Weekly Wisdom #255 - Tips For Boundless Energy

In this video Dean announces the winner of his laptop. If you posted a comment on his previous Weekly Wisdom, watch now and see if you won. You’ll also hear what Dean attributes his amazing, steady supply of high energy to – and what you can do every day if you want to feel the same way. There’s a terrific challenge here for all who will accept it. This might be the blog that helps you take your life to the next level.

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I am doing it without question. I am looking forward to a green week.




I actually already do this! I do a highly sugar-restrictive diet which I recently found out is even more strict than a diabetic's diet! I've been losing a lot of weight and am enjoying the benefits of feeling better!

Congrats, Stu!!


Ok, I'm openly admitting, I let the old slide back in. Been seeing the emails, reminders. But did not get out of my own way to get here. Well, I'm here now. I have much to be thankful for and many dreams (the most prevalent is to stop getting in my own way Smiling )

I'm starting back to be my own solution and with the help of this and the other site, the connections I've made and the ones I will make going forward, I know this dream can be reality.

Going Green!

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Hi Dean I will try the Green Drinks it will be something new to me. I love vegetables and salads never had a green drink though. As for the News I did do the diet of the news and I absolutely feel great. What a difference my mornings are focused on starting my positive reaffirmations! My mind and spirit feels clear when I do not see all of the negativity in the news.

thanks Dean!


Tips For Boundless Energy

Hello Dean and Family,

Thank you for the reinforcement. My daughter started my wife and I on detoxing our whole body with the alkaline water and green smoothie each morning. We add lemons, pineapple, avocados, herbs and spices to our dark green leafy vegetables. We also add walnuts and almonds to the smoothies. We started our routine over a month ago and we've all lost over 25 lbs and have more energy. The main thing is that all food we consume must be organic(non-GMO), chemical free and fresh.

Gods Blessing to All,


Great advice

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It is great that you are showing your leaders how to improve their diets as well as now showing everyone who follows you. I could tell that you had a profound effect on Matt since he looks so much healthier after working more closely with you.

I have always, well for a long time felt a need to eat healthy. One just feels better and afterall if you don't have health then you can't do much else. I don't know much about the acidic vs alkaline, so I will read up on that. I already eat tons of veggies and stay away from fried foods and lots of sweets, etc. Thanks for telling everyone about this green diet.

So THAT's why.......

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So that's why you are always so pumped up with energy Eye-wink

Another great WW. Fortunately, I'd gone from the caffeine dependent to water dependent years ago for health reasons. No crashes here Laughing out loud Energy level? I seem to have a ton. From age 52-54, I was using a push mower to mow my acre of land. THAT's stamina!( Good breeding maybe?) Sugar intake: minimal for me. News diet: I was just on one so I didn't hear about the flooding in CO. ( I have my daughter tell me when we are in hurricane or storm danger here but not about elsewhere.) Once I heard, I was on the phone to my CO friends checking up on them. I truely believe I am on the right road Smiling

So in keeping with my last post's promise, this is a shorter message. Congrats Stewart on your Mac book win!!! See ya next time Dean Laughing out loud

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Thank you Dean. You are the best.

Thank you for the laptop Dean. This years has been filled with ups and downs. Mostly ups lately - thanks to you. It looks like I will have a new morning ritual.
To any new investors... Be positive and get out of your comfort zone. That is definitely where life happen!!

Thanks again Dean!! Smiling

Stu Shepherd

Thank you to all the fellow investor.

Thanks for all your congratulations everyone.

Green Drink

Hi Dean,

Joe and I just join your inner circle two weeks ago and we love it! I was just telling him that we need to step it up a notch,and cleansing our mind, body and souls is what I'm talking about. So yes we will take your challange. Plus we are going to start walking and bike riding again. Your weekly wisdoms really hit home every week.We are going to be strong & healthy Real Estate Investors. Smiling

Thank You,
Gigi & Joe

You Got It Dean :)

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Thank You Again Dean For Another Awesome weekly wisdom As Always!
I always try and eat healthy meals for myself and my family, My biggest down fall is eating a late dinner (Shame on Me )LOL I get busy with my REI and Life in General that well make a late dinner for me & The Kids ( Mr. Mom Here Smiling my wife gets home from her JOB:( Late in the evening.
But I am going to re-schedule my Time Management
for starters:
1. Normal dinner times Smiling
2. Green Drinks in The Morning ( Picking some up Today) Honest Dean Smiling
3. More Water as well, already drink lots of water, occasional soda usually with lunch
4. Hit the Treadmill more Like I should

Thank You Again Dean for always sharing with us Smiling
Darren From Calif/Yosemite

Health and Real Estate

Thanks for the Great Weekly wisdom Dean....I am very fortunate that I don't need coffee in the morning to get moving....I do like coffee every now and then in the afternoon...I am trying not to have coffee/I am health conscience especially since I have a herniated disc. I will do the Green Drink...and continue with my smoothies.
TAKING CARE OF YOUR SELF / HEALTH IS A MUST....I look at it like this:
Either you spend the monies on yourself with nutricious (fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, and the like) food or you pay a doctor who may not be able to help you but give you pills for a temporary fix. I choose to eat nutriciouis/healthy foods and use the doctor as the very, very, very last choice!! Debbie

Congrats Stuart !!

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Congrats Stuart Smiling Lucky Dog! LOL

Have A Great Week !!
Darren From Calif

I CAN do this too!!

hey, just one more step to being the best you can be. I have heard many times that green drinks are the way to go to rid your body of toxins, so now I plan on taking action on this too! Dean you bring out the best in all of us...mind and body. As for no news, that one is easy, I am so tired of hearing all the negative in this world that I have not watched news in a long while now, don't worry about missing out, there are so many ppl around us that willingly fill us in on the news. Any way, I am totally in!

Tips for energy

Hi, Dean
I love your nutrition advice. I have already been doing something simular that my chiropracter recommended. It is now a healthy addiction to have. I usually drink it during the mid afternoon when I feel like a nap is coming on. This version that I do is a handful of baby spinach, yogart, a box of rasberry, or blueberry, or strawberry which ever fruit i have, and bananna, avocado, coconut milk, my chiro powder stuff and liquify it. It is yummy.

I also had a great time at the buying summit, I have my eye out on two properties here in Texas.
And been reading your book.
Love you bunches.


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Wow Dean, Gotta Cheer you on and already have a 'clean-eater' in the my house and work-out fanatic, let me just say it's a Wake Up Call for Sure, we have to take care of ourselves in order to help those around us! Thanks for the Wild Weekly Wisdom!

Sleeping well

What can you drink at night to guarantee you get up early in the morning without drowsiness?

Dean you are a cool cat :)

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I like it Dean, going to Ralphs to buy the green powder I love that you are talking about this I have been thinking about this for too long it's time to take action & you are making it simple so awesome I do eat sugary cereal, I just did! And it only goes so far. I wondered how you had so much energy and now we know, thanks.


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Love Love Love this message Smiling

Truth be told, I have fallen off the wagon a bit and have been a bit down on myself for it.

Time to get back on it. I am excited because I know the value.

Being healthy is another way of being true to yourself, and when you are true to yourself, EVERYTHING in your life gets better!

This is such an important topic. It is a huge piece of the "Totally Fulfilled" puzzle.

Thanks Dean for continuing to educate and inspire. Have a super great week!

Julie Wakefield


Looks great, can't wait to attend my first session.

Green Drink

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I will look into that.. more energy is good for your body. a week can change that so i will give it a try.. i like my coffee in the morning i cut out the sugar and feel better i also increased my water to 64 oz a day this helps i also added 7 hours sleep instead of 5-6 hours.. its only been 10 days and i feel better..
Its the little things you add that make a big difference.. thanks for the little secret Dean.. I can tell it does help and if you like it you will add it..

To your health

OMG this stuff tastes AWFUL, so it MUST be good for me!

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Green Vibrance? Check. Flaxseed Oil? Check. Water? Check? Lemon Juice? Check. I just drank a glass of this stuff and Dean is right. It is definitely NOT the best tasting stuff on earth. I imagine that if I were to ever drink a glass of fricasseed whale semen mixed with toejam, this is what that stuff would taste like! But hey, I'm game to try it for a week and see how I feel. Also laying off the sugar and news watching for a week too. We'll see how it goes!

Green Drink

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I will give this a try for a week. I NEED something to bring my energy levels back up and if this works, I will be very grateful!

Thank you for the challenge. I will do my best to succeed!

Congrats to Stuart on winning the laptop!


Hey Dean, great suggestion to try and something I can even manage even though I do love my sugar.Count me in. And thank everyone else as well for their inspiring stories and information. Maybe I could even talk my husband into trying it.


Hey Dean, great suggestion to try and something I can even manage, even though I do love my sugar.Count me in. And thank everyone else as well for their inspiring stories and information. Maybe I could even talk my husband into trying it.


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no news diet no problem you lost me at green drink yuck time for a big mac

Green Drink

Count me in!

YES!! I will. Still 25..... *smirk*

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Hi Dean, I already do something similar but not every day. I've gotten out of my routine. I already have all the ingredients so did one today. It's amazing how much easier weight loss is with this stuff too.

Green Drink

stephanieerickson3@Hotmail.com's picture

This doesnt sound too complicated! Im in, ready for some good lasting energy, count me in!

Thanks DG

Green Drink

Ok, I'm going to Whole Foods and getting the green and also going to make sure I drink at least 12oz. of H2O every day.

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