Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #219 - Being an Area Manager

As you may know, Dean is on the search for a couple "A" players to find deals for him to buy. Whoever is chosen will be able to make a nice income, if they find qualified deals to pass off deals to Dean. But there's more. You don't have to wait to be one of Dean's property providers, this blog will explain how you can do the VERY same thing for other investors and still make amazing profits.

Super Charged

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Man Dean - you've got me so excited. I have that surge of energy like at the top of the hill on a roller coaster ride! I love this business. So many opportunities to make so much money in so many different ways. I've got to share that my son John (26) is a new RE investor and watching his excitement as he learns and approaches his first deal is such a joy. Must be how you feel when you watch us, huh?
Thanks for keeping us going!



Thanks for the Area Manager update and the push to get out there and move on properties...


Getting in the Game!

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Still here and staying

Thanx Dean!

wow Dean!

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you have sparked my momentum once again! I love being part of this family!!! I love the challenges, and I love it when you give us assignments to learn something every week.

Thank you!!!

(Will you share the spreadsheet with us once all info is compiled and tabulated??)

area manager

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Hi again Dean and Matt:

I told you yesterday I would get back with you about the average time on the market for a 3 BR home. I guessed it at about 120 based on what I see in the area, but told you I wanted to check with my real estate person to be sure.
She says it is about 120 days as well, but will also check with the new stats that have come out to realtors in the area.
If it is different than 120 days I will post you again tonight. If not, then I won't send a post. Thanks!


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Wow Dean,I want to thank you again for this opportunity and for the update!


Being an Area Manager Update

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Hi Dean,

Every time I watch your weekly videos, or see posts on this site.....I continue to learn more, and more...

Thank you for all you do, and the solid information you continue to put out there for your DG family......


What a recharge this Video was :0)

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Havn't been very active on here lately or the facebook group because I am working with my mentor on the ground here in Los Angeles. I have been putting out multiple offers. All have fallen through. Man I have still not figured out a marketing strategy out here yet. The only one is relationship building. I will get my deal. My health a month ago just took a dive not sleeping for 2 years and working over 18 hours a day taking care of my wife so I am trying to recover while still caring for wife and getting this deal. My mentor here gets all of her deals on auto pilot with wholesalers and realtors only she never advertises. I am putting out offers almost daily so I will have my deal.

Thanks Dean and God Bless Great Video.

Eric V

Area Manager

Woah Dean awesome stuff as always I am doing all i can do to make this work I can't wait to get first deal under contract. First one i was going to put under contract didn't happen a cash buyer actually showed up at the meeting (not one of mine... YET) and basically stole the deal right out from under me but hey just goes to show there are others out there doing the same thing and there are cash buyers out there thanks for the boost now i got to get back to work.

area manager

hi dean and matt. i am late on doing the research you asked for on the area manager blog. i have been trying to get started but have not been able to get my first deal many reasons to get into as to why i have not done first deal yet but i am really wanting to get that done but every time i think i can get started something else comes along and keeps me from doing it but i am not a quitter and i am not giving up. i just need something positive to happen to get me going. i am going to get this info and i would really like to be an area manager. your blogs are very inlightening.thanks so much chuck.

Thank you

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I did meet with a investor buyer from that bog also his wife is a agent just starting, I started calling selling agents to make offers myself... one pending. Trying the 25 to 1...I have tried for 3 months to find a agent to work with me with no follow though or response from them, when I call to see if there was a counter offer or decline, they do not call back are say they are really busy with no call back.I gave his wife about 25 listings to make offers from a list I made to do the calling myself. I do hope this relationship will work out. The 5th agent the charm right?

Thank you

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The second agent I meet with I told what I was doing and what I wanted from her only! nothing personal .She was every curious about my cash buyers she wanted to know where I got them all I said was they called me. She looked at me the whole time as if I was from Mars and said she would have to talk to her manager. The next day she called and said I can get you every thing you asked for but I wont she recommended I become a agent to look them up myself and gave me the # to there school.

Make me keep trying

If I didn't see you every week I would have stopped trying to pursue this dream I have had about getting this done. I have not done a deal yet and wish someone on here close by would help but that has not been happening. So, if you know anyone willing to let me know, I need the help.
Listening to you every week I know it will happen eventually, even if I don't become a manager for you guys.
Thanx again for all the encouragement Dean.

area manager

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Hi Dean, it's Sy again. My realtor just got back with me about the exact days on the market for Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, the Triangle area of North Carolina.
Raleigh(Wake Co) is 148 days.
Durham (Durham county) is 124 days.
Chapel Hill (Orange Co)is 164 days because homes here are usually more expensive.

Ok, that should round out the picture of NC's Triangle area for you. Thanks,

A teacher at heart.

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That's one of Dean's core traits. I figured that the reason for a new Area Manager quest was more than just for recruiting. I viewed it as a way to instigate those who hadn't done any such research in their areas to do it. It wasn't as if Dean and his resources couldn't have generated the same data. (Although, I can't overlook the fact that those of us on this website are in fact part of his resources.) *grin*


the opportunity would be

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the opportunity would be wonderful but to learn through this would be AMAZING!!! I would love to be a a chosen area manager. Thank you Dean for helping all of us grow and stay motivated

Thanks Dean

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That sounds like a great Idea. I'd do that


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Awesome inspiration Dean I'm getting in the game full throttle!!!!!!!

Keep pushing me!!

I am unemployed so I do NEED to make a success of your methods soon. Thank you Dean!
Enjoy your day!


We were all anxiously awaiting for an update. An excel worksheets looks like a great breakdown of all the information that was sent in. Please keep us all up to date. I remain in Dean's realm of positive thinking. GES

Dean, Dont let the #s in Myrtle Beach fool you!

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When I was gathering the data for my area, I studied it myself& it was not very attractive, especially the unemployment rate and the average days on the market. But to be honest with you, I am seeing properties go fast on a daily basis so I am not afraid at all of the #s.I actually see a potential for better deals with the properties being on the market for so long!!.

I have direct connection to the biggest buyers in Myrtle Beach and I met them all through my plumbing business by doing work on their fix n flip properties. Since studying your material and doing my own deals, I have built my own team here which include my Attorney, Electrician, I know a pretty damn good, framers, cabinet guys and my brother from another mother is the #1 selling Broker in Myrtle Beach.. Like you said before, its like a puzzle and the pieces will start coming together!! If you want to hold properties I have a team in place to get the right tenants. Myrtle Beach is a hot bed for Rentals, if you do not believe me, post a ghost add and watch the calls and responses you get.

I am excited and fired up about MB although the numbers are definitely not as consistent as others. 2013 is going to be my best year to date wholesaling, flipping and even subjct to deals.. Im on # for the month of January & Im just getting fired up!

2 That is

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Im on # 2 deal that is.. Guess I should have paid attn in Business writing and revising class..

A gem in the rough

As I was actually collecting data from Austintown, Ohio I realize from my studies, the numbers were surprisingly rather dismal.
But here's the thing, according to ur books of study, this area demonstrates a booming certainty!
Construction galore, jobs arriving & coming down the pipeline. Fracking, Horse Tracks racing, Casinos, GM hiring, Etc. Some are taking place now, others will be within the next two year!
At closing I would like to say do not over look this area, there are many excellent deals here, houses are selling for pennies, on the dollar!
Excellent deals in fact, excellent school district! but without any buyers, & buyers out here gobbling up the properties its just amazing to me why ur not here yet!
Ur rival Alejandro, the Spanish guro, I think that is his name is here, doing exactly what ur doing.
He hit this area 6 months ago, setting up students to go thru him, for RE education.
Thank u in advance for ur continued support & the opportunity to perhaps doing business with u in the future.

There's only 2 things I see in my future & want, PC schooling which I just completed so that I may help Cancer , Vitiligo, Scared clients etc, camoflaughing their skin back to its original color & RE w U.



Area Managers

You are awesome! Your enthusiasm is so contageous! Your knowledge & expertise is amazing & you are willing to share it so that other lives can be changed! I am ready to make changes in my life! I am 54 yrs old & work day & night-holidays-weekends-16+ hrs a day & can't get ahead. I'm ready to do what it takes to get out of this rut!I hope & pray that I get to be 1 of your property managers but if not I'm going to get it in gear & get out of this rut-with your advice! Thanks for sharing with us Dean & God Bless you & everybody in the DG family!

Bill Rice


Thanks Dean for your BLOG.

I want to make a difference in my LIFE this 2013,
THINKING OUT OF THE BOX, and getting on the ball.

My DGFamily is amazing; everybody helping each other is wonderful, (thank you all) and you too Dean, your words of encouragement and your way of keeping our minds positive.

This year I won't let anybody or anything discourage me like in the past. The past is gone and nothing can be done about that!!!! but my future is in MY HANDS and I will do my best to come through,

Thank you again!!!!!


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Dean you definitely know how to get us going! I would be more than gratefull if I had the opportunity to be your area manager. I will keep my fingers crossed that my name and area would pop up in your radar. I continue to find great deals and oppotunities in my area. I am closing on one this week with a profit of 43K. 2 more in the pipeline found by referrals from friends and family. Thank you for openning the doors and the opportunity for us to learn from the best.

Thank you,

Area Manager Sanford NC

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Excited about the opportunity to be an area manager here in Sanford NC. Some time ago you had provided a work shop here and I did come away with some good tips. Since then I have located several properties that I feel would benefit you. I have formed a great friendship to a top realtor in my area and he constantly sends properties listed 100 to 300 days over to me, but what is holding me back is the fact that I now own several rental properties, thanks to your tips 3 years ago, and I really don't have a resource to finance the new properties sent to me. If you want to take a step into Sanford & surrounding areas, I can be a great Area Manager and will prove it if you allow.. Thanks

Thanks Dean

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Thank you Dean for more of that weekly wisdom. Thank you for the chance to be an area manager.
Good luck and great success to the ones you pick Dean.

Steve and Veronica.


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Dear Dean, we have been concentrating on a couple of other areas and I really do see that
this is a place to be. Keep pushing us.
Kevin & Jill

Thanks Dean

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Another great weekly wisdom.I have learned so much from you and this site. My problem is still the fear factor. Afraid to make offers even though I have a good list of cash buyers. Its in the back of my mind I still might not be able to pass it on to a cash buyer-they might not think it is a good enough deal.Tips for getting over that fear factor and making it stick in my thick scull would be great! I look forward to hopefully being an area manager and having that freedom to make the offers. I just Love this site!

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