Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #186 - Why You Do What You Do

In this video, Dean revisits a simple but powerful little exercise called “7 Levels Deep.” Doing it will only take 10 to 20 minutes, but it’s going to make a profound impact on your life. Promise! This will get you focused with laser like precision on the real, true motives to continue your life's pursuits and reach your goals.

After you watch the video, there is a link below to download the worksheet for the 7 Levels Deep Exercise...AND - in case you still don't have a copy of Dean's newest book, quit your procrastinating! It's freaking amazing and you can order it below.

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One of the best exercises I have ever done

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Dean, I love this exercise. Every month I redo it to make sure I have my eye on the prize. I need to constantly be reminded of WHY I'm doing this. It is so easy to give up, but once you have your "WHY", things start to happen. I have my "WHY" list and my goals written on the closet. Its the first I read when I wake up and the last before I go to sleep. Another great blog Dean.


this is a must do exercise!

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Thank you Dean, for giving us this exercise once again-it is a must do!

For those of you who haven't done it before- the bottom line is that this exercise is key to your success! Don't skip this one! You won't regret doing it! Just a word of caution-it will be emotional, and don't be surprised if you do get all choked happens to most of us, but it is well worth it!

For us who have done it before, thank you for reminding us to do it again! I keep my copy by my computer where I can see it several times every day so that it reminds me WHY I work hard every day at rei (after I finish my fulltime job). Needless to say, it does give me the motivation to continue pursuing my dream by achieving one goal at a time, and push forward everytime I encounter an obstacle. When you have a strong WHY, nothing will get in your way that you can't overcome to become a successful rei investor!

Learning and progressing every day,

My first deal

OMG!! I bought a house today at an auction. Paid $17,500 4 bed 1 bath fannie mae repo. One website values it @ $33,000 another @ $55,000.
Not sure what I am going to do with it, I thought I would assign it, not sure if I can. I send in all the paperwork and earnest money tomorrow. Hope it works out, wish me luck.
Thank you Dean for the motivation again you keep it real.

Thanks Dean

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It is always good to go back and re-read or pay a visit to something you have already seen or done. So I thank you Dean for bringing back the 7 layers deep. Thank you Dean for all of the nuggets that you have given us over the years.

Dean I hope you and your family are having a great summer so far.

Thank you Dean for all that you do for the DG family.

Steve and Veronica.

Excited and ready

Dean, my wife and i are new to the DG family we just signed up for the 3 day work shop and are entirely devoted to making this happen. I just wanted to tell you thank you for the opportunity you have given us because as of right now we are struggling to take care of our family. We just had our first child and we need and want to change our lives and we both know this will work for us! I look forward to listening to your words of wisdom for a long time...

Thanks again,

Loving it !

Thanks Dean for making us do this again. I looked at the ones we did before and some changed but most stayed the same. You are the best.
Keep reaching for the stars Smiling

7 Layers - it's not a recipe for Taco Dip!

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Thanks Dean,
I have read many times about the 7 layers in your books and with similar exercises. Never did it for myself until after seeing you work through it at a Summit! I shared it with my wife and when she first heard me, she thought I was asking to make chip dip. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! We'll dig deeper

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Thank you! We'll dig deeper with the 7 layers deep of what is motivating us to do this. I moved several times and was in poverty as a kid also and felt helpless. I've taken care of handicap family members and still help them. It seems everyday gets out of control putting fires out. I want to get beyond that and know that I can take control and move forward! Thanks again for your wisdom!

Interesting Activity

It was really interesting what the final outcome was what has always been in my heart......Teaching my children to be responsible because that is my responsibility that God put on me. They need examples to follow.

Thanks again,


I've Done This

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This exercise is a mirror to you (the person whose taking this challenge.) It gives you a picture of things that have happened in your life while growning up that shapes your thought pattern. It gives you the opportunity to make a change, know why you're making the change and prospering because of what you have learned about yourself and willing to make changes to make your life and your families life happy and secure.

My number one reason is to help build God's kingdom. Do you know your reason? It doesn't matter what other's think. This is personal.

Thanks Dean for the reminder.

Hi Dean! As allways i really

Hi Dean! As allways i really appreciate you takeIng the time to help me be successfull.I am greatfull that you care enough about other peoples lives that you give of yourself, your wisdom and knowlege, your love and passion. I over the years had bought other real estate help books and it was so disapointing and it makes you feel stupid.I joined the DG family in august and threw death and illness and moveing to another state 500 miles from where i lived my whole life ( thats 57yrs)and Through your teacheings and teachers, encouragements and your help i just put offers in on 30 houses on saturday. So those who believe keep me in your prayers and thoughs who dont wish me luck! THANK YOU!You had a girl do 7 steeps in edge 2011 what happened to her? Do you know? P.S. were's spell check? lol


YOU hit the nail right on the head,you ask me a ? and i feal the same way and i am going to finish asking myself that the ?.and wanted to say hi to the D G family NEW AND OLD.i will dig deeper.


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Sorry Dean, I think I have done this at least to some degree, but I am a hold out. However, somehow your video convinced me to give this exercise a good go. Last week when you said you were going to talk about this, I was like, ugh again! And today, I was like, Ugh I know this, I don't want to do this, but I watched the video and I will do the exercise. Better to do than not do if it will make a difference in some way to spur me to the next level and get that first deal; to find my true motivation. Thanks Dean!


Sounds interesting I will try it Thank you!

very helpful

Thank you Dean for another very helpful video. I greatly appreciate this video, and especially the worksheet. It seems like I need to see examples of things before I can wrap my mind around something. Thank you very much for all you do for all of us.

A powerful tool

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Hi Dean,

It seems a lot of folks struggle with this. I think because it is so powerful. I guess it's scary to think we might find out why.

When I first did this a year ago I came up with LOVE as my #1 answer, I thought that fine, odd, undefined, but I accepted it, after all Love is why, but I wondered if it was enough of an answer.

After The Edge I tried to it again and I got to #18 so I put it away figuring I was going too deep.
It's a tough one to get right (if there is a "right"). This morning I tried it again-- just to #7. This time I got "because I have so much to offer, so much to give".

Well, that's doesn't seem quite right either. So my why is "Love and because I have so much to offer, because I am so grateful" and I know I've always answered why do I want to make boatloads money by saying "I want to buy time".

So, I'll do it over and over and see if the questions are posed right and see if I can define it better.

Thank you again.

7 levels deep

Dean this helped me define why about real estate. Why, I want time freedom, and create my own destiny with my wife. To wake up every morning excited, and with purpose to do what we want to do. No alarm, no job to go to, just pure freedom and creativity of our life together. We are new to this real estate investor game, and we know you are the teacher we have been looking for. We are working to build our power team as well as finding our first assignment deal. Thank you for your attitude, transparency and showing us the path to do this the right way.
Thank you!

Always On Time!

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Dean, as always, you come through with timely messages and advice. I did this exercise when you first introduced it several years ago. It was insightful and emotional for me then! I've had my list up where I could see it daily and it keeps me swinging despite not having a lot of success.

I'm sure as I re-do the exercise, I'll get emotional AND dig deeper this time to get closer to my goals. Thanks for the "Totally Fulfilled" download, too. You ALWAYS give us the tools we need to succeed! You are the best on the planet!

To Your continued Success and Ours,

7 Levels Deep

Dean, thank you for another wonderful blog. I will go deeper! Sarah

Dean You Are The Man

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Dean, I'm not saying this to be funny but in the words of the Great Tina Turner "you're simply the best, better than all the rest". I can't tell you how much you've changed my life for the better. Thank you and keep on keeping on.

Derrick D. Burns
Chicago, IL
Age: 19

7 levels

Very interesting concept.Does make you think. I realized that I was at a stalemate...accepting things the way they were and I had lost my enthusiasm looking for job after job that would leave me in the same place.That was when I decided to think outside the box and attended a DG seminar.Left half way through because I was somewhat skeptical and a little frightened and again everyone thought I was crazy and they still think so.Read up a little more and decided I was in...and nothing is going to stop me.If I want change I am the only person that can make this happen. Found the money,studying the videos and tools I have and I am taking ACTION.I joined academy and watch out bigger and better things are coming my way! Thanks DG, looking forward to the workshop and my first close!

7 Levels

Thanks again, Dean.
The struggle for our reason "WHY" is often difficult because many times we make judgements, then choose what "sounds" good to others, instead of what really drives us, in our hearts. It's scary to proclaim (even to ourselves) what it is we really want. I think it's important to acknowledge that fear then, once we do that, we give ourselves the freedom to feel good about our "WHY". That had been an important step for me. I no longer concern myself with what others may or may not think about my true reasons, because mine are the only ones that will keep me moving forward, no matter what.

Well, bless your heart Dean

I love your e-mails on Monday morning and your Weekly Wisdom. You open my mind in so many ways. You do inspire me and motivate me. You make it all real. In your e-mail you said;

"Some people are probably going to judge
me for being so open about my
motivation and if so, so be it.

I want to be transparent with you because
it will give you the freedom to be real
about your motivation"

I love that you are so transparent and I try to be that way too. I really am real and would never want to offend or upset anyone with my vulnerability. People are important to me so it upsets me greatly when I feel that people are done with me and especially when the people are ones that I want to connect with. Oh well, if someone wants to be upset with me for being real then as you say "so be it".

I have done the 7 levels deep several times and for me it is like seeing the end result. That is the what I really want or the where I want to be or where I want to get to with the what it takes to get there.

You see, I know my mission here on earth is to serve in whatever capacity I can. I turned 64 yesterday and I am in good shape. I still live alone here with my small animal kingdom. I know I want to live a long life to 100 or more which means if I should live so long I have another 36 or more years to go. Living alone as I have for the past 28 years, I can not afford not to face reality. My why and the ultimate for me is to acheive enough wealth to be able to take care of me in my old age while at the same time being of service to others while I am still breathing. When I am gone I want my wealth or whatever is left of it to continue to feed the poor. I am thinking to set up some kind of trust that would pay it forward.

I hesitate sometimes to put all this out there because there are those who do pass judgement and yet someone told me once that what someone else thinks of me is none of my busines. I think that is true to a point but my reputation is also important. Its right up there with a good credit (fico) score. Stuff happens and we sometimes just have to get over it.

Derrick Burns said it best in his earlier post;

in the words of the Great Tina Turner "you're simply the best, better than all the rest".

Have a great week Dean and Thanks for everything.


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Yep! the reason why always runs deaper inside! I know my many reasons why, and I will never quit! Yes Dean: The real estate agent that says no or simply does not do what you asked them to do. Killing your deal/lost deals. Well, that real estate agent is gone. New guy on the team. Another recission, and on to the next two potential deals. I don't want to be a surviver, I will Prevail.. I want to be a Revailer!

7 Levels Deep

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I leaned this from you a few years ago and I still practice it. I even use it with my teenage kids whenever they are facing something in their lives.

Thanks again Dean for giving us the tools that we need to succeed!

I almost didn't watch this video today...but glad I did!

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This video made a big difference to me today and the exercise was right on time and so glad I clicked on my email.

I am almost there as I have been taking baby steps and looking at some properties in my own neighborhood and doing some preliminary comps on them and making a few calls...but no deal yet!

Thank you Dean,

I know

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This is just another way you keep pushing us to do better. No other Real Estate Guru teaches life. There are many more things than just learning the techniques of Real Estate(which you are the best at) to be successful.You go above and beyond any other Real Estate program on the planet! We will be your next millionaire students soon.
Thank you,
John W

That's Deep, 7 Layer Deep

The first time I was fortunate enough to do this excersise happened while reading the Totally Fulfilled book. I discovered that while "doing me" (I never let money stop me from having a life filled with memerable experiences). My family, my friends, my hometown went their own path. I love my family; that I have their love and support and understanding means so much. My friends from childhood moved on and I only have minimal contact with a few. My hometown, which I moved back to changed. In my travels, and I've been to quite a few cities, I could always count on the feeling my hometown gave me. I came back to Danbury to not only live but work. I was here day in, and day out. It gave me quite a different perspective as to how a community can change. I live in Connecticut-not Compton. I found myself saying these exact words to residents here who act like its a battlefield here. There is violence here. The change was in the people--their open hearts became closed and fearful. I want more than anything for my hometown of Danbury, CT to enact concrete action steps that will bring a change in the heart. When I make my millions I will fund team sports so that the kids here have the option to do sports not drugs. There are so many programs that help the community here. I'm not talking welfare but nourishing a community so citizens feel a part of something bigger than just themselves. My funding of these operations will give it the fuel to go longer, faster, and stronger.


WHY - the most important thing is to know "why"

It keeps you moving on !Smiling

Thank you!

Weekly Wisdom #186 - Why You Do What You Do

Thank you Dean,

This sounds like the law of cause and effect. In order to get a specific EFFECT, you MUST do the things that will CAUSE that effect. So, to become a real estate investor, one MUST do all your due diligence that are required to cause that effect of becoming a successful real estate investor.

Real estate investing can help fulfill your big WHY.

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