Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #186 - Why You Do What You Do

In this video, Dean revisits a simple but powerful little exercise called “7 Levels Deep.” Doing it will only take 10 to 20 minutes, but it’s going to make a profound impact on your life. Promise! This will get you focused with laser like precision on the real, true motives to continue your life's pursuits and reach your goals.

After you watch the video, there is a link below to download the worksheet for the 7 Levels Deep Exercise...AND - in case you still don't have a copy of Dean's newest book, quit your procrastinating! It's freaking amazing and you can order it below.

Download the 7 Levels Deep Worksheet

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wonderful tool

Thank you a loooot Dean for sharing !

...this exercise of finding real purpose is extremely effective! Each time I use it gives me the clarity I can't find otherways!
I've advised my friends and people I know to find for themselves what moves them deep inside.

PS When someone speaks the truth I never find it embarrassing (the title)! I think authenticity is very important for public people and for all of us!


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Thanks Dean,
I must admit I have never done this exercise.So glad you spoke of this again and included a download.I will be doing this and posting this everywhere.That is one more reason why you are my HomePage.When the computer fires up,D.G.COM is the first thing I see,just the way it should be.GOD Bless you Dean and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

Many Thanks

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I really feel that Dean is the best motivator and success maker person!
He can get down to the bottom to pull out peoples deepest desires to the surface!!

I am grateful to know Dean and all of his followers!!

Make your own luck!!


Inquery about help for a potental invesor who is disabled and Il

Is there any way I cant financing to buy some reo's I am disabled and I'm ill. I don't have good credit and my finances are not there, Thank you

Amazing! I would have never

Amazing! I would have never expected that final answer. I now know why this is so important to me. Even though I haven't bought a property yet, I know that answer will get me to where I need to go!


it will not let download blank succuss sheet

Hey Dean: I have

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Hey Dean:
I have not seen anything on your site regarding Tax Lien ( Certificates or deeds.)
It is a great way for people to invest what ever money they have already acquired in an almost bullet proof investment.
There are only two sure things in life, and taxes are one of them. Where else in this economy do you know where you can reap returns on your investments from 10% all the way up to 50%, in some cases.
And for those who do not care to pay back the investor for bailing them out by the end of the redemtion period, then the investor winds up taking over the deed for the property. In some cases, $250,000 piece of property in Florida was picked up for $5000.
This is something I have recently found out about, so I naturally thought about sharing this information with you on your site.



It's amazing how it makes you feel. The WHY is similar to your story regarding moving abit, not in control, having four brothers who were always teasing that I wouldn't succeed, not able to go to modeling school cuz we couldn't afford it, and more. I would really like to start a foundation to help kids learn that there is more out there, help them learn how to do things and give them the encouragement to succeed in their dreams. People have forgotten our values and we need to bring it back into our lives to appreciate what we have and while we have it.

I need to do it again

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I love this exercise. I've done it once, but I need to do it again. I thought that when I moved to WI, it would be so easy for me to get my real estate going. I moved here to help my son beat a drug addiction, but I did't realize how hard this was going to be. I need to be able to show him that real estate works, so that I can be a role model for him and he can see that life is worth living. I need to do the 7 levels deep, and include Jim in the WHY!

Dean, What do you think of this comment?

This is from someone I went to school with and is selling real estate books and starting up his own training on real estate. I would like to know Dean's and anyone else's view on this. Thanks.

2012 Financial/Economic Warning
Real Estate Bubble Burst Announcement & 2012 Warning:
In late 2005 several friends and acquaintances approached asking my advice about investing in real estate. My advice was to hold off because real estate was a bubble about to burst. It took a couple of more years but it did. In June of 2010 I advised to begin investing in real estate again but at a very slow rate with a high allowance for market fluctuations. I repeated this statement in June of 2011. I am now recommending a stop to all long term real estate investments. Instead focus on flips to generate cash. Next, transfer all your cash and other investments overseas, divest the US dollar and dispose of all US assets - including your family home. Use the money to relocate and establish yourself overseas.

You are a God send, Dean Graziosi!

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I love watching you in your videos because I can see your passion! You care about people and want them to succeed to better their lives! God Bless You, Dean!!!!

You are a God send, Dean Graziosi!

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I love watching you in your videos! I can see your passion! You care about people and want them to succeed to have a better life! God Bless You, Dean!!!!

Why do I do this?

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I do this because, like you, I want to be in control of my life. When I was forced to go on disability I lost everything, except my home because my dad owned it, thank God! Or I would have been homeless! I went from bringing home about $2,000/ month to $190/month on General Assistance plus $150 for groceries per month! Good thing I didn't eat a lot, I had just gone through Gastric Bypass surgery, and could only eat a half of a cup at each meal!!!! And I loved food! But I new God would take care of me, and He did. He has now brought you and me together so I can regain my confidense and my life! Thank you Dean for everything you do! Keep up the great work! Peace and God Bless You!!!!

Weekly Wisdom#186

Hi Dean,

I gave you my 7 levels deep with the 'Why' answers for every one of them. You gave us the #3 why and the #2 why you do what you do, but either I missed #1, or you did not mention it. You see, the library closes in 7 minutes. We are supposed to leave in the next two. Enjoy the rest of the evening with your family. Remember, they're important too!

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