Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #186 - Why You Do What You Do

In this video, Dean revisits a simple but powerful little exercise called “7 Levels Deep.” Doing it will only take 10 to 20 minutes, but it’s going to make a profound impact on your life. Promise! This will get you focused with laser like precision on the real, true motives to continue your life's pursuits and reach your goals.

After you watch the video, there is a link below to download the worksheet for the 7 Levels Deep Exercise...AND - in case you still don't have a copy of Dean's newest book, quit your procrastinating! It's freaking amazing and you can order it below.

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Thanks Dean!

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Appreciate you for giving of yourself again this week!

It's funny, I think it was probably about 2yrs ago now, when I first heard you go through this on the Edge DVD HSC. I was like "heck I know why I am doing this," "I'm sick and tired of being broke and what I've been doing ain't working!" lol although that was true, I had to 'die' to self. If I was going to do this, I had to do everything. Exactly as instructed. Trusting that everything you do or tell us to do has a specific and unique purpose for our good/gain. So, after watching the DVD's I went through the worksheets. From what started as wanting money, wanting to quit a job, as I call it: POM-POM = Plenty of Money, Piece of Mind! To by the time I got to 6 and 7 I was in tears. My why had absolutely nothing to do with money. Nothing to do with real estate. I went through this exercise again today. Still brings me to tears. I believe if you are not passionate enough about your WHY that it doesn't bring you to tears......DIG DEEPER!!
Because it will be what sustains you through. Keeping those top 2-3 in front of you all the time! Never taking your eye off the target. The WHY is the reward! So when there is 'pain', when you are getting no's, life has beating you up, junk happens, you get knocked down, etc. If you don't know or forget what you are fighting'll quit!
So don't you see guys......this is NO minor detail! This is CRUCIAL TO OUR SUCCESS!
Pain is only temporary unless we set up camp there! Push past the pain to get the reward!! It's a game of inches!
If your DREAM is BIG enough.....the FACTS DON'T COUNT!
Go hard, get free, die empty!
Jen Gray

Blog #186

Providing passive income to replace upcoming shortfall in pension...about to move fwd on tax liens.. back to your book on that front..Thanks gin Dean
YEA! I finally got the

Thanks Dean

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Dean I was wondering if you can do a video where you are walking us through a closing. I can help those who haven't close on a deal yet. it would be one of the best training.

let us know Dean thanks.

theres that kick in the butt

I can bs the field but I can't get away from myself. There alot of power reaching within ones selves.Dean a positive look inside does touch, now the clear lane ahead.Thank you
Enjoy & Until

Weekly Wisdom #186

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It's tempting to just skim over the goal setting and WHY exercises and get down to the "meat and potatoes" of real estate investing, but in my heart I know this kind of stuff makes the investing possible. Without it, it would be too easy to stop at the first obstacle. Thanks, Dean, for reminding us of what's really important. See you at the buying summit in Vegas in a few weeks.

weekly #186

I think that having these weekly motivations is great! I am under contract with my first deal and even though there have been a few bumps it was great to hear today that I am almost there so stick with it. I have seen and heard other real estate speakers but the support given here at dg is incredible. I am so excited, I owe it to the positive energy and attitudes released from this group. I am on my way to achieving my goals with the motivation of my dg famiy. It is important to truly take time doing the 7 levels because that is who you are as a person. Although, there are several reasons, like Dean I want to be in control of my destiny, providing opportunies and helping others less fortunate become fortunate. Sometimes life fills so hard that we are blinded to options or alternatives which causes our mindset to become narrow and limited. Thank you for helping me, to open my mind back up to an abundance mindset. Never give up!

My "WHY" is my new path!

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My very 1st Post!
MY WHY!!!!!! After 25 + years in the Los Angeles gaming business as an executive manager of operations on multiple properties, I have learned one undeniable truth; always remember that you are expendable. Receiving a paycheck makes others wealthy, not you! As the old adage states, "if you're not planning your future, someone else is doing it for you"!
I have always been an over-achieving workaholic completely dedicated to my work. I have consistently neglected my family and denied them the simplest of pleasures, my time with them. I can never get this time back and my children are now on their own but it isn't too late for change, it never is.
I have successfully built the casino business for multiple owners only to fatten the owners wallets while investing 7 days per week, 12-16 hours per day in the process and never taking vacations. For the 3rd and final time 10 days before Christmas in nearly 20 years, my postion was eliminated primarily for budgetary proposes. Through all the pain, frustration and never ending loop of "WHY ME" questions did I realize that it would end up being the biggest blessing I would ever receive.
You see, I've listened to tons of self improvement CD's, went to countless seminars for leadership and even walked on fire to overcome fears and other issues. However, I still felt like I didn't have the proper vehicle to drive all this knowledge and excitement forward until my wife asked me to read Dean's books and I was hooked. I was instantly drawn to his knowledge and his true desire to see others succeed of which has always been where I'm happiest.
I've completed the "WHY" exercise several times and each time it becomes stronger and stronger. I'm completely confident that I found the vehicle I've been searching for years to pour all my aquired skills into it and build the family and business that no one can ever take away from me.
Becoming a professional real estate investor is uncharted territory for me. I'm confident with the training I'm receiving, support and love of the family that has been so incredibly patient through all these years, a new controlled work ethic with laser focus, I won't miss my target.
Working on my first 1st deal and its looking like the sellers are going to accept our offer. Two more deals in the pipeline with more coming in. Working with a great investor and several other buyers which is really building my confidence. It's allowing me to utilize the commnication skills I've honed over the years along with all the contract negtiation skills.
Letting go of the ego (acronym for Edging God Out) and overcoming the fears associated with change have been my biggest enemies. Now that I've defeated those enemies, my focus is clear and my mind is alert and real estate will build my legacy for me and the generations when I've left this beautiful planet.

Thank you for the wisdom and the opportunity to challange ourselves and serve others which is the ultimate purpose of our existence.

Tracy E.


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i don't know why but i still haven't done this.
i put it in my goals to do when i came back from the edge and that one i keep putting off. my excuse is that it's deep and i want to do it at a time when i'm not interrupted so i can once and for all get to my why. i'm going to get this done by the end of this week no matter what. anyone that wants to go to my journal and keep me accountable feel free to jump all over me if i don't get to my why.
as always dean you inspire even us procrastinators.
keep moving forward, rob

Thanks for the reminder!

Hi Dean, last time this subject matter for the weekly wisdom was posted I used it immediately. It really helped me take look at things my heart said and my head couldn't see. I mentor many people in their personal needs of self improvement and to help them get unstuck in life. Using tools like 7-layers deep with them, I'm often told I should get paid for what I do. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your weekly wisdom and that your desire to help the masses is clearly evident in my life's story. Have a blessed day!

This is a life changer

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Dean, I have done this multiple times. The last time was at EDGE 2011. That time it clicked. I found my true why and life has not been the same since.
Now that I have the honor to teach Boots on the Ground, I go through this exercise with all the students and assign it for homework. Sometimes it takes several attempts to find your inner reasons, but it is worth it. It is the spark of motivation that we all need to succeed.
Many, many thanks.

Why You Do What You Do Dean ?

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Hi Dean

Answer to that question is simple....because you care. Thank You Dean.....

Kindest Regards,


Congratulations on your deal. I am pretty sure it feels awsome. If you would like to keep it, just rent it out.
Just follow your heart, what ever you decide, wish you the best. Keep going!!!

This excercise is very good!

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I loved it! Did it and realized it`s kind of deep and selfish, but that`s were you get the real answers for yourself! Awesome!


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I want to be my own boss and take care of my family. I want to give them the things they need and even some of the things they just want. I want to be able to give to those who have no hope and teach them how to be the best they can be. Thank you for this lesson Dean. Awesome. Smiling

Thank you for the reminder...

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Dean I was going to do this before and I think I might have just barely touched the surface, but I am going to do it and find out my real reason WHY!! I give superficial reasons why, but I know it is deeper than that. Thank you for caring enough to help us find out OUR why.



I need money right away! Ive decided to do assignments before I literally become homeless myself, which will happen in about 30 days if I don't do something. I'm going to place some roadside banner signs to start. What should those signs say to be most effective? Remember I just want to get a deal under contract to do an assignment.FAST!

Peels like an onion

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Thought I had done this one (in my mind only), but it really hits you once you start writing it down. Like an onion, the more you peel, the more you get to the core of stuff (and you might shed a tear)!
Very cool.

7 Layer Deep


I have done the 7 Layer Deep and what I thought was my top reason for wanting to do wholesaling and eventually move into buy and hold of Real Estate was not close at all. I did the exercise and now I realize what I need to do to move forward. I stopped working the business and went out and got a 9 to 5 job and I hate it.

I am starting over and I am determined to "Dare to Dream and I am now reading your book on totally fulfilled as I move forward to my destiny.

Thank you so much Dean for all of your weekly wisdom's.

My life coach

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Another great weekly wisdom. Got it printed out and will do it this week. Was thinking the other day about how much my life has changed since your classes I took and realized that I'm using you as my life coach. I watch 5-10 weekly wisdoms a week and everything you've ever said in them has come true. Got a big meeting today going to try to put a night club under contract, haven't been feeling well the last week and kept getting worse up to today but I watched 5 weekly wisdoms today and I feel better. You even effect my health in a positive way!!!!!

You the man Dean!!

7 levels

Still new to all of this and I found this exercise very eye opening. It really is all about the 7th why after chipping away at it.

THANK YOU for re-opening my eyes.... Looking forward to that 1st deal...



Hi Dean, it's really something when you really find out your WHY! I'm no push over, but when it came to push and shove in the business world working for someone else I felt like David in 'David & Goliath' story in the Bible, always someone trying to bully and push their weight around, but I never took action because I was afraid of losing my job and starting over, so I took it. Now I know my WHY! And I know to take action NOW! I have listen to a lot of speakers over the years and they all had a similar question to ask, but they never explained how to get the answer. Thanks for the insight.

7 Levels for Weekly Wisdom

You,Dean, are very inspirational, you do an outstanding job on how you dig deep into the understanding of how things should be looked at. So glad you think on how, in different ways to research information, on reasoning others don't see the point. I have always been told too detailed about everything, however those things, which you go into make the world of difference, in how things are perceived, I can honestly say, as I have repeated many times over, as I read your experiences, its a comparable, as I have gone through myself. Thank you for all areas, that you cover to benefits us your students, means a great deal. You are genuine, and an angel from heaven, we personally enjoy the schooling, and learning how to do this, god bless, and have a great week.

7 Levels Deep

Haven't done this exercise before but will give it a try! I think I know my why, we'll see if I'm right. Thanks Dean for all that you do. Have a most blessed day!

why not me?

dean, i really thank you for your such i opening and educative lesson. since i started participating in your real estate education program ,i have learned alotof methods and tools that really help me postioning myself to make money in real estate. i am thinking and planning where and how to strike my first target[deal]in near future. if others did, whynot me? .


I LOVE 7 LEVELS DEEP!! My Top Reason is: it is my Purpose to Serve God in a Great Way, and Real Estate Investing gives me the opportunity to do just That!
Thank You SO much for all you do!

why not me?

dean, thank you for your such i opening lessons, strategy and tools you gave me since i start partcipating in your real estate education program. for now i am thinking and planning how and where to strike my first ball of success[deal]in near future. if others did whynot me?

thank you again.

Great Blog

Once again great idea never hurts to do it again remind us what we are doing. Great job Dean


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Who would think just a simple exercise to find out WHY you do what you do would PUSH you through obstacles and give you the POWER to keep the fire burning and NEVER GIVE UP on making real estate work for you. There are MANY on this site that start out CRAVING to learn this real estate path and plan from you dean they read your books, join your success academy , loyal to your blogs.... All this and sOmetimes wonder WHY they r not making it happen ...... WELL I can speak with experience in this area as after doing this simple exercise and knowing my WHY ..... It has on mOre than one occasion allowed me to dig deeper and PUSH through the every day villians we all encounter at one time or another. Thank you for changing my life and allowing me to share what you have spent your lifetime building. SEVEN LEVELS DEEP is POWERFUL !!!!

Tried it

I did the seven levels a while ago. I don't think I did it the way I should have.I know I didn't dig down deep and be truthful with myself. I haven't done any deals yet, even after going through the success academy and reading the books. I haven't given up. I just need to get my head back in the game. Wish me luck.

7 Levels to find out why

A very good Worksheet to use.

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