Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #184 - Logical Decisions

Are you emotionally driven? Most people are. We let our emotions drive our actions. Your emotions can be powerful motivators or they can cause destructive lack of action.

This week, we talk about taking the emotion out of the decision process. It allows you to take ownership of your life and your actions, as well as gain the confidence you need in all areas. This can do everything from changing the way you feel about yourself to dramatically changing the economy in your house.

Watch it now and as a special surprise, you'll find out how anyone who leaves a comment on this blog this week can get a FREE digital copy of my bestselling book 'Totally Fulfilled.'

Thanks Dean

I started to do this 2 or 3 years ago and was afraid, but I'm not afraid anymore! Thanks for the pep talk and opening up my eyes. I'm going to give this 110% and I will succeed! Thanks again DG

I know its too late to get a free copy of your book but your inspiration is enough!


Hi DG,
I know am late but thanks coz I've read about the 'emotionalizational' dose to action.

well delivered, well swallowed !

Motivation for New Orleans training Friday

I have just started posting, yet I am emotionally driven to change my economic situation forever through this program. This time next year I will be postng about the thousands I have made from Dean's encouragement.
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Love the.....

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Love the inspiration and rational..... This weekly wisdom hit home Smiling

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