Weekly Wisdom #255 - Tips For Boundless Energy

In this video Dean announces the winner of his laptop. If you posted a comment on his previous Weekly Wisdom, watch now and see if you won. You’ll also hear what Dean attributes his amazing, steady supply of high energy to – and what you can do every day if you want to feel the same way. There’s a terrific challenge here for all who will accept it. This might be the blog that helps you take your life to the next level.

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I just got a juicer just over a month ago and did the Joe Cross Mean Green with fresh veggies which is convenient when I am home. Thanks for sharing the instant green when you are not around a juicer. Yes it got really really hectic this week did the coffee and sweets, but thanks for POKING at me. I do understand the importance of all you mentioned. Got to get back in the game.


Thanks, Dean, for caring enough for your fellow human beings to keep "poking" them. I'm 59, and I've done some fasting for spiritual reasons, and I'm convinced that my regular diet is unhealthy, to say the least. Now, I cannot promise that I'm suddenly going to go absolute vegan, but I can at least start using the Nutri-blaster that my wife bought several months ago. I might wake the kids at 5:00 am before I go to work, but maybe it'll be worth it! -Tom

Green Drink

I didn't really know how to comment on this week's Weekly Wisdom. You kind of threw me for a loop this week.

I've made a few of the changes that you suggested, but I still can't bring myself to drink the powdered green drink. I'm working on it though. Eating more greens was easy, as was giving up dairy, bread, and the news...but giving up my cup of coffee in the morning was by far the most challenging aspect of this exercise.

I'll give it a try again next week, but to be honest these headaches are killing me and I seem to lose focus more often than not. I will beat this challenge even if it kills me.

On the plus side, substituting chicken and fish for beef was surprisingly easy to do. I think I'll keep beef to a minimum from now on. And yes, the chicken was broiled instead of fried.


On a side note...Turkey Bacon tastes nothing like bacon! My reward for beating this challenge will be a real BLT (on bread this time) with actual BACON and an avocado on the side.

Livin GREEN with DEAN!!!

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I started a program last week because of your GREEN weekly wisdom.. I have lost 10 lbs since then and will be going for a total loss of 33 lbs in 40 days..That's the goal!! Slow and steady for me right now!!

AND!!! Finally a real closing date on my package deal!! (2 homes for the price of 1/2 of one!!) Looks like Oct 2 at 3pm!! First closing since attending Dean's three day seminar in March...

This will make 4 properties I now own & rent !!! I may not be going fast :: :: BUT I'M GOING STRONG & STEADY!!

I will double my money here on the HELOC's for each home, replace the initial money used to fund the deal & put six figures in my investment account for the next 3 deals I have lined up!!




From your Friendly Neighborhood "FrogMan"

#255 Boundless Energy!

Go Dean Go! Yes I love reading your wisdoms!
I too, love that you are promoting good health, and healthy body weight for us all! I have not yet bought the ingredients for the : Green Drink but I will. Someone at my work is doing this and swears by it. Also I have noticed that Matt is looking very fit indeed, as is Dean! I did note that Matt (in an much earlier video) was chubby looking. But no longer! He is sure hot now! (this was a video where he promotes his own cd: PEG I think it was)I tried to find this the other day, but could not. Does anyone know where it is? Thanks again Dean, and I also want to be your "winner" for the next draw! Love to all my "family members"!!

Tips for Boundless Engergy

Thank you Dean! This is exact what I was thinking of doing but wasn't should what to put together. Lately I have been very low on my energy iron could be part of it too. Differently I will do this. Thank you like always you are great inspiration and mentor.



live green

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Thanks Dean for another great challenge. This really does work but I've never put the flax oil in. I've always taken a omega 3 gel cap that I keep in the fridge to reduce the fishy burps. I will try it this way. Laura

Re: Tips for boundless energy

Hi Dean,

I received life changing news on Monday about a friend of our family, and didn't feel up to the challenge. I felt I needed more time to prepare for it.

So, starting this week, I will do the green drink, eliminate sugar, eat more live green vegetable, double my water intake, and go on a news diet for 7 days.

Also, congratulations Stu for winning Dean's laptop. I hope you have as many years of success in real estate as he has.

And thank you Dean for sharing the energy tips. God bless you and your family.


I agree with you Dean. I will challenge myself to this. I am 60 yoa and my husband is 75 and we need to remain healthy. Being healthy makes your brain function more everyday.

green drink

Timing is everything! I have just viewed this video but this past weekend I purchased all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies and made a green drink of spinach, celery, apple, and lemon jsut this morning. Coworkers were wrinkling their noses at it. Smiling
So, I may not buy the Green powder, Dean, but I will make a fresh green drink every morning this week. Oh, and given the choice, my TV never gets turned on until after 9:00 PM, if ever.

Thanks Dean for all the information you share and the challenges you give us!


Green tea!!

I am agree with your reviews because green tea is a perfectible for health.green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns foods into calories.Green tea is a good anti-oxidant.

burlingame Fitness Center

more energy

Dean, excellent, people at work want random test already, Smiling more energy, I'm in. Thank you for the recharge
Enjoy & Until

Boundless energy

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Have you ever considered making that drink with alkaline water? Just a thought. I drink a glass of alkaline water each night before I go to bed (unless I have eaten really late) to keep the acidity down.

green drink

Thanks Dean
I just started thinking about what I eat. I cut out soda about a month ago, quit eating donuts and coffee for breakfast many months ago. I have been cutting out the bad but don't know what I should add. Your timing is great for me. I just bought a Vitamix on Sunday. My first day using Green Vibrance is today...
Thanks again for all your info



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Hi Dean: Lots of people drink THE GREEN DRINK! I will try it. I have lots of energy anyway! Walk 2 miles a day. Thanks, Dean for the advice. Kathy Wensel

Green Drinks

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I been a vegetarian for almost 2 years now and I'm now considering switching to Raw Vegan diet. I use a Juicer instead of a blender for my green drinks but then again, Blending green smoothies are way better than eating process foods in the morning. I'm a really big fan of Juice fasting for Detox and Cleasing your body and specially getting the energy Dean Mentions!! Having a green juice every morning will replace coffee and it will provide you with true energy. My life and health change because of fruits and vegetables!

Green Drink

So the best part is that I already have the green powder, flax seed oil and fresh lemon...just wasn't motivated to prepare and drink....well here I go..today is day 1

Right on!

Hey Dean,

This is something I've been
into for quite a while.

You mentioned Tony Robbins
talking about it and I too
remember going through one
of his courses a few years ago
where he talked about the power
of balance in your body with
ph/alkalinity and how you can
dramatically change your physiology
for getting momentum vs. the
drier more dense foods without
much water content that will
slow you down and make you
drag/sleepy the rest of the day.
(think big cheeseburger/fries or
steak & mashed potatoes w/gravy
vs. a green shake with lots
of vitamins/water/nutrients
that your body really THRIVES on).

If anybody is feeling like
they're in a low power state
and they actually do start
eating more green vegetables,
drinking plenty of water to hydrate,
especially taking Green Vibrance in
the morning they WILL notice
a huge difference in their body/mind.
(even if they're not working out)

Adding the workout along with this
healthy type of eating is FIRE
for getting pumped up and
having TONS of energy to
keep going throughout the day.

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Ok, I'm IN

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Just got the green powder, protein powder, veggies, big water bottle. I'm ready, anxious.
I have been on a sleep schedule for years that I normally wake up at 3AM, no matter what time I go to sleep. Always wanting to take a nap about 9AM, tail drags all day. I am looking forward to positive changes.
Version 15 is now ready, http://www.vibranthealth.com/green-vibrance/product-pages/green-vibrance...

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