Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #212 - From Broke to Blessed

This is the story of a lady who was at the end of her rope and bought a book, took action and changed her life. It is a true story. An inspiring story. An emotional story... and it could be your story.

That very lady, went from being broke and near hopeless, to changing her own life and blessing others. Now she has had the chance to deliver a blessing that YOU (yes you) helped create. Enjoy!

From Broke to Blessed

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Hi Dean

Thank you for making the donation to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy....

How fitting that someone like Carol, who as, you said went through a lot of hardship was the one who delivered the check.....Thank you Carol...


Thanks Dean!

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Loved your weekly wisdom today, as always. And LOVED seeing Carol Stinson present the $15,000 check to the pastor for all of the Hurricane Sandy victims. Also, the binder that has all of our prayers in it--that's awesome!! Smiling

Thanks again!

The DG Family

I'm so proud to be a member of the DG family. The love and support touches far more hearts and changes more lives than we'll ever know. Hats off to you, Dean - for the great example you set. I have a feeling that your 7th level "why" has to do with fulfilling your true purpose in life, and you're doing it!


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We all have something to be proud of--being part of something that has such an impact on the lives we touch.

Carol, as always, thanks for the encouragement. We will meet one day and give thanks for Dean.

And Dean, what can I say but THANKS, as always.


Dean... you have no idea...

Carol is a big part of the reason I'm here. I'm down to my last $75, so she's got me beat by a little bit, but hey... it's not a competition, right?

I heard Carol's story during the RBBP launch webcasts, and it stuck with me... right now her story is my candle, lighting the dark ways thru this very difficult time for our family. It's the fact that she did it that is what pulls me back to this whenever I start to wonder if it's going to work or if I'm just crazy thinking I can pull us out of this mess using these techniques.

One of your very recent WW's also really had a profound impact on me... the one where you said that basically if you have a problem that you can write a check to solve you don't really have a problem. That's become my mantra, my most immediate goal, really, just be able to write that check.

But I've been taking action! I've got one deal under my belt. I've got like 6 properties in the works. I've got a strategy for bringing in a consistent flow of properties... right now primarily working with other wholesalers who have deals because I have a KILLER buyers list and have basically dared the other wholesalers in the area to give me the first 48 hours after locking up a deal... building a rep as The Guy Who Can Close A Deal.

I have plans for the week to contact property managers and find buy & hold buyers in my area, because I need some... mostly I have flippers and I need people to work on deals with smaller margins.

But most importantly I have a colleague who called off my bandit signs who wants 20 houses in one deal. And I have another colleague who networked me to a guy who has referred me to a local billionaire with over 200 houses in his inventory. There is potential for up to $200k profit FOR ME ON THIS ONE DEAL.

And I have another deal I'm working on where we're structuring an offer around a contract for deed on an overpriced B-neighborhood property... it's an REO and the bank wants too much but is offering C/D. If they accept my offer I'll make about 10k on maybe 6 hours work.

Dean, this stuff is insane and I am more than grateful to you, Carol, Matt, Gena and all the PMI coaches. To the community here... I can't wait for you to get on a WW and talk about my story. Stay tuned, it's coming soon to a Minneapolis suburb near me. Eye-wink

Everything I've got going on is making me dizzy. I am having trouble keeping up with everything coming in right now... I need to make some money so I can afford to hire some staff here pretty soon. Eye-wink

Anyway, you've changed my life already and I haven't even done more than one deal. Actually, that's not right... *I* changed my life, but you catalyzed me to take action to Make Next Year Better Than This Year.

Thank you so very much for sharing yourself with us.

What a family!

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Dean thank you for making this contribution. Thank you for doing it through a church! Historically, this is a role the church has played and American has "forgotten" this.
I am proud and humbled to be part of this wonderful family. Funny, even though I'm older than you sometimes I do feel like one of your kids - and you are pushing me out of the nest!
Love ya!


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I feel victim to Hurricane Sandy as well. I live on the Jersey shore on Long Beach Island. I lost the place were I was renting. It is very stressful situation but its good to here the contribution your making. Well Thank you Dean for looking out for people that were hurt by the hurricane.


How Inspiring!

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this weekly wisdom is so inspiring! even though I have never met Carol in person, I feel like she is my sister because of all her interactions with us through this site, FB, IE, the Edge videos, etc. She is such and inspiration to all of us here, and always helping us! Thank you for talking about her today and having her deliver the check to the pastor; it was very touching.

I will continue to pray for the victims on the east coast.

Thank you for letting us be part of this beautiful experience,


What A Good Feeling

It is such a good feeling to be a part of something like this. This site and everyone here is truly something special.

Thank you Dean!

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Carol's story was a fundamental driving force for knowing I could do this. If she could do it with 7, I knew I could do it with 4. Laughing out loud

What a wonderful way to show support and love for the beautiful people affected by the hurricane! God Bless you! Great idea about printing the posts and giving them to him!

Awesome DG'Rs

What can I say, that thanks to everyone and Dean for recognizing others and sending prayers. You are the inspiration that gives us hope and desire to keep on going!!! Thanks Dean for believing in us, no matter what. Carol thanks for representing us as a family and God Bless to you and your family.


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You and Carol are just two wonderfully amazing people.

Wishing you the best,

Mike & Mary

That was just awesome

Wow what a way to start the morning along with my daily prayers. Dean thanks for sharing that and Carol reminds me of the virtuous woman that is spoken of in Proverbs. I am in tears right now that was so beautiful and I am honored Dean that you allowed us to share in that contribution. And to the DG family YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Great job!

Awesome! I'm proud to be part of the DG Family!


Thank You for allowing us to be part of this donation. A simple comment from us has helped people in big ways. You give so much of yourself. You are an inspiration to all of us. Gsanchez

In more ways than one , Dean you help many..

Dean, thank you for allowing us to contribute to those who were affected.. I was there a few weeks ago to volunteer and my heart was torn.. I left there feeling good but also a feeling of wanting to do more.. Its feels great to know that just by expressing ourselves on ur blog helped.. May the Lord continue to bless you ...I believe a post read. You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other ppl get what they want.. "Zig Ziglar" May he rest in peace. Dean you help so many, in so many ways and I believe that is why you are so blessed..Cant wait till the day i meet you in person..

In more ways than one , Dean you help many..

Dean, thank you for allowing us to contribute to those who were affected.. I was there a few weeks ago to volunteer and my heart was torn.. I left there feeling good but also a feeling of wanting to do more.. Its feels great to know that just by expressing ourselves on ur blog helped.. May the Lord continue to bless you ...I believe a post read. You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other ppl get what they want.. "Zig Ziglar" May he rest in peace. Dean you help so many, in so many ways and I believe that is why you are so blessed..Cant wait till the day i meet you in person..


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Carol's a rock star..liked her from the beginning Smiling


THANKS DG family for ur help and together nothing can stop us keep up the work and thanks CAROL for taking the time out to deliver the ck and comments from us here on the site LOVE YALL FOR THAT!!!!!! HAVE A BLESS WEEK.

DG Family - "A group like no other"

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Hi Dean,
It's really amazing and heart warming to hear stories of giving back to those who need it most. Especially now when so many people are experiencing such devastation and sorrow in their lives after hurricane Sandy.
Knowing that you and everyone in the DG family has made such a huge difference in helping so many folks makes us feel extremely proud to be a part of this family. Hopefully we'll also be in a position soon to make changes for the better in so many peoples lives as you have done.
Looking forward to seeing you in person at
The Edge Buying Summit! Smiling
Minnie & Ray

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou

It took me awhile to get back here and I'm so glad I am. First of all thank you for allowing us to see God's grace and mercy through you Dean. It was a God-inspired gesture to reach out and help. In regards to the weekly wisdom, thank you for sharing Carol's journey, what a journey, and allowing her to represent your wonderful family. I belong here. I am surrounded by wonderful people who want to move forward in their lives and in so doing, enrich the lives of others.

To the DG family, may God continue to bless each and every one of you as you work toward your dreams and goals.


Very Inspiring

I think this is something everyone needs to do a little more of. This is why we have to succeed. So we can help people then they can help someone and on and on it will go.

This should motivate "us" to take more actions and consistently take action.

I also think a lot of people can benefit from Carols story, but her strategy as well. I encourage everyone to look that up.

Because, from what I understand, she didn't put out signs on the side of the road, but used places like Craigslist and other outlets. So there are more ways than one to get this accomplished and Carols strategy proves that without a doubt. Just in case some have had a hard time getting going.

Thanks Dean and everyone for helping people.

Carol's story never gets

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Carol's story never gets old. Its awesome to see where her determination and hard work has lead her. She's truly an inspiration to all of us looking to make a difference in our own lives.


Thanks Dean. Someday I want to be able to share my story too and have the ability to do what I love - helping others solve problems!
Enjoy your day!

Awesome !

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Thanks for doing this Dean, and for giving all of us the opportunity to contribute too ! Love that you contributed through a church also. Thanks for your inspiration and guidance and support as we progress !


You both are such an inspiration to me. Carol I have loved since I first saw her. You are my ROCK ...SO Thank You

I have a lot of cobwebs to get rid of. I have been reading Dean's books but I still can not make myself do the work in a timely manner. I do not know why I procastinate so much ...

I need to do this (no one is going to do it for me)so why do I do it. I do not know.
2012 is near a close and I have only done one deal this year I am not where I wanted to be in 2012 ----2013 will be better Thanks for reading...


Great and Inspiring.. more of that in this world. Good Job Carol..

Tony C.

Nashua, NH


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Thank you Dean and Carol! It is very inspiring to hear Carol's story again, and mostly to know what the DG family has done to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy! I am so glad to be a part of this family!

Relief funds for Sandy victims

Thank you Dean and Carol for sharing with us the giving of the relief funds. It was such a nice thing to share with us. I'm sure the funds will be put to the right areas and will help many. It was nice to hear that other churches were helping too. You both are such inspiring people. Thanks for all you do for all of us!


Great is thy faithfullness

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Dean, you are a great man. helping us to achieve our dreams an reach our goals. helping the needy and the less fortunate. I am happy to see people getting ahead an making some good money, and not letting negative people get them down.
I recently post an ad on my facebook page seeking cash buyers, a few of my friends were encouraging me into my new venture except one person, who have really negative things to say, I instantly BLOCK her from my profile because negative people like those I will not allow to keep me down. I have not done my first deal as yet but am really trying had to make it happen, all I need is some coaching to make it happen.

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