Weekly Wisdom #252 - Too Far Gone?

Most of us have moments of terrible doubt in our lives. Have you had times when you feel you’ve crossed a line you can’t go back from? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with thoughts about never being able to have what you want or achieve your dreams. What we don’t usually realize is the forces that contribute to us believing in our own doubt. Watch and listen as Dean and his guest student Matt unpack the lies that can drag you down. They also share the things to do (and what to avoid) in order to achieve your goals. They even discuss some slimy tricks that others are pulling that could be causing you to quit on yourself. Don’t miss this one!

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It is so good to see the two of you together

Dean and Matt - best friends. I am so happy for you. I've read Matt's story and Matt is such a success story. I know realistically I could not come anywhere near to the success Matt has. I have to say that from my point of view Matt had stamina and close ties with his family that helped him to get where he is. Matt has a very strong character.
I think my biggest problem is not having anyone in my life that I am close to. It is important to have people in your life that you can connect with and have discussions. I get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and get stuck trying to figure out what direction to go and what to do first. I have to simplify things and take one step at a time. Sometimes I wonder if there is any hope for me. I don't mean to sound crazy here. The two of you are so blessed to have such a solid friendship. Hell, I feel like I blow it everytime I try to connect, but you know what? I will probably die trying. There is still time and I just might get a deal one of these years.

The number one Team Dean & Matt

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When two Diamonds get together there going to always give us amazing
Information.Tonight was the fifth time my wife listen to Dean & Matt
Speak, and she actually liked what the both of you were saying about
How true it is to get rid of negative people,and stop listing to negative
News.Wife told me tonight that there are only a couple of people
That I listen to on cd's, like Anthony Robbins,she like.And she gave
Me the approval that Dean is someone that she could listen too.This week
I will find out if I am going to have my first deal.

Too Far Gone?

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Hi Dean, Hi Matt

Always nice to see both of you together......Smiling

I agreee about not listening to the " Nay Sayers "...there are plenty of them out there...Sad

We have to stay focused.....and pretend they aren't there......

The decisions we make in life will determine the life we live....



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Too late to get in the game !!! Great advice... Soooo simple about getting away from negative people .....that is EXACTLY my first thing I did 4 yrs ago when I first read your book and joined the success academy. Just cutting out the "old" way of programmed thinking that is constantly coming at us from EVERY direction will instantly change your outlook and your future. we realize and learn through you n Matt that there is a whole other world. The world of family like DG that shows us HOW and WHY we become POSITIVE successful investors. SOmetimes it takes more than ourselves to make that change. This site..... THIS network and all the students, teachers, coaches and you n Matt are right at our fingertips to change our life and others lives if we just grab ahold and use what is here in frnt of us.
Thanks to both of you for tirelessly teaching us !!!!

Thanks Dean and Matt

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Thank again for another great weekly wisdom. It is always good to see Matt in the weekly wisdoms.
I know we need to get back to doing more deals but we have made money in every type of market. We bought a house in so cal in 2002 for 255k sold it in 2004 for 410k . Only 18 months. In 2010 when the market was down we were buying houses for 15k and 14k. Then doing the cash out refi.

2012 we helped my sister flip a house she made good money and we made 9k just using the knowledge from you Dean and Matt.

Thank you
Steve and Veronica

Which of these holding you back.....

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Getting my first deal done!

Thanks Dean and Matt always Great Advice and Instruction.....


Thanks for the advice Dean, its good to know that you guys give 100 percent of yourselves to make sure that you are getting information to your students to help better them. Continue to do what you do.

Thanks for advise

There are nay sayers all around us tune them out stay busy in real estate keep around the things you love and watch all Deans videos too keep motivated daily think positive not negative . Thanks Matt for all you do to help us the luckeys.A big thankyou too you Dean for making this all possible.

Thanks Dean and Matt!!

Thanks for another great Weekly Wisdom!! Today I finally decided to make the FULL commitment to REI!! I MUST make a change NOW as I'm so sick and tired of being in this rut and WILL finally do what I say I'm going to do and that's change my life for the better starting NOW!! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!! My first deal is coming!!!

You guys are just the BEST!!!!

I just can't get enough of you two. I am like a sponge and and can't wait to hear what's next!!! The encouragement HELPS so much!!! I know; I know just do it!!! Got to!!!; and I did last week!!!! Went to my 1st walk through on a FSBO. It went well; but not well enough because owner will not budge on her $$$$. We talked 2x but she could not get her head to wrap around it AND she is stuck on selling to an owner not a flip/LO. Her loss. We'd be done next week if she would budge. I feel terrific!! about my accomplishment!!! I KNOW!!!! things will work out in time. By the way---NEW BOOK??? We're all waiting with anticipation:). Thanks again for all you do.

Great Weekly Wisdom

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You two look so happy and relaxed.I want to be at that point in my life instead of constantly worrying how I am going to pay the bills or put food on the table.It is great to hear that we can still get in the game. Dean you keep us motivated.I have been trying to get a deal done for months and follow you all the time.Thanks for keeping us informed and motivated and thanks Matt for the help as well.I am so determined I am going to close a deal soon.Keep the good motivational wisdoms coming!We all appreciate and need them.

What's holding us back?!!!

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Thank you guys for the word of encouragement! It's neither the negative people nor the negative Press, it's the questions of doubt that looms between my ears. I know that I can do this, I now that I will be successful, but so many obstacles (finding the right agent, when I finally find a good property, it's no longer available, finding out that I have to register with GA secretary of state with my LLC and spend additional $225.00 which I don't have, when I was told that Veil Corp will take care of my LLC, not being able to open a business bank account,, because I am not registered with the state of GA, not being able to make offers on some bank own properties because I'm not registered with the State, then when I joined an investment clubs, I find out everything cost more money!!!) We have been in the D/G family a little over three months. I didn't know anything about real estate then, but now I have a wealth of knowledge, but I still have not closed that first deal. I put in 8-12 hours a day doing what I have been taught, to no avail. I'm looking forward to going to my first buying summit, but we are being bombarded with calls and emails about buying properties with Ready Prop. I would love to do that, but we do not have the funds, the savings, or the retirement account to do that. We have invested over $50,000.00 into the D/G model and now we are tapped out financially. But the bottom line is; I believe in me, I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit that lead, guide and direct me, and I know that soon my breakthrough will come, because I will not give up, cave in, nor quit! I can do all things through my God, my faithfulness and my fierce desire to gain financial freedom and leave a lasting legacy for my family for generations to come... Be blessed and may the peace of God be with you all 24, 7, 365 until the day of Jesus Christ...Bernard Lawson (Mk.11:24) and Esther Walker bepropertyinvestors@gmail

too far gone?

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You know Dean,that is so truth what you said about your own fam. holding you back and the people that you hang out with.
Matt, you're right.if the economy is up or down with knowledge you can make money either way.
If someone makes a million dollars next door from you what do you get? that's why you got take care of your house economy first.

words of wisdom

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Happy Labor day to all.
Good to see you both together again and telling us how it is! My husband John and I have not been able to put together our first deal because we ran in to a road block of no cash buyers in our area. but in the process of working your plan you said to look for properties with lawns not mowed and vacant homes. We found several of these homes and my thought because they were in such bad shape that should be bulldosed.
Then I looked in to new modular homes that we have a dealer near by, but again fell into a road block because the home builder said we needed to get a building loan of which we would not qualify because of bad credit. Please Help!!
I called your hot line and said no they couldn't help with that kind of fiancining but thought it was a great idea seeing that Matt just talked about buying land. I do want to get to be the first of your members to do this so we can be your next super stars with this. Edwin, your hot line team member said to look into the buffalo market for cash buyers and we will do that but I just do not want to let go of my Idea. We really need help, with just doing a reg. deal also, so we can get started and moving our real estate program and future along! will be awaiting your reply and helpful ideas/suggestions!

We've only just begun...

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"Before the rising sun, we fly. So many roads to chose. We start out walking and learn to run. So much of life ahead. We'll find a place where there's room to grow. Sharing horizons that are new to us. Watching the signs along the way. Talking it over (just the two of us), working together day to day. Together. And Yes, we've just begun."
Well, Matt wasn't even born in 1970 when this song was written (lyrics by Paul Williams, one of my old favorites) - but it hit me when he said "We've Only Just Begun." And to say that from his perspective of success is so encouraging. There is always a way. Dean and Matt keep us in the know. We do indeed build our own economy. We are not dependent on what happens around us. We shape our today and tomorrow by the action we take. We impact everyone's life positively in the business. Go begin. To help you get started - read "Start" by John Acuff.

Great advice

Thanks so much Dean and Matt!
I truly can be my own worst enemy. But I'm working to change that. With your help and advice I will succeed.

Proof of Funds Help

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I'm having problems with receiving proof of funds the last two weeks from insiders cash and best transactions funding every time I request proof of funds they do not respond.

Won't give up!!!

Great weekly wisdom! It really helps to continually hear the encouragement. We were all fired up last week after coming back from the Inner Circle Camp. Had a great time and met some super coaches. Jeff and Nate were awesome! Unbelievably timely information too. Hearing some of Nate's struggles when he first began really got us through this last week. We began hot on the Monday following the camp and submitted 13 offers by Tuesday evening. Well, the air was quickly let out of our sail and crushed our momentum when not one but BOTH of our agents, who we thought were "A" players, decided they no longer wanted to work with us. They said our offers were "embarrassing" and "outrageous" and they would not submit them for us! Losing one was bad enough but when the second one called that was a huge punch in the gut. Needless to say we were unable to submit a single offer without having an agent. Had we not just heard about Nate's struggles this could have been tough to overcome. Thanks Nate for sharing! We now have a new agent that is on board and we hope to continue with making offers. We are very near the 25th offer so we truly hope something comes through pretty fast!! Take this as encouragement and don't give up. We can't wait to share with everyone when we get that first wholesale deal!!!!


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What a treat, we get Dean and Matt doing this week's Weekly Wisdom!

It is always motivating to hear from you two! I am making my own economy every day, I am crushing my obstacles- yes, we all have obstacles! I surround myself with people who I look up to, not people who pull me down. I don't listen to the news.

I am moving forwards with my rei, and there is no turning back now! I know I am on the right path to reaching my goals...

thank you Dean for keeping us motivated!

D & M

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Hi Guys, Hope you're enjoying the Holiday

Amazing video. I also felt like Matt when I started the program. I read one negative thing about Dean on the internet right after enrolling into the coaching program and I wanted my money back now!! lol. Thank god they talked me into trying it out first. My circle of influence was also negative and said it can't be done so I had to really not let them affect my vision and goals. Fast forward 2 years later and I'm doing deals every month, I'm doing 7+ this month and IHH'm super happy and blessed. I get to help other people as well. Thank you so much Matt & Dean.

You,ll right, Dean

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You are absolutely right.I have been over-thinking this. I must stop making it so difficult on myself.Everything i need is there for me to go forward,i just need to acted on them. thank you for your weekly wisdom.

Great info!

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Thanks Dean and Matt! Great info, but I have to say it's really hard to not be affected by negative people when you are married to one! It's easy for you to say just don't listen to them, but when you are around it every day 24/7, believe me it's not easy to just let it slide by! I have yet to get my first deal, and I'm not blaming it on my husband, but it would just be so much easier if I felt like I had at least some moral support at home. If there is anyone out there in the Inland Empire area of southern CA who would be interested in either an intern or partnering with me to help me get going, I'd love to hear from you!


What's holding us back.

What the Lord put in our hearts will come to pass Bernard. I have analysis paralysis-I over think it! I have not had my first deal yet. I am sure that is good for those naysayers around. But I want to show them! My rollercoaster thoughts have me up and down. When I get coached in a step, I feel up. So I need to keep my step by step coach-calling going until I get that first deal. I am broke. My plan is to do wholesaling for awhile. Once I have done it, I am certain my confidence level will zoom. I am in the San Diego area and if there are wholesale investors actually doing it, can I tag along and see how you do it? Thanks.

The only thing holding us back.

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Hi Dean and Matt and thanks for the weekly wisdom. The news and the negative vibes that are surrounding us each day is a non issue for me. I just block that stuff out and move on with every stride towards success.The only thing that stands in my way is receiving the funding to get that first deal under my belt.



HI DEAN AND MATT: great double header,this is a term we used when ever you are getting two for the price of one. THANKS for your weekly wisdom
i personally look fordward every week to your
forum, because we all need this to stay positive of all the negative news around.MATT say one thing that struck me,and i really never think about it this way, he said their are two economy (1)US ECONOMY (2)YOUR ECONOMY AT HOME. A great
point,because i know lot of people who make money in the US BAD ECONOMY.YOU have to create
your economy for you and your family.

THe DG mindset

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Thanks Dean and Matt. Truely words of wisdom.
Since joining the DG family and listening to what Dean ( and now Matt) has been saying about negative things effecting OUR outlook and outcome, I now look at negative news in a whole new light. I research things in ways I never did before. The difference now is when I read a negative review of something, I dissect what the negativity is and more often than not, it's not related to the item I am researching. Like Dean's unhappy customers who never bought the product. How could they complain if they never took a look?
So I give DG and the DG family and it's leaders a big THUMBS UP!!! If they tell us we are not too far gone, they we aren't. It's up to us to prove them wrong but you can only do that once you have done it all and the chances of anyone doing it all and not succeeding are quite remote. Everybody needs a plan B and C and D, etc and be willing to use them. No complaints until you've done them all Eye-wink

Success is yours for the taking!!!

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member


Great wisdom, Dean and Matt....Negativity accomplishes nothing - taking action gets results!
Have a Great Week....Debbie :---)))

great weekly wisdom

Matt&DEAN: Thanks for the weekly wisdom. Naysers,and negative people in this world. This is so true, I am sure everyone has sometime or another,experienced negative people. Dean is a great,very educated person,cares about all his students,I think Matt you are a great person,very smart,knowledgeable,helful to all.Have a nice holiday. Carol in Tx.

hey guys

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great advise as usual. no one has time for negativity if they want to keep moving forward.

the economy in my family

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I feel like Matt, thinking it is too late. But good to continue to hear it is NOT TOO LATE to start real estate. And you guys look so happy together and know you are helping not just yourselves but others like us with the education and weekly wisdoms.

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