Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #221 - Another Level of Inspiration

Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? These are the deep questions we search for answers to. In this episode of the Weekly Wisdom, Dean talks about his discovery about himself during six hours of solitude. What he realized is something very simple, yet profound when it comes to the possible reason you are pursuing real estate success. Watch and then let him know whether you agree...

Another Level of Inspiration

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom

We always have to make time to reflect.....It helps to put our priories in order.....

Solitude is good for the mind and soul.....

The fedora looks good on you......


Love, Love, Love Fedora's

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Looks Great! I am striving to make money an afterthought! Thanks you for the words of encouragement! I am registered for tomorrow!

Give back

Agree with your comments, have not reached anywhere near you or where I plan to be, but am able to give back through helping others in many different ways...such a great feeling!


Yes! I agree

This week's message reminds me of another you did- if you can write a check for it, it's not a problem. I have spent my adult life struggling to make it to the next payday without creditors on my back, and I feel I have lost me in the process. I spend so much time focusing on money and what needs attention, it's changed me. I'm 42, so you're not the only one who doesn't have it figured out. I think most people go through life and don't get that deep. Making the money I need will give me that freedom I crave to be that person I'm meant to be.

Hey Dean! Great

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Hey Dean! Great inspirational video, I swear you pump me up! Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us! I almost got my FIRST DEAL the past week but the deal fell thru. Not to worry though since I working to get my first deal and 3 more before the EDGE EVENT! That is my goal for sure, even though I sometimes feel the need to restart a lot. I always learn something about myself when I restart and what I could do better to become a better person in what I do! Every week your videos help not only me but other people who are feeling the need to restart and bounce back stronger and better than ever and I thank you so much for that because I have NEVER EVER given up pursuing this dream even in the past when I have gone to the EDGE events feeling so down and low because I have not done a deal at all, but you were there telling me not to worry and keep pushing forward and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart because I am so close to getting my first deal and more , you'll see!!! Thanks and have a wonderful blessed week!!!

absolutely agree

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that was one of my goals to make money a non issue in my life. i want multi generational wealth so noone in my family has to worry about that. i'm happy that you're growing and finding out more about yourself as we all should.
how boring would life be without change, challenge and growth.
keep moving forward, rob


Hi Dean,

I have a question. I spoke to a realtor and he asked me for my cash buyer to sale him homes and I would get paid a kickback. I emailed him my buyer's info, explained I would pay to get my license . Now he is reporting me to the commission's office. It wwould be a felony. Do you know of a real estate attorney I could speak to in order to set this guy straight?

Hi Dean,

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Thank you for the deep thoughts. I remember at last year's EDGE you said that you can't be the best father, the best husband, the best person when you're stressed about bills. That resonates so much with me. I truly want to be a better person and am working hard to achieve that. At last year's EDGE I had zero deals done. I closed on my 14th deal on Friday, I have acquired a duplex (via subject to) and a cashflowing turnkey (seller finance with no money down and using cashflow to pay note). Deal number 15 will close this week and it will be another acquisition (seller finance, no down payment, super low payments). Money is still tight because much of my wholesale money is getting invested into my duplex rehab or my upcoming acquisition rehab, and catching up on bills, but I know that freedom is not far away. I owe everything to you. Thank you for genuinely caring about other's success.


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TOTALLY INSPIRED even More! Thank you for being an extraordinary leader! I appreciate everything about DG! EVERYTHING!!!!

Spot on!

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Im glad you shared this with us Dean. I agree 100% that we are working so hard chasing money now so we do not have to worry about it later down the road. I have a little daughter due in less than 3 weeks and the last thing i want for my family & future is to be stressed about paying bills on time and stressed about not having money to do things with my family when I want & where I want. I made a decision 2 years ago to take action and make something happen so money would not be an issue or a reason for stress in my life & your guidance and knowledge is a big reason for the success I am having and will continue to have! Your a great Teacher!


Trying to get there. Looking forward to tonight's live webcast. I remain in Dean's Realm of positive thinking.


Hey Dean, that was a great inspiration. I am 60 yrs old and still working on getting my first deal. you keep me going thanks. CINDY

Greetings !

Great subject Dean , for me who has to learn things the hard way all of my 51 years on this rock , the worry that goes along with all things that pertain to everyday living financially will do nothing but hold you down , and divert you from what is really important . It clouds your thinking , and robs you of your ability to think clearly , even all the while you know what you need to do . . Well my final lesson came when the company I was working for to get back on my feet sold to the competition and they are moving out of state so layoff is in my immediate future . I am so EXCITED because now I will have the time to devote to what I really want which is removing money from the equation . I could write a book here but will cut it short and say 2013 is the year I toss aside all that baggage and move on with the business of real estate . Thanks for the positive message . Everybody have an awesome day !!

What would I do if money were no object at all?

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Crazy to say that until a couple weeks ago I never even considered that question. My 1 on 1 clients posed it as something they considered when making their goals. And now, here you are asking me that same question. The answer is brewing. Pressing forward toward the victory.


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Thank you for figuring that out and allowing us to gain from your wisdom. When someone shares something like that, something you can only learn and discover by experiencing this over a period of time, its AWESOME! I am sure it could have taken me years to figure that out...

Today must be my day to step into the real world!


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Well done, I'm still working on my first deal and finding an agent that gets it. Love that age has no limit Smiling

We all worry...

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I guess one way not to worry is to be able to write a check to take care of whatever is wrong, but the best way is to trust the almighty God to do what He promised to do. We all worry because we lose sight of the fact that God takes care of the birds, He knows how many hairs each of us have in our heads, and He promises to take care of all our needs if we will only trust Him. He doesn't promise to give us everything we want, but if we trust Him, He will take care of our needs. God has resourses we know nothing about. When one person has a need, another person has the solution. God puts us together to help each other. That's how is really works.

I'm ready!

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Let's get money OUT OF THE WAY! I am soooo ready to do that.

But how true it is that sometimes we forget who we are in the process of life. Thanks for reminding us of that.

BTW the hat is totally you Smiling

let's get money out of the way!

I agree with you...I spent time last week figuring out how to make the money I had stretch to pay the bills waiting. It is an accomplishment to have this done though it is time to go to another level...have money worries out of the way so I can invest my time in what God wants me to do each day. This would be fantastic fun!!

Enjoy your day!

Barb Becker

Watching Dean Grow

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I have watched your weekly wisdoms for serveral years now.
I have been on a self development journey for years and can tell you have to.
It has been great growing with you and I am thankful I found you and your site.
I own commercial real estate in Pittsburgh Pa and would love to work with you if the opportunity every arises.
To quote Jim Rohn, if you want more, you have to become more.
I'm ready.
Lou T.

Love the hat! Sinatra in the

Love the hat! Sinatra in the 50's in Hoboken! Can you sing too? Love the idea to just be yourself and who you should be instead of what society thinks we should be. In a world of stress,bills and pressure it's hard to be able to just be yourself and who you want to be rather than who we are forced to be to get by in life. As your friend says as long as you can write a check for almost anything the pressure and stress goes away. I agree with that totally although you do need your health too or all the money in the world can't always buy that. Real Estate can be the panacea to cure many ills in our lives if you take action and apply the knowledge that is provided out there and you can work for yourself being an entrepreneur to top it all off. A great way to do things if one can pull it off. With the right mindset and God's help we can all do it and accomplish whatever we want to do.

empowering conversations

I saw the one you did with Matt Larson where his CD for his "REPS" program was mentioned but was not made available at that time. When or will it become available to the rest of the DG group? Think it would be a nice addition to our wholesaling tool bag as long as it is reasonably priced.

God Bless You.

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To find yourself in this large world is an incredable feeling. To become one with the Lord is overpowering. You did not come out and say it, but God was speaking to you. You are on a God journey and I believe you made a giant leep with your 6 hours of solitude. God's grace is pulling on you to go deeper. Enjoy the journey. Thank you for opening your heart to us.

God Bless.

I am a newbie!

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I realized, after about a month, that Real-Estate is not the right business for me to get into at this time.


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Dear Dean, If it is going to happen, that is about the age that this discovery happens. I
remember it so well. Now that I am 62 the process
is one of a constant laying of bricks. Glad to hear you passing it on.

one word!

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I feel you on the boat thing dean. Last time I was out we had 12' waves just killing the boat and it got so bad that I saw a white bus drive by the back of the boat (14' wave covered the back of boat before they called it a day). I am getting closer to having the money thing out of the way so that I can finish the work on me. I have a great partner that is also an Executive Business Coach and she has helped me grow the real me in so many ways I can't tell you. 2013 will be the best year of my life and I hope it will be the same for so many others.. NOW GO GET SOME

Thank you. Tired of money

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Thank you. Tired of money worries. It is so overwhelming that it is hard to move ahead because afraid I might make things worse. I will overcome this though! Life has so much more!

I needed to hear this today

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Several blogs ago you mentioned "The Power of Now". I'm not a big reader but I like to listen to the audio versions so I listened to it at the end of December. It was very deep and made me do a lot of thinking. It kind of disturbed me but I knew it was because it brought some things to my attention about myself. So I have been listening to it again the past 2 weeks but listening to the first cd several times until I really get it, then moving to the second cd. I'm also reading the Celestine Prophecy again, and the Master Key System. I guess you would say I'm on a spiritual journey trying to figure things out LOL.

But your blog today helped. I go back and forth with thoughts about making money. Am I trying too hard to make money and forgetting to enjoy today, the "now" which is all we really have anyway. But you're right, if we can make a ton of money so then we can focus on being the person we want to be to make this world better... But there has to be a way to do it all NOW. Otherwise we will always be striving for the future thinking that it is better than right now and not truly appreciating all the wonderful, beautiful things we are experiencing right now.

Anyway, it is all coming together exactly how it should LOL!

Thanks again!!

I Can't Agree More

This time around I want Real Estate to be my retirement account.

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