Weekly Wisdom #258 - Roar!

Yep, that’s the sound a lion makes and it means today is your time to find your power. In this video Dean reveals an exercise that you will use to zero in on the dangers, opportunities and strengths in your life. Grab a piece of paper and get ready to see your life from a whole new, exciting perspective.

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Awesome Weekly Dean!!

Valuni's picture

This Weekly Wisdom is amazing!!! Thank you Dean!

I did get my pen and paper and wrote down my Dangers, Opportunities, and my Strengths!
It's incredible the power we can feel with this simple exercise!!! Everyone who is doing re investing will benefit from doing this!

I am a champion!! Hear me Roarrrrr!!!


Thanks Dean

Thanks Dean for another kick-in-the-pants WW. I will do this exercise. I tend to let my Dangers out weigh my Strengths and I miss Opportunities because of it. No longer can I keep holding myself back. Thanks again Dean for the awesome WW.

Thank you again!!

I know I can do it, I know I will do it, THANK YOU again for your dedication to your students and for sharing.

Great exercise, I feel better already.

Cesar Q.


Thanks for the suggestion, I usually look at opportunities and strengths, but never really thought about the dangers. Now that I have a new way to look at it, will see if that opens up more opportunities!

By the way, thank you for changing the background, the brick pattern was distracting.


Better than OJ in the morning!!!

Gladly set my oatmeal down this morning to do this exercise.


Oatmeal tasting better than ever this morning!!!!

Good one Dean!

Thank you very much!!!!

p.s. Say Dean I'll be heading out to the 7PM Fountain Valley CA meeting tomorrow night. Can't wait!

Thank You !!

Great WW Again WoW !!

Thank you Dean for your time, dedication and your teachings. I did the exercise and yeap I got it !!
Job well done !

We are champions !!
Have a blessed day and week DG Family !!

Thank You

The Best is Yet to Come !!!!!

I am STRONG !!

Roar !

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Hi Dean

Another great weekly wisdow........

These lists help us see what areas we are weak in,.........and than work to strengthen those areas....Smiling

Thank You Dean....

The Lion is King of the Jungle.....

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar !

Have a Great Week....


a lion

Dean, this is great, this one is going to pull myself over the hill, the list is over whelming. 2 to 1 and not even close. Looking at it straightens me, Thank You
Enjoy & Until

DOS is Awesome

BrianNorris01's picture

Thank you for teaching me another way to overcome my fears, evaluating my true potential and realizing my opportunities. DOS is short but sweet. Thanks


Great Weekly wisdom dean, Its all about mindset!!
Are you going to give that mouse control? Absolutely not, Make those OPPORTUNITIES AND STRENGTHS outweigh those dangers.

Have an awesome week! Thank Dean

Very inspiring blog,and very

candelariogomez@ymail.com's picture

Very inspiring blog,and very good exercise.


dminlow's picture

Got to get this house SOLD

mouse trap

I cant believe how bad my dangers sound when I talk like a mouse "squeak squeak"i dont have money,"squeak squeak" I,m not smart enough they said i cant do this "squeak squeak" O,M,G, this is so bad it makes me fill like a little boy crying over nap time .this is so funny.But when I say. "BUT I HAVE DEAN","I HAVE THE DG FAMILY" " I EVEN HAVE THE SUCCESS ACADEMY ,Yea now I fell like a winner.This makes me see how I some times let old bad habits come around. this was vary good for me thanks Dean.


kcw6150's picture

Dear Dean, with the team that you have assembled. It's a huge advantage to contribute to feeling strong about where we are headed. So
what you guys do helps roar like a LION.
Thanks Again,

#258 Roar

Olesailor's picture

Thanks Dean,
Great exercise!


Thank you Dean

I believe endless opportunities abound.
When it comes to my strengths, I have trouble seeing them. Having come this far I am sure I have some strengths.
What I will do is put my focus on the action steps that I will take and the work I need to do while I continue to eliminate the negative.

Thanks for the Inspiration Dean!

Anointed1's picture

My dangers are so outweighed I forget I have them. I'm so Determined and Focused on the POSSIBILITIES! I can't be stopped!

Great Exercise

jokitty92's picture

Thanks Dean. This is a great exercise to really key in on what is holding us back. I can see my dangers are overtaking my thinking. Time to come back to conquering them.

squeak squeak!

That was cute dude. Dean you had doing this exercise and boy my list was long.But that mouse sound sure made my problem tettius. I also like the Mouse Trap comment. That cheered me as much as your did Dean! Your did it once again! Built my strength up and my confidence!
Thank Dean Cindy B.

weekly wisdom #258 Roar!

Thank you again Dean.

That was very funny with the mouse thing.
thank you so much for all of your help
and reassurance that their is still time
to get on the boat in this market of opportunity.

I have learned that you can earn money in any market, but this one is still looking good to me.

Thank you so much for all of your time
and education.

I have something to ask of you.

Will you do a video blog why very educated
people who earn very good livings as CEO's
VIP and so on of companies and still do not
believe that real estate can earn them money
like the stock market does?


Yosemite Guy's picture

Hear Me Roar Dean LOL Smiling
Thank You Again for another Awesome Weely Wisdom As Always!
My strength's Definitely Out way My Obstacles and Dangers, Full steam Ahead!!
Going To Write these down and Tape them Next to my Desk-So I can always see them As my Boost on the Tough Days Smiling
Thank You Again Dean
Lets All Have A Great Week,
Darren From Calif

Thank you Dean

xTomcaTx's picture

Sometimes it's nice to step back and realize just how much you've made available on this site for free, like you sead "that other people charge for" and yet they still don't have the quality of content that there is to offer here. Smiling

I'd rather dig for good information and find quality than to pay for multiple levels of 'sales pitches'.

Mouse Imitation

Dean, You should have heard my mouse imitation. I was so pitiful. Yuck! Using the mouse voice makes it a great exercise!

I have a GREAT OPPORTUNITY HERE! Best I've ever had! And my boyfriend is sacrificing to give me the OPPORTUNITY to do this full time!

Thanks AGAIN Dean, Paula in TN


I am a lion, thanks Dean, do not want to be a mouse:) good lesson this week.

What a neat exercise. It

RD2Invest1980's picture

What a neat exercise. It does help indeed. It may make you feel foolish, but we have to keep in mind that anyone who has ever did anything great once felt foolish at some point in time.

Excellent Exercise!!!!

pacheco3091761's picture

Hi Dean,

Just wanted to say that I am pleased to say that we are all afraid at one time or another! But how do we overcome these fears like you mentioned on this weekly wisdom video we roar like a lion! That is exactly what my dad and I have done since joining the DG Family nothing but roar and not looking back. We just got back from attending the Buying Summit in Las Vegas, which was an extraordinary experience and we made our first deal and it felt great! It was a pleasure to get to know you in person even though we missed out on a picture with you and our autographed book. We can say that it was an extraordinary experience.

Thank you!
Francisco and Frank Pacheco
Father and Son Team

Jumping Jellybeans!

Dean a 2nd post. I just got home from work, I been ROARRRRRRing all day at my job, the staff believes I'm off my medication BUT WHO CARES!!!!!

Stepped in the house and let out another BIG ROARRRRRRR! Oh boy... I was not expecting my girlfriend coming over to make me a surprise dinner. Scared her right into next Thursday.

This can only mean one thing, guess its meatloaf night. Oh well. Sad


Thanks Dean!

Sammy C

Finding the inner animal

This week's message has to be a road map for me! I am starting this week feeling a bit like a mouse on one of those wheels; by mid-week, I will feel roaringly good about about getting off the wheel and taking on a lion's share of productivity, not just activity; and by week's end, I will be feeling strong, productive, industrious, and soaring like an eagle!

Before my partners and I do the DOS exercise, we're going to write down 3 or 4 strengths we see in each other. After we are done with the DOS assessment, I think it will be interesting to find out what the others see as our strengths.

My Grandma Murr was fond of saying, "Oh Dear God, what a kind gift give us, to see ourselves as other see us."

That's my weekly plan! Thanks Dean!

Weekly Widsom

Comparisons always help to put things in their proper perspective. Thanks Dean for this exercise.

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