Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #223 - Vote Now, You Could Be Here Next Year!

It’s time once again to cast your vote for the best student success story of 2012. In this edition of the Weekly Wisdom, Dean is asking everyone to watch the amazing true stories of the eight finalists in his annual “Send Me Away” contest. This year the entries and the videos students submitted got even more incredible. Please help us pick the person(s) most deserving to wear the crown this year by clicking the link below and casting your vote. You are not only going to be inspired, you’re going to learn a lot of great tips too. Who knows, next year we may be asking people to vote on YOUR video! Cast your vote now!


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can't believe it's that time again. will watch all the entries and vote. thanks again for all you do. i can't wait to have that quiet confidence you spoke of at last years edge.
keep moving forward, rob

great people

thanks dean for all your help...finally started working this site,i understand now.met karen one of the best lease options queen..very nice and helpful lady.look forward to parterning up with her on some deals....dean you are right you just cant do it part of something bigger,i finally got that i can move forward instead of struggling...thanks to everyone on this site...

Vote Now, You Could Be Here Next Year!

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Hi Dean,

Thank You for letting your DG Family be a part of the voting process...for " The Best Success Story 2012 "

Have a Great Week


that's a stacked line up of awesomeness!!!

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That's a stacked line up of awesomeness!! But couldn't help but thinking, not of who is to win but -- holy cow, look at all those lives changed! love it, Love It, LOVE IT! lol!

So whoever is 'crowned' this years contest winner..... Know You ARE a winner before entering the contest because you took action, you followed the steps, you decided to take responsibility and take your life, your future into your own hands!
Wear the crown well! Change lives, make HUGE impacts, always leave it better than you found it! NOT that you have anything to prove....BUT do it anyway Smiling Show the world how great you are! You are destined for greatness!

YES, one person can change the world.....let that person be US!

Luv ya -- mean it! Smiling

Go hard, get free, die empty!

Revised Product of DG,
Jen Gray

I couldn't stop watching!

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OMG DG Fam - what rock stars you all are! It had to be next to impossible to narrow this year's contest down. I have to go watch more of you than these amazing 8. God will continue to pour His favor as you walk forward!

Congratulations to those

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Congratulations to those picked for the top 8! We didn't get picked, but that's okay, we're still making deals! Going to resubmit next year with an even more impressive resume Smiling

Thanks again Dean for this opportunity!


Always fun to watch others success and inspiration...let the voting begin.

movie stars

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Dean, this is another great idea. Keep up the push on us all.

I'm first time watchig and votig....great

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This is a great!
I love to watch success stories. They worked hard to make it; I learn, relate and enjoy for they success.

Next year is my turn.

I'm sorry

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I've been a DG member for over 2 yrs now and never posted a comment. I've barely even set up my profile. I remember when I first became I member, I used to scan through posts to find out if this stuff was real. I was very skeptical because I was socially conditioned to think that way. There were two main keys that helped me start to believe. Going to an REI club that was a three hour round trip was the first factor. I was able to sit at a table with people just like me and listen to them talk about investing in real estate. The second factor was this website. I could read people's posts in chronological order and litterally watch their transformation in fast forward. My favorite was Indiana Joe. I later found out that that was the same Joe Jurek that I read about in Dean's books and watched on Dean's videos. If you're reading this Joe, thank you for giving so much of your time to write those detailed posts. A series of causes in a specific order cause a series of effects and Joe's posts were in that chain of causes that brought me to who I am today. I'm writing this post in a state of gratitude for everything I have received from this site and a state of regret for everything I could have contributed but failed to. I never thought about how a post I made could be a contribution to anything other than my ego. I can't go back and write posts in those exact moments that my transformation was happening. All I can do now is tell anyone reading that this stuff is real and acheivable for you. Believe in these tools that Dean is offering and believe in yourself. If you feel even the slightest tug telling you that you can do this, that is a message from the universe saying that it needs you. It needs you to make the quality of your life congruent with the quality of your spirit. Then your inspiration will become a chain in the cause of other peoples lives and the entire world will become better because of the simple fact that you chose to believe.

Jon England
Don't forget to vote for me in the Send Me Away contest. The vacation would be cool but I really just want to hang out with Dean. That's another lesson I learned along the way, "The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the expectations of your peer group." I think that was Tony Robbins.

I got Picked

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Hi DG fam,

Hope everyone is well and rocking it Smiling

Im a little nervous here cause I just saw my video in the top 8. I know I have worked hard and sacrifice a lot of things to get to where I'm at right now in life and real estate. I want to thank everyone on this site for helping me and others find a solution and to succeed in real estate.

SO GO NOW AND VOTE! ( For me please,lol ) Im the guy with the red Aeropostale shirt hahahahah Eye-wink

Thanks Dean

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Thanks Dean for letting us vote on the great videos. We sent in a video for 2010 and were in the top 6 videos for that year. I know everyone wants to win but let's face it we are all winners here with the knowledge that Dean shares with us.

We have not done a lot of deals here lately but I still go to the bank once a month to deposit our rental income from the properties we own.

Thanks Dean and God bless

Steve and Veronica.

We are in the top 8!

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I must say we were surprised to see our video made it to the top 8! There were so many great entrees this year we did not think we would make it this far!

REI has truly changed our lives and we love helping others do the same. 2013 is looking awesome for us and we would not be here if not for that "Late Night Infomercial"! Thanks Dean and thanks to your staff for choosing our video to be one of the top 8. It is an honor.

On to the next one!

Michael and Deborah

Congratulations to all.

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This is exciting! I remember when Julie and I won. You are all winners for taking action!
Good luck to all. Hope to see you all at the EDGE.
John Wakefield

So encouraging..LUV IT !!

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This is awesome, love all Videos, one better than the other.
I'm a proud member for DG family.

Thank you Dean for all you do !!


Look at what you've inspired me to do, Dean.......... :)

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I think it is only fair to tell you all reading this that this is going to be a shameless plug to sway your vote for the Send me away Dean contest. Laughing out loud

You see, I have connections to at least 3 of the applicants vying for yours and my vote. I think they all have done amazing jobs and all really deserve to be announced the winner. If there could be a 3 way tie, I would be most grateful to you Dean so I didn't have to choose between them. This is how much they all deserve it and how hard it is to choose. BUT, since only one vote counts, I have to share why I think you should vote for.......

The person(s)I hope you vote for have one main overriding thing going for him/her, the willingness to help us all. If you look at his/her record, you will see over 6900 comments made on this site and most if not all of them are teaching comments. Teaching comments to help all of us that haven't made a deal yet or are stuck in IDLE and can't seem to move forward. Putting aside the deals we've seen in the videos, just that kind of willingness to share, I feel, should be rewarded. BUT, he/she has done deals too. Many deals at that. (I was even blessed to be part of one of those deals Eye-wink ) And on the number and variety of strategies of those deals alone, he/she I feel should be declared the winner.

So I am asking you all, for reasons both personal and realistically, ethically sound, to vote for Michael and Deborah Mangham as your winners of the "Send me away Dean" contest. Taking nothing away from the other entrants, I think you will agree with me that they really do deserve the title of WINNERS. Laughing out loud

I can only hope the other entrants who have asked for my vote understand why I have chosen the Manghams over them. Not that you all don't deserve my vote, you do, but my heart says I should "dance with the one who brang me." I'm sure you will agree. Eye-wink There's always next year (unless my video makes the top 8 next year.Laughing out loud )

Thanks for reading this to the end,
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

I need this......

armendariz5's picture

to see real people doing it and not just reading about it. To see people making smaller amounts to those making large amounts, is so up lifting.
Every one that take's Action are winner's.i can't wait to see my first deal go threw. And be able to say that I am a professional Investor.
Good luck to all of you that made this far in the Real estate investing.


Great blog

Hi Dean: I will be watching all 8 videos, adn will vote. Have a great week. Carol in texas

One brick at a time

Great idea than we can be part of this year send me away contest. I will be in it next year. thanks for let us be part of it.

J. Cruz

Good luck to you all!

Zion Properties's picture

So many great videos, SO hard to choose! I know all the anticipation you guys are going through. Man, Dominic, I was surprised you weren't in the top 8, I thought FOR SURE you and Makeba would be there!

You all did SUPERB! You are ALL winners! And you are ALL deserving.

Everyone who entered, just sharing your stories is so uplifting and encouraging for others! I hope everyone will watch ALL the videos in Dean's success stories ^ up there. Smiling

Dean, thank you for being you and changing SO MANY lives! You've turned my world upsidedown. Laughing out loud Love you from the bottom of my heart!

Last year's winner. Sticking out tongue

Just Voted!!!!!

Favian2008's picture

Hi, just voted and they were all great and very motivating. Can't wait to get started myself for my family as well.
Thanks for all you do Dean. Helping others is such a rewarding experience. I will surely do the same when I can. We must take action!!!!!

Send me away videos

Great videos,lots of great info,I did vote for one,good luck to all. Thank you Sam

Just Voted!!

It was VERY difficult to choose!! You are all AMAZING and have done an excellent job in REI! Good Luck to all!!

took the time

Mighty1 Real Estate's picture

and I voted, lots of people making money and I hope the one I picked will win it all.
Good for you Dean.
You never disappoint and thank you again for what you do for your students and what you've done for me. I am grateful,

Never Say die!


to everyone who submitted a video. I really enjoy watching them, it's very motivational. thank you so much everyone........good luck to the entrants !!!

all the best to everyone,

An Honor Again

keb64's picture

Hi Dean
It was an honor last year and an even bigger one this year because your staff thought enough about what I have done/doing to put it up again this year.I rocked it this year with the help of others and that is why I want to give back so much. You can not do it all by yourself people...Ask for help and you will get it on this site....I look forward to seeing the people I met and helped over the past year at this years edge...Either first or sixth place I am a winner already because of all of you..I love what I do and love helping others find the 10 inside of them...That is a true win for me..NOW GO GET SOME


Amer Brdjanin's picture

Hi can someone help me with this.

Life changing!

Carol Stinson's picture

I know how life changing this can be for someone as I was crowned in 2009. Since then my life has not been the same.

This contest truly will change someone's life. I had a hard time casting my vote as the videos were all so awesome. All of the stories were inspirational and emotional for me as they bring back memories of where I started and how I have overcome so many obstacles to get where I am.

Congrats to everyone who made it happen in 2012!!!!

great videos

HomeRoots's picture

Just voted!

I have come back from the dead and so can you

I have literally come back from the dead (yes physically and mentally) i had went through an excruciating back surgery that has since failed lost everything i owned including my home. I lost several loved one's to death in a short period of time and just about anything else a human could endure.

I came back from the dead and then some have done several deals and will do many more and topping that off i have some great partners.

If i can do it so can you!

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