Weekly Wisdom #255 - Tips For Boundless Energy

In this video Dean announces the winner of his laptop. If you posted a comment on his previous Weekly Wisdom, watch now and see if you won. You’ll also hear what Dean attributes his amazing, steady supply of high energy to – and what you can do every day if you want to feel the same way. There’s a terrific challenge here for all who will accept it. This might be the blog that helps you take your life to the next level.

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Awesome Post!

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This is an amazing post from Dean. My husband and I are major health nuts and always try to encourage others to give the "healthy way" a try. I know sometimes it can be difficult to break old habits and form new ones, but isn't that what this real estate thing is all about anyway? Stepping out of your comfort zone to better your life? Exactly! Just apply that same "I can do it" attitude to this green drink and you will be surprised at the difference the little changes can make and just how much easier it gets with the right attitude. I recently completed a 30 day all organic juice fast during which I only consumed freshly prepared fruit and veggie juice with my home juicer and I felt incredible! More energy and clarity than ever and all of my headaches and pain disappeared. The mental clarity is amazing when your body is functioning optimally (all the better when you are trying to focus on deals!) I 100% will do what Dean has asked, after all, when has he ever steered you wrong? Smiling

Dean, thanks for showing how much you truly care about every one of us and thanks for planting such a positive, encouraging seed for the DG community. Smiling

That's funny...

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Have you been following my Facebook Americow health page?? Eye-wink

I've been doing green Vibrance for about 7 years. Also been vegetarian for the same amount of time. (Great minds...)


I am learning!

Having your adult children around - alot since we are working together - can be a blessing. No doubt about it. I love working with them. BUT, they soon caught on that I am not overly concerned with a balanced diet. Since I already have some health issues, and like to think I have the sense God gave a goose, you would've thought I would know and do better.

Believe me I am doing better now because you just can't argue with them when they're right. First thing they suggested - healthy smoothies with a good protein powder, get off sodas, green veggies all day every day.

Now I can tell you what kale and collard greens taste like; thanks to fresh spinach I can have green eggs and ham with the grand-kids; and, I look forward to my smoothie!!!

Maybe I am learning to think like Dean - or at least trust what he tells me works!

Green Drink

Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom. I'm going out and buy that green drink and get going. I'm already drinking copious amouonts of water, but I plan on increasing that too as well as my exercise. Thanks again for the tip.


Green and No News!

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I'm about 90% there ... I'm committed and making it happen! Day one and counting Smiling
Thanks Dean!

green drink

Thanks Dean: for receipe. excellent idea. I will buy some green powder,get started.I bet this willhelp me sleep better, more energy.Carol in Texas


Nice! Always love to hear others promoting health, especially getting off junk food and back into good quality foods.

I'm doing this already. You said it well!

Thanks Dean , I'm going GREEN !!!!

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I'm all in ... Lets Go !

Green Drink!

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Green drink

I started juicing green veg two weeks ago and I feel great....Had aches and pain in my knees...it's gone...Thank you for the weekly post....

Deans Energy

Hello Dean

I always wondered where your energy came from.

Of course some of your energy is probably genetic but some of it is most likely because you're doing something you really enjoy doing, such as helping others as well as buying, selling, flipping and managing Real Estate properties. Plus MAKING MONEY!

However, I completely understand your suggestion on your daily eating and drinking habits.

What you presented regarding the Green Mix beverage makes perfect sense. It is really amazing how many people use those 5 hour energy shots! Those have to be bad for any ones health. Some people even take 2,3,4,or even 5 of those shots per day just to keep going.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your energy secret with us. I am sure a lot of DG Members will follow suit.

Personally, I drink coffee, but limit it to only one cup per day. I then usually have a Protein drink. However, with your suggestion on the Green Mix beverage, I just might give it a go as well.

Thanks again for sharing something that regardless of being in Real Estate, everyone could use.

Keep on keeping on!


Will Roach

Going green inside out!

Hi Dean!
I did the greens and protein juice every morning for about a month and felt great. My body did not feel sluggish at all. What I did not know was the lemon and flaxseed oil in it. You inspired me to get started again. Thank you.

P.S. Also look into Bragg's apple cider vinegar with mother to help alkalize the body.

Going Green

Scott I's picture

Hey Dean, I'm in! I'll commit to overcoming that coffee craving in the morning and I'll go green. No problem. I accept the challenge. Let's do this!!!

Great blog Dean

I just started new habits, ie. live veg. drink everyday, running, the gym, vitamin supplements, etc...and quit the old ones; alcohol, cigars, coffee, etc. I'ave already 10 pounds and at age 61, it's not easy. My energy has increased. I might get the green vibrance drink to use in a pinch. Great advice.

On another note, this is for anyone who wants to market their business or website for free and in about 10 days,this is going to change internet history. Please check out this link http://www.PlsFunnel.com/33403503

Take care,


I will do it Dean!

rcmfunding's picture

I'll consume that green drink each morning, more water throughout the day, lay off the coffee, sugar, and fried foods. This could be the start of my new diet. I'm sure that I will not miss the news and if I need the local weather I have my iPhone. Thanks for the post Dean.


I read up on the diet

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Here is what WebMD says: I think that this diet sounds good as it will be beneficial to many to increase their fruits and veggies which many Americans lack. The diet also helps with ridding yourself of sugars, fats and the like while increasing water which is very beneficial and which I mostly drink. Still, everyone should always do your own due diligence and consult your doctor especially if you have any underlying health problems. Webmd did mention that this diet may not be good for diabetics for instance due to them needing to maintain their blood sugar. link here! http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/alkaline-diets-what-to-know I am sure Dean is only looking to increase the health of his students, but don't just follow a fad without checking things out thoroughly. To everyone's health!

Great Advice!!

So glad to hear you are on top of your health! I have been caffeine free for over 15 years! Vegetarian now for over 14 years, mostly vegan, off cigarettes for over 16 years, alcohol and drug free for over 28 years! We juice and make lots of green drinks too..........my 8 year old daughter who loves to watch your weekly wisdoms (as I always mention) loves green smoothies. I will try and drink our green vibrance which is sitting on my counter collecting dust each day for a week. Thanks again!

green it is.

Thanks Dean .I am taking notes on keeping fit and drinking and eating healthy.I am going green thanks to Dean.

I Will Do This Green Drink

Keep your advice coming because if no one is listening you can bet I will be. Im hungry for good advice specially from healthy successful people. I will do this for seven days if it makes my P90X journey any easier and or makes me feel more energetic I will incorporate it into my daily routine. 90%-95% of what I drink is already water its my drink of choice and the news diet I already do so I'll keep you posted on my results. Thanks

Good Idea

Cbardy43's picture

Hey Dean, That sounds like more disapline. LOL It's worth a try. All your advice always seem to work. So I'm game to try it. Any who , I thought you might like to know Stan and I joined your Success Academy !! now we should start rolling the ball now! Stan just got thew reading 30Days. And I am half way threw reading your Be a Real Estate Millionaire!!!I believe we will be doing good in just a short time now, Thanks for all your blogs that keep Stan and I going. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all the confidence you provide for everyone here.I AM Proud to be apart of DG family. Can't wait to start meeting everyone that I can meet!


this is the most important, informative blog ever. for what is wealth w/out health. thank you mr d. as soon as I latch on to more energy, I will be spending more time in the RE world.

DG-Greenies we be

LOL, this was great, I myself have been for 60 odd years a "Meat and Potato" kind of guy but have been reading up on Plant base eating and the incredible benefits and low and behold here you are adding to my regime - I love it - just wish I had started earlier in life but its never to late, thanks, and bottoms up.....

Green Vibrance

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the insight! I am going to put this on my to do list.

ill do it

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Ok, Hold tight, Julie just brought some back from the store and I am going to make a drink right now. Ummm , that was delicious Smiling Actually not too bad. We are always trying to eat healthier but sometimes I slip a little. Doing way better than last year. I will let you know how I feel in a week.
thanks Dr. D Smiling
John W

Thank you for caring

Now when a RE Professional jump into your physical health, that tells me that he trully cares about you. Dean, I have never met, nor talked to, I thank you for sharing you wisdom, your life with us. I am trully grateful. Although I am on my 2nd cup of joe this morning listening to this weekly wisdom I will make that sacrafice starting tomorrow to change my morning route. I thank you Dean, I pray that God bless you beyound what you can measure. Not just physcial, material or finachial. I am asking him to Trully bless you.
Thank you Dean


Congrats Stewart on being the winner. Great job.




Good idea I will try to do my best, I'm always start the day with coffee but this is great and different and especially hefty.
thanks Dean.

Improving your life is always good.

Thanks for the great information like always.

This was a great reminder for me to start working on my physical health and not only my mental health. Since the mind and body are one.

For some reason we been conditioned to view it as two separate things.

A human being has both a mind and a both so to improve your self you must improve both. Not just focus on one aspect.


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Wow, a very unexpected piece of advice! Certainly not something you normally hear in real estate investment circles - but so true!
The health is the base. You won't do much if you are sick or weak. We are what we eat. Cut the crap and embrace the real food. After a while you will feel awesome! And the whole acidic thing is true. It's a cancer waiting to happen. Don't let it ruin your life!

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