Weekly Wisdom #249 - Partner With Me and More

Dean has a hodgepodge of important things to share with you this week. He points out a few links that might be of interest to you. Shares how you can qualify to partner with him personally on a deal, asks for your feedback on if he should change his EDGE event – AND shares a message about why trust is a must for you to succeed. So sit back, pay close attention and get ready for another dandy dose of Weekly Wisdom with Dean.

- Share Your Thoughts on Changing the EDGE event
- Find Out How to Enter The Send Me Away Dean Contest


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Trust..We are here on DG site for trust. If we didnt trust you, probably wouldn't be here. That is great that you took that first step way back when you first started.

You are my pied piper Dean

I love your energy Dean and all your lessons. Zip lining - really - well if I was with you and that group I may have tried it.

" Partner With You and More "

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......I trust you Dean,.....you are a good man.....Thank You for all you do...

I feel the Edge Event should be expanded, so that more people can attend.....

God willing, I want to attend next year 2014 and meet you, and other successful DGer's.....Smiling

Have a great week......


Having Trust

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Thank You for your Weekly Wisdom. I would love to see you expand the Edge events to include more members. I think the energy and excitement would be unbelievable.


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Hey Dean and team-

So much has changed for us since the last edge. We have been rockin & rolllin and became area managers for you and have been doing well-almost finished with our 2nd rehab as an AM all because we trust in the information and techniques you teach.

As for the edge- of course make it bigger! Personally I think it would be great if there breakout sessions with topic specific training as well as the large group educational settings. There are so many new folks attending that need some of the basics and some seasoned investors as well who could use more advanced topics...Even if it was just one of the days.
Anyway just a thought

Thanks for everything you offer so we can all find success.

Enter the Contest DG Fam!

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Another great message, as we have come to expect from Dean! I've go to encourage you all to make a video, get the required documentation together and enter "Send me away Dean!" It can change your life. I was runner up in 2011 (dang that John and Julie - dear friends now) - and its been nothing but movin and groovin since. Just putting the video together makes you proud of what you have accomplished, and that's worth it in itself.

Keeping Trust

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What a timely topic for me! Just getting started can be challenging, but I know it's me that I have to change a little every day, and not your training. I was thinking about "trusting the training" this week, when I did my own "zip-line" trip this week - buying an out of state property. Every week it's the trust that keeps me going! Thanks Dean!


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I have put my trust in you for the last couple of years, and I am so glad that I have, and I will continue to do so, because the success that I have achieved so far, and the success that lies ahead for me are beyond words! Everything you teach us, works! It has for me!!!

Regarding the Edge, I really like how it has that family reunion feel as it is now, but if you decide to change it and make it larger, I know that it will still be amazing, because you never fail to impress us with everything you bring to us!
Either way, count me in!

DG family

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thanks dean,i trust and believe in your teaching.even if I haven't made a deal yet.i know your the real deal!i just turned 45 yrs.old aug.7th.only had 2 calls wishing me a happy b-day.my mother&cousin.that really got me thinking about my life and me.i have helped many people in my life.but since I told everyone im getting into rl investing.people been just laughing.thats good.because im focusing on me for a change.i will be a successful rl investor.thanks Dg!

Weekly Wisdom #249

As always great words of your wisdom!
and moving forward.

Thank you!!


Your so right about having trust

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Dean I just went through a similar problem about 4 weeks ago when I went on vacation and had to get on a plane. I don't like to fly but I knew I had to go because I was taking my family on vacation. Well the day came when we had to leave and I was nervous but I got on the plane and started to think on how some people travel on plane daily to get to work and the pilot along with the flight attendants get on different plane every couple of hours. So I decided to trust the pilot and just go with the flow, when I landed I notice it wasn't that bad after all.

Hey Dean!

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Thanks for another great weekly wisdom video. These last few weeks of weekly wisdoms have been outstanding and getting me fire up! Looking forward to entering the contest this year and sharing how trusting you and taking action has lead me to create passive income and make my money work for me. Your techniques have allowed me to find deals that I previously did not know existed! Thank you!


Dean I say keep it small 500 maximum. You can't greet and photo op with 1 2 5k people. your just a big GURU then. I say keep it small 500 maximum. I want to meet you and shake your hand. I trust you, your training etc... I would love to meet you at "Edge 14" and I plan on doing just that. No one would know anyone they meet. It just wouldn't be the same.

KEEP IT SMALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for trust I trust you as much as your wife Jonelle. (good analogy huh !) I've never doubted you. I believe in you. I just have to get me out of my way. Now is my time. See ya at "EDGE 14"

Hello to all my DG family !!!!!


"Partner With Me and More"

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Another great weekly wisdom!


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I know what is wrong with me.

Firstly, I am much better when I work with another person. We sharpen each other ... I come up with something and the light bulb brightens brighter in the other person and he or she comes up with more and visa versa.

In addition, I do not need a lot of information on different things. It's too much information. I need to start with something, the most basic, succeed at that and then increase/expand my knowledge and expertise at the next one thing.

I totally agree with the KISS advice: Keep It Simple Stupid. That is the rule I was trained to do in sales and I find it is a good rule when learning something, too.

My goal is to buy a house in Phoenix, Arizona. I'd like the house to have a detached "Mother-In-Law" smaller home. The MIL home would have a bedroom, living/dining room, bathroom and a small kitchen.

I would like to buy a home like that in Huntington Beach, California, too.

I need a partner to work with ... mentor ... a real live mentor that I can talk to, ask questions, work with and even do 3-way calls if necessary.

I trust you Dean!

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Yes Dean I trust you with all that you give to us. I know you do bust your back to give us more of you everyday and I will never forget that you are there for all of us. Now on the EDGE event, I went for the first time this year and it was life changing for me! I feel in my opinion that we should be able to give more like minded people a chance to be there, so my vote is to lower the cost and let as many as possible to be there, so many more will be able to change their lives as well.
Thank you Dean for all you do for us constantly!


Really a great message. My

Really a great message. My opinion for edge would be your 2cnd words (lower the price) and get more people in there to go. You've created a huge family now and I think it would be nice for those who can't go because of limitations. I would've liked to seen your expression on your face on the zip line as you went, lol

I Trust You Dean

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Dean, I trust you because you are sincere and your educational training does work. As an IE Member I can honestly say, the only reason I'm not already where I want to be is because of me. I have spent over $5000, more like $6000 through PMI, and other Real Estate Guru online courses without a single deal done. Oh yea, I've learned a lot, but not made a single $$Dollar. I have nobody else to blame but myself. Your systems work as long as you believe and trust in what is taught. Believing and having faith are action words and requires trust and effort to follow the instructions exactly. Matt's 25/1 is working, I'm picking up buyers, the Real Estate agent team is on board and offers are going out this week, Bandit Signs will go up when shipment is received. I will follow it exactly as it is taught and not try to reinvent the wheel. Momentum is taking place and I can smell the success. FYI, I have an offer going out today on a 4 Plex. I'm willing to move in so I can enhance the bank to loan me the cash. 2 units are already rented w/ $1300/mo income. Thanks Dean


Thank you again for the "kick in the pants" message. It is too easy to give up and say it doesn't work, but it takes trust and courage to hang in there. We are closing tomorrow on a house we rehabbed ourselves because we couldn't afford to pay someone to do it. Bottom line-it is probably not a true Dean success story because of the way we did it, but it is our success story so far. We did all the things we have learned, signs, tried to wholesale, made several offers until one got accepted, and because we had some money we used all of what we had for purchase. We paid 38,000 plus change, did the work ourselves (which took over 6 months) and sold it for 80,000. After all expenses of buying and selling we netted over 17,000. We learned a lot, but we trusted the methods we learned and never gave up hope. Worth it? Yes-we learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. But we believed in Dean and his methods so much we are now looking for our next one to buy and flip. Trust the system, without the encouragement we got from the training and weekly wisdoms we would have quit long ago. Thanks Dean. We do trust you.


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I feel your passion for the business in all your messages.

What you teach can absolutely be trusted.

I always tell people on the outside looking in, "You Can't Tell Me You Can't Buy Real Estate With No Money Down," because I have done it too often.

Not only that Dean, once we get out their and do a little something and gain a little success, we can trust we can do it again.

Trust and a bit of courage goes a long way.

Hopefully we can trust that "Still Quiet Voice" that tells us to "Go Ahead, You Can Do It".

Thanks Dean!

The Experienced Helping the In - Experienced

Just a thought, there are So Many In - experienced people that need help / advice the thought came to me, take names of the Inexperienced, put'em in a 'hat ', pull a name and have an ' Experienced ' partner with'em and split the profits. This way the inexperienced becomes 'EXPERIENCED' and becomes an 'insider'. Now, divide the country into sections, N,S,E,W or NE,SE,SW,NW. Go from there and increase the DG family. Like I said , JUST A THOUGHT. PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. PAY IT FORWARD ==>===>====>=====>

Have trust

Dean this site and listening to you have taught me a great deal. I have trust in you and I tell my co-workers about you and every Monday we listen to the weekly wisdoms together. The problem I have is trusting in myself and following what I say I am going to do, and stop listening to negative people. As far as the edge event it would be nice to open it up to more people and lower the price. Thank you for all you give us.

Edge Event

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Thanks for the WW again this week Dean Smiling Trust is huge!

I also wanted to give a little more feedback on the Edge Event since the survey didn't allow any comments.

I think increasing the number a LITTLE bit is cool so that more people are able to come (since a lot of people tend to always be able to go, and maybe taking up a spot for a new person) but I think it's best to keep these events smaller and more personal! Maybe if you want to be able to have it available to more people, you could offer the event 2 times a year and only allow people to go to one event a year, making those that couldn't get in for the first one, can still have the chance to go the second time?? Just my thoughts!


Weekly Wisdom 8/12//13

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Great stuff you shared this week Dean!

Trust is so important. We can't have effective relationships (business or personal) without it.
Trusting your friend that built the zip line strengthened your relationship. It makes us more close and connected. If we stop trusting we sacrifice so much!

It might feel risky, but like anything else, if we don't put our selves out there and take some chances, we might as well crawl in a hole right? Game over.

John and I trusted you in the beginning and it felt like a risk. Now I think we have built a mutual trust that I am very grateful for. I often wonder where we would be if we had not followed this path. It has opened many doors and allowed us to build great relationships with other investors too. Not to mention the financial success!

As far as the Edge: I like it small. I hate any live event where I can't see the person's face that's on stage. If I have to look on a video screen while they are in the same room...well I can do that at home. You seem more real and accessible in a smaller setting and I think it's special.
The Edge offers great learning an networking opportunities and that would not go away if it were bigger, but I would like to see it at maybe 500-600 max and then an auditorium would probably accommodate that so everyone could still see your smiling face Smiling

Have a great week!

Julie Wakefield

Putting my Faith and Trust in Helping Others along with myself

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Hi Dean!

I just want to let you know that by looking at your last week's weekly wisdom blog, really helped me by helping another. This really took me by suprise but this is what happened. A friend of mine has been looking at a duplex for about a month or so, now the property is not in a great neighborhood, but what the property does have is great transportation area and a lot of businessess in the neighborhood. I gave my opinion of the pros and cons of the property to my friend but he wanted to take a chance to buy it. So we went to see the property on Saturday and afterwards my friend and I discussed what needed to be done with the duplex. First floor wasn't bad and the basement was dry with fairly new waters heaters. Second floor would definitely need an update to the kitchen and the basement window would need to be replaced. However, the bones of the duplex was in good condition from what we could see. Also, no apparent leaks from the roof. I proposed to my friend that due to the repairs of the duplex along with the comps that I had looked at, that he should offer 15K + closing cost. And here is why, a few of the houses on that same street were going for a range of 10K and 18K along with needing work as well. The owner is asking for close to 30K in which I think is fairly high due to what is needed and the area. Not to mention that I looked up what the owner paid for the house in which he paid $1 back in 2009. We both spoke to the broker in which he thought that the offer from my friend was a little low, however when I broke it down to him, he kind of understood why the offer was substantially low. (I did not tell the broker that I knew what the owner paid for for the house). So at this time, the broker stated that he would talk with the owner and see what will happened. I say all of this because, a friend of mine needed me to help him and although I was a little nervous, I stood up on faith and trust that I could help him. So at this time, my friend is waiting to hear back on the status of an acceptance, counter offer, or rejection of this home. Hopefully, it will be an acceptance or counter offer. Just have to wait and see. But I really want to say "Thank You" Dean for giving me that push. Although it was not for myself, it was for my friend who needed my help. And that itself made me feel good that I was able to assist him along with gaining experience.

The Edge

Opportunities from the Edge look outstanding. I would like to attend, but not with 2 or 3 thousand people. Seems like smaller is better.


Thank you once again, for this encouraging message. You always give us exactly what we need.
I do trust you Dean, and I'm closer to making my first deal.

God Bless,
Bertha Coleman

Great Weekly Wisdom

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Hi Dean. I just wanted to let you know I am in the process of rereading Totally Fufilled and just read the section on trusting people.I thought it was great that you said your worst quality was that you trusted people too much and your friend said that he thought that was your best quality.We have all put our trust in you to help us better our lives. All we have to do is take the action. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

I think the Edge event should be maybe 500 to 1000. I think more than that would lose your personal touch. I hope to make it there this year.Lowering the price a litle would help. I watched it live this past year since I am an IE member, but being there would have been so much better being able to enteract with all the DG family there.

The Edge

hi i am still a little new to the DG group .I cant wait to go to my first EDGE for the one on one training . i am afraid that with that meany people there will not be time for for good quality training. thanks for letting me comment , Stan

Trust the Zip Line

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Hey Dean...

I just went ZIP Lining up in your old neck of the woods...Hunter Mountain... Not 40' but 400' over the valley pass...You need to trust or you will never move!!

Your info has been working as stated since I started using the system in April 2013. I am closing on a two (2) house package deal next week.. I am going into a local back ASAP to pull out over 100K in equity for the next deal and I have a tenant lined up for one of the units as soon as it closes!!

I also have started deal flow...25-1 and have over 10 deals that are close to contract...all +/-50%-60% below market value!! I would not have believed it and I have done it before. Your system is GOLD!! We just need to mine it out!!!

I have completed numerous deals in the past using the Ed Beckley NO Money Down techniques, however...I stopped in 1992 when my first daughter was born.

You have "Awakened the Giant within:" TR to go and for-fill my dreams and desires. ( I also have completed Tony Robbins courses)

Man.. I get so JAZZED UP on the ART OF THE DEAL!! I forgot how it feels after all these years!!

My family and I want to thank you so much for kick starting the REI for me again!!!

It was always my passion.. but life got in the way for awhile.. Now ITS LIKE THE ZIPP LINE... ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE!!

God bless you for your sharing and caring!!!

I look forward to meeting you one day in the near future!!

Be well my friend..

ANd Take it easy on MATT!!!

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