now. I need to move forward, but I'm afraid of losing my shirt. I am 70 years old and could not survive a set back. I have perfect credit and don't want to ruin it. This is perfect for me. You are awesome.

"I'm All In", see you Tonite

Hi Dean
We are all the way to the the point were we ask investors for the money, we are stuck at this point--a "Mental Thing", Any Ideas?

God bless,
Nathan & Sandy

Dean and Matt Question for tonight ??

curtisfillers's picture

First I want to thank both of you for sharing , and cant wait till call tonight,

The question is -What do you do when you run out of properties using the 25-1 ? My Realtor sends me properties ,I also do bandit signs, but starting to run out, do I start working another market? Virtual Wholesaling?
Thanks for your time and all you both do.

Curtis Fillers

I'm There!

LaCorte Assets's picture

My question: Haven't done a deal yet...If/when I buy a property for cashflow, how can I be certain that I can refi it after rehab to pay my Private Lender back? I don't have the credit credentials to refi w/bank now. I feel I am ready to purchase my first cashflow property (have the knowledge and have PL in place) but am scared about the refi process.

Looking forward to tonight!!


Waiting to learn something new

Hi Dean and Matt,
I really enjoyed the seminar that you had here in White Plains NY. Trying to wholesale in this area has been hard for me since I've been out of work and have no income to work with and still trying to build a cash buyer list. Broke investor need help badly.

I've encountered the same.

GIST's picture

Great questions. I've encountered the same situations. Thanks for asking!

We're all ready for

bahney's picture

We're all ready for tonight's live cast. Thank you.

Can't Wait...

TLG Properties's picture

Thanks Dean & Matt. We look forward to hearing what you have to share.

Tonight's Call

I'm so stoked, I can't wait for tonight's call.
I've really been looking forward to this call.
Still haven't done the first deal yet, but I'm
never giving up. Dean, you are the Master at teasing, I can only imagine what your kids must go through at Christmas and birthdays. LOL

Being in Michigan, I'd like to know how you and Matt found all your properties here. Did you use a local agent, title company or attorney? I've had a difficult time finding a mortgage attorney, and an
agent, any suggestions?

God Bless you guys, have a good day.

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