Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #220 - One Step at a Time Success

In this weekly wisdom, Dean shares a heartwarming story of how running a foot race with his six year old daughter, turned into a perfect illustration of how we can all "win" in our everyday life. You're gonna like this one!

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That's the Best Way ...

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... to achieve success, one step at a time! Not only do you not get overwhelmed, but can go at your own pace and each small goal will blossom into a milestone.

One Step at a Time Success

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Hi Dean,

This was a great weekly wisdom......

I have learned a lot on this site.....and continue to learn more, and more everyday.....

I'm taking all of this information.....step by step......and I am making sure I get it right, and by doing that I will succeed......

Thanks Dean......


Hey dean

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...Hey dean...check your pm's over on facebook...Need your opinion ASAP!....thats pretty much how i ran my one mile long final exam in PE class and thats what i thought as well....Lets see if we can pass this guy...then another....till i made someone turn around and see a fatman running and say o **** help myself with that story!

mini victories

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i feel the same way dean. chip away chip away chip away and when you look at what you've done you realize you've actually accomplished things and that feels great. all too often i feel like i haven't gotten anything done at the end of the day. now that i'm tracking what i'm doing, i'm not only seeing how much i do but i'm more aware of the time i spend and better able to say no to the things that aren't important. i get more done. i can see it now.
keep moving forward, rob


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always great life advice, reminds me of what I read in a Carnegie book 1 grain of sand through the hourglass at a time... and thanks for giving us something to do!!!of course I'm going straight to Instagram!!!!

One Challenge at a Time!

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thank you for sharing your idea of taking one challenge at a time! That should get everyone pumped up for the next one, and then for the next one, and so on, until we reach our goal!

Signing up for Instagram now, looking forward to the daily photos!


Pick'em off

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That's Great Dean!!! Thanks Again!! And the Start is essential!

One Step at a Time

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A great message and motto! Thanks for sharing about your daughter and the experience during the run. It will be easy to remember and relate to when things seem overwhelming.

Great Analogy!

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We just need to move forward everyday in our business and we will soon see our progress and deals done! Great message!

Persistence pays off

"If you are willing to keep walking down the path you will eventually make progress."

Individualized advice

Really great words of encouragement. Know full well that this works in all aspects of life, just every so often we need the reminder, Thanks!

Awesome Lesson

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This is a beautiful picture. You don't even need instagram for this picture. You made it come to life. This is one of the most important lessons I have learned so far. I have to admit that I was overwhelmed. But I will try to pick off one thing at a time until I can make this work for me. Thanks.

Slow & Steady wins the race!

You are so right - Thanks Dean!

New Job

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I am starting a new job with AT&T today. Pray for me that I will be able to do a good job. This will cut back on the time I have to devote to this project. But, I have to catch up on some of my bills. I haven't given up.

Hello Dean thanks for the

Hello Dean
thanks for the weekly wisdom,Ican't wait to see your daughter in instagram,I wish,hope and pray that her child-like attitude will be mine again so I can do it and make my first deal but ...I believe I can do it soon.GOD bless us all.Thanks

Thank you for the insight.

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Thank you for the insight. One step at a time is alot easier than feeling overwhelmed with it all at once!

One step at a time

Another group that I hang out with sometimes says this too... Another good one to remember is,"Easy does it - but DO it!"

Pick off one at a time

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That is a great way to put it. Great story Dean! Thanks for sharing. I love how you bring your daily life and relate it to practical real estate advice. I'm sure we will be hearing about your daughter running triathlons soon! best to you and your family.


I love it! Another great reminder - thanks

One Step At A Time

Thank you Dean this is what I need Do one thing first.

Eyes always open to learning . . .

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That's a wonderful lesson you observed from your daughter Dean. I think lessons are all around us and we just have to be open to see and learn. God speaks in that "still small voice". We have to be quiet in our spirit to hear it. Thanks for sharing what you heard! One step, one day (one deal) at a time!

Instagram has new policies-just an FYI

You MAY want to review the new policies of Instagram. You may be giving up rights to your pictures-even if they are you. I'll let you interpret their TOS. There was a backlash but I don't believe it has been clarified. Rather than debate the details here, do a search and read the buzz.

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Thanks Dean

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Dean,I have been away for a while probably a couple months.The holidays,and family issues that come up for us all seemed to just consume my time.Im so glad to be back and as always I love your weekly wisdom.It really is a great way to start the week.I hope and pray that I can finally get going with REI in any capacity.Thanks for all you do.GOD Bless you and your family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA.

do it

do it one step at a time learning right way and learning to speak the right words so they will trust me on a deal. Still learning and never stop learning simply have to do it and it will come Thank you Dean for this weekly Wisdom timmy2458

Wonderful lesson!

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That's a great lesson for every part of our lives! Thanks Dean, and congratulations to your daughter!


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Hi Dean,

That's a good way to encourage and give that push with out pushing it lol.. I have twins and we are always competing in bike, running and even hide and seek Smiling

Congrats on your daughter passing all the groups Smiling

Great blog

Thanks Dean for sharing about the run, with your daughter. Excellent blog. Great way too push us. Thanks Carol

Something Learned Every Time....


Thanks for direction and motivation. My husband and I listen to your Wisdom each week. It never fails to provide useful information to keep us moving on this journey!

One at a time

Thank you so much for the much needed reminder. Got an investor to work with! One at a time!

Great Lesson!

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I definitely will remember this for the following week! Thank you! I really appreciate it! "One Step at a time!"


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