Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #184 - Logical Decisions

Are you emotionally driven? Most people are. We let our emotions drive our actions. Your emotions can be powerful motivators or they can cause destructive lack of action.

This week, we talk about taking the emotion out of the decision process. It allows you to take ownership of your life and your actions, as well as gain the confidence you need in all areas. This can do everything from changing the way you feel about yourself to dramatically changing the economy in your house.

Watch it now and as a special surprise, you'll find out how anyone who leaves a comment on this blog this week can get a FREE digital copy of my bestselling book 'Totally Fulfilled.'

Weekly Wisdom Post

I would just like to say thank you to Dean and all of the DG family for the wealth of knowledge on this site. Because of Dean's books and all of the many post and blogs that are on this site from members I was able to get the necessary tools I needed to get my first deal under contract. I will be settling on this deal in no longer than 8 days and I would not have been able to do it without YOU.

Thank You

I'm finally taking action !!!!

Hi Dean, I'm real excited,,, Been interested in RE for most of my life but have always listened to the naysayers... Not anymore !!! I'm going to your live event tomorrow and I listen to your blogs everyweek,,, and I've even started going to school for RE and business management...
I'm finally taking action and I'm excited !!!
Thanks for your inspiration and I look forward to your LIVE EVENT tomorrow night !!!

Right time Right place

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This is the right time, this is the right place, and your right Dean! If you do not get on the ship, it will sail without you.

Thanks Dean Great Monday

Thanks Dean
Great Monday morning insperation

Great motivation

Thank you Dean for great wisdom an motivation

Passing this along!

Support is KEY .

I'm passing this along to all my family! It just seems like the logical thing to do!

Gotta run, DEALS ARE WAITING! Smiling

Logical decisions

Real estate market is bouncing around on the bottom floor - that is logical - making money is logical - having it happen now is logical!

Changing lives is logical! Support is logical!

Real estate is logical and it can change your life! Ok - friends & family watch this video now!

Nice bribe Dean!

thank you

looking forward to reading your book!

Great Blog Dean

Dean Im glad I was able to read this before I went out today. I actually came back from one of your events in Richmond VA. I was looked over serveral times and was not able to get my one on one. I waited around to talk to my mentor I was pass over. All of this was emtionalfor me. Before I tried to talk to a advisor over the phone and get a password change. I had to go through loops and hoops and I still wasnt able to talke to an advisor. I have been working the home program and took actions. I have promised myself that I would get the funds to get the Diamond Education. I know I will have a great year. I won't let anything stop me and I cant wait to talk with you in person and take a picture with you at the Edge. You are great! Thanks for reading my post. Off to take action!

On Time

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I spent a lot of time contemplating moving forward in real estate investing. As a full time loan officer looking and wanting to be a full time real estate investor it can be a curse or a blessing depending on how you look at things. This morning's wisdom has pushed me off the fence. Thanks.


Love your messages and can't wait to read the book!

Another Awesome Video

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Thank You Dean for delivering yet another powerful video to all of us.
I began getting motivated again because I need so much positive good in my life right now.
I need other investors in my area of Sonoma County to give me some deals so I can bird dog for them.
I need starting out this way and would appreciate some offers from other investors so I can finally jump in so anyone out there who will let me find them a certain property, please pm in here and I would love having a free copy of your book Dean!
"Totally Fulfilled" I am sure I can use that and as soon as my financ'e is out here he plans to help me in this wonderful opportunity you've given to me because I know it will change our lives for the better and we really need better changes and no more naysayers, I dropped them a long time ago & never felt better!
To start out, I am asking anyone to let me find them their next deal and help us both win; so please message me in here I need mail!! I'll do my best to help you so please leave me all the details and I'll get started..please include your email,

Will Never Give Up

I invested $380,000 (mistake #1 - going all in) in Indiana tax lien certificates. Obtained a deed to about 25 properties. Lost all my money on some, broken even on most, and made a little bit on a few, made a lot on one (moved into it). Overall I loss a little but almost broke even. I try to think of the money that I loss as money spent getting educated.

I made 12 different mistakes so far investing in tax lien certificates. I have made a list of those mistakes. For each mistake I try to find out 1) why the mistake occurred, 2) reasons why the mistake is a mistake, 3) ways to make the mistake a good thing, 4) ways to avoid the mistake in the future, and 5) ways to minimize the impact of the mistake if it should accidental happen again.

For the properties where I made money, I have made a list on why they made money and ideas to make it work better, faster, and easier.

I started investing in Indiana tax lien certificates in 2009. I stopped in 2010 when I started getting the bad results from 2009. Took year 2011 off to finishing getting results from 2010, to learn more, and come up with a new strategy. I'm going to start (slowly this time) investing at the next tax season (August of 2012) with my new knowledge of what to do and what not to do.


After almost a year, the Success Academy, thousands of dollars, and alot of time I continue to struggle to make real estate investing work for me. Maybe one day it will or I will be totally broke and homeless. You do have some great people teching in the academy and I have enjoyed working with them. You try to do what you can to help people succeed but some times you miss the boat. Remember that some times the little things you do make a big difference to some people.

Thanks again Dean

Thanks again Dean for your inspiring advice. Putting together my first wholesale deal today and will make 6k. Should have another one this week and will make another 10k. Super excited!!!

I Love Your Motivation!

I don't know anyone who believes in this. I have worked so hard to learn how to invest in real estate. I am terrified to do the first deal. So, I watch your blog posts to get me motivated. It is the only motivation that I get from someone other than myself. I have your latest book and have started reading it. I have also started calling realtors and researching my local areas. Thanks so much! Please keep the motivation coming.

Very Motivating !!!

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This world needs more people like you Dean. I would love to get a copy of your book so that maybe I could get back to being a little more like that myself. I've been a member for several years but let myself slip away by letting life and other people interfere.

I've always had an interest in real estate and I've tried to act on it a few times but, again, let road blocks or something stop me. And the past six months or so I've had the thought that I missed the boat in the big opportunity in real estate from the down market.

It sounds like the opportunity is still there and not too late to get in and take action. And with the help of the DG family I feel I can succeed and stop letting things or road blocks interfere with my goals in real estate investing.

It will be a bumpy road to travel as I will be dealing with all the obstacles like so many other members have and overcome. So I will probably need a lot of help from the DG Family

Thank you very much for your continuous weekly blogs! They are all motivating in one way or another.

Thank you again Dean !!!

Garry of Hamilton, Ohio

The hardest part is the change....

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It makes perfect sense... all it takes is the willingness to take Action. As I always say: common sense isn't so common... Dean says it EVERY week, the #1 reason why people don't succeed using this his system is one reason only. Not taking Action.

The #2 reason of those who fail don't complete ALL the steps necessary to make it work. It's very much like a recipe... you forget a important parts or ingredient or substitute something else and you risk the possibility of complete failure and wasted efforts.

Thank You

Exactly what I needed to get over the inner hump.

Thank you

Logical video

I enjoy your weekly videos and use them to keep me motivated to continue. I have not been successful yet in doing a deal at this point in my life. I signed up for PMI education hoping I would get more interaction with the mentors but that does not seem to be the case. Thank you again for your video and I'm looking forward to receiving your digital book. always

No disappointment here with your message. Your enthusiasm and logic continue to inspire my efforts in RE and other elements of my life. Thank you Dean.

Great Video Blog dean

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Always a joy to listen to you and motivate me (us) weekly, You look better than ever you got bigger biceps it looks like to me:))))

Great timing!

Dean has done it again, just when we need a inspirational boost he comes through! Dean thank you for your encouragement and support. The easiest thing to do is Nothing but the right thing to do is to take action. I look eagerly to Deans weekly wisdom post every time!


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Dean, another awesome weekly wisdom video blog. And yes, real estate is COMPLETLY logical, a no brainer investment avenue in today’s market. In my opinion it has been for decades but in today’s economic condition. I can't think of any other avenue that can produce the ROI that RE does...It's ripe for the pickings.

Thanks Dean again,

Joshua, from Central Florida


I love watching your videos each week. You keep me motivated and thinking about real estate investing.


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You are Totally Awesome Dean,
Listening to your weekly wisdoms keeps my mind in the game and keeps me coming back to this site to associate with all your great students and people here.
I have slacked off a little last week due to starting a new job,but i am ready to get back on the horse and ride it to SUCCESS!!

Weekly Wisdom #184 Logical Decisions

Yes Dean it is very logical to go on a limb for me to fight my fears and take action with the knowledge I've learned with your books.Even though I haven't got my wife's confidence in me,because we tried so many things that failed to make money,that I lose confidence in myself, but keep trying.I have purchased some books from
you over the years,but, Totally Fulfilled was not one of them. Would love to get a copy,to also let my wife read it.


you have a great way teaching the people about this system of money !

Just do it!

Thanks for the motivation each week. Once you take action, you quickly realize that all the worry and doubt was a waste of energy.

Dean's library, a wealth of knowledge,applies beyond RE

We quote Dean in so many avenues of our lives. 'Successful in RE, but more so in life. This training affords our stewardship. Our goals are to provide affordable housing options as soldiers in the war on poverty in our struggling city. If you're not part of the solution....

Dean, you maintain a great community; happy to continue spreading the wealth of knowledge and good fortune. Happy to be a part of it all.

Keep it up -- Dean and all disciples!

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