Weekly Wisdom #255 - Tips For Boundless Energy

In this video Dean announces the winner of his laptop. If you posted a comment on his previous Weekly Wisdom, watch now and see if you won. You’ll also hear what Dean attributes his amazing, steady supply of high energy to – and what you can do every day if you want to feel the same way. There’s a terrific challenge here for all who will accept it. This might be the blog that helps you take your life to the next level.

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LOVE this challenge

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A very timely challenge, as I have been combating a really, really nasty cold. I even think I had pneumonia. But I do not take medication unless I absolutely have to. I'm thinking "If it does not kill me, it will only make me stronger." Taking on this green challenge will certainly help me combat the last symptoms of this awful cold. I stopped drinking coffee a long time ago. Getting my green powder today at the Wholefoods Store!

I will need all the energy I can get, since I have a move coming up very soon, so this really motivates me.

Love ya!


Feeling Good is a must!!!

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Over the last 3 months I have lost 45 lbs and feel great.
I have started to jog with my daughter every morning and It is changing my life.
The energy is coming back and I get a lot more done now.
It is still tough but being a single dad I have every reason to keep pushing!
Thanks for all the personal info you keep giving.
I will keep pushing towards success.

: (

No news diet is a big no-no for me. My business is based on the bad news....I sell personal security and surveillance products. Everything you need to protect your family and homes!! (Unfortunately you can't escape the bad and ugly things going on around us)!!

Green Vibrance via Amazon

I purchased Green Vibrance yesterday from Amazon. Am looking forward to getting healthier, aligning the alkaline/acid levels in my body and getting more pep! Thanks for the tip, Dean. Just a cautionary word to folks to be careful of the iron level. Otherwise...Cheers and to our health!

Boundless Energy

Dean, God bless you this is just what I need, I started immediately, I will continue without question.

Energy Booster

Hello Dean:
I will check the local Whole Foods Market for the Green Vibrant(green powder), the Flack Seed Oil, and Lemon Juice; and I will mix them together as you advised, adding one cup of the green power, lemon juice and flack seed oil to one cup of water, mix and drink. I will pay attention to the increase of my energy level in the week ahead. And of course, I will drink lots of water and stay away from the use of sugar for the week. Wisdom is power and power transcends into energy. Thanks.

Green drink

frenchdr's picture

Hi Dean,
I can do this for a week.
The news ....I have been off them a long time ago.
Don't miss it one bit.
Have a blessed week!

I am getting it

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Hi Dean,

Great advice, my wife and I both will be on this drink, ofcourse we have to find the store that sells this.


The Green Drink no sugar lot's of water

Hey Dean I love to eat meals without added sugar the natural taste of each food is great in taste and thanks for the confirmation of healthy eating.

Video Kept filtering

I wish I could hear this one, will try later.


HI DEAN & THE DG FAMILY: you just cannot go wrong
with these green vegetables,i definately will start
using these food more. THANK you dean for this
recipe,i am in, count me in. CONGRAT STEWART FOR

Green Drink

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Dean - Glad to hear the green drink is working for you. I add it to my smoothie in the morning, but before I have my smoothie, I grab an 8 oz glass of water and add tsp of organic apple cider vinegar and tsp blackstrap molasses. This drinks helps w/digestion, inflammation, and is packed w/enzymes and amino acids and iron. Try and let me know what you think! Drink up!

Green Drink

Lizeth D Galvan's picture

Tammy Reoch is making me drink the green drink. I'm sure I'll thank her later. Smiling

Going Green for 1 Week

Well, this one is going to b tough but what have
I got to lose! I started working out on Monday
again!! I have my 3 day seminar starting on Friday
so I'm going to listen to you and try it for a
Week. Thanks Dean and I will keep in touch
on my progress.

Engergy Drink

Wow! hum this will be a little tuff.
Thank you very much for sharing something valuable. Your the bestest!


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Just began this morning. My first sip was not great, and Flax oil didn't help. Threw in a mango and that really did the trick. I think blending in a piece of fruit everyday will help me stomach this better. Also had quite a reaction to it, guess I'm not used to eating something so healthy - there, by bad eating habits have been exposed. We'll see what happens tomorrow, going to make two, one for me and one for my darling husband.


I'm in. Green drink every day for a week, and as usual a healthy 'news' free diet for a lifetime.

Thanks Dean, & everyone participating Smiling

Hi Dean, Thanks for the weekly wisdom

I am a health food person myself, I used to drink super greens a few years ago, I will start drinking it again thanks, I also watched the success stories awesome,

Thanks Ray


I have read such wonderful posts to your challenge Dean and as one of my acquaintances says "it's all good"!!!

The Lord puts people, places, situations in our path to make us stop, listen and learn!!!!

So here is "me learning". I can do green x 1 week (I've done it before!) I can do no news x 1 week. The psych gurus say no more than 2-3 times a week for news anyway; it makes us depressed and apathetic, because with all the horrendous stuff we see and hear about, we realize we have no control. What can you do about someone who goes into a Navy yard & starts shotting up people? To all in the DG family, give your heart a rest, stop looking/listening to the news for 7 days!

Green energy!

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I am going to do this, my husband and I went to a health spa a few months ago and we never felt better, we drank our food and detoxed our bodies for 3 days. It was wonderful, however, we have gotten back in the swing of eating what we want except we are heavy water drinkers and we rarely eat anything fried, it tears our stomach's up. I am going to commit to this, I will go to my whole foods store tomorrow and get this. Thanks for the challenge.



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We are all winners here, benefiting from the weekly wisdom's and all the care and support we find here everyday.

Laptops and phones are great too. Congrats to you, Stewart on winning the laptop!

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson


Great reminder of something I DID a while back...
I am getting the ingredients and starting over by this weekend!

Can't wait to feel that ENERGY again! It really does work!!! greens and water

Have a great week!

Green Energy

I'm willing to try this. I will pay a visit to Nature-Tyme this weekend to check it out!


Roryjarrell's picture

I've been green for years , good advise .


I NEED TO CHANGE MY LIFE AOUND AND BE SOMEONE MY KIDS ARE GOING TO LOOK UP TO. Show my kids how to help people with there real estate needs.

Day 2 of the Green Vibrance Challenge

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1st morning I stuck a mango in my mix to make it more palatable - did the trick. 2nd morning had a lone peach in the fruit basket, I sacrificed it for my husband and let him use it in his drink. I went fruitless in my green drink and *GLUG* the powder, water, lemon juice, and flax oil all by itself was not palatable. I did manage to choke it down though. Good news is that after I managed to finish it, I had totally lost my appetite so didn't need to eat anything else after that ha-ha Laughing out loud
Over to the grocery store for more fruit or juice or something!

Green Drink & TV

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Thanks Dean for ALL of your posts.. I don't even own a TV and I've had a VitaMix for 14yrs now, So I'll do some of your Green Drink and see how I feel... I'm pretty High energy anyway... Gotta get my passive income up to $65,000/PER MONTH so I can live off of $15K and GIVE AWAY $50,000 EVERY MONTH!!!!

Ok.. back to building my buyers list for me!

All the best!
Kevin Cundiff

Day 3 and feeling better

Aloha Dean,

Thank you for reminding me that I can feel better with starting day with green drink. I did this a while back, just for a cleansing boost. But I saw your video and it reminded me to drink the green drink as a ritual each day just for my ongoing health.

I added the lemon and boy, did that make the drink act differently... in a good way. Day 1 was brutal and I did get a really bad headache. But this morning I had no cravings for sweets and also feel wonderful!

Mahalo again!

I saw a number of videos

I saw a number of videos here and yes I must say that your video are truly great and helpful. Your wisdom tips work great for all.


Sorry I am not posting a deal on here but had to write something because i lost a dear friend in the terrorist attacks in Kenya recently. In fact President Clinton mentioned her in his speech at CGI. What it brought home to me is how short and fragile life can be so live each day as if it is your last and grab the wonderful opportunities in real estate and other aspects of life while you can.

Thanks for the advice on nutrition Dean. I juice regularly but will definitely try out the green stuff in the mornings.

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