Weekly Wisdom #266 - Uncertainty

While hanging out with Tony Robbins over the weekend, I heard something that was very counter-intuitive.
We are all so focused on “being sure.” We want guarantees, sure things, no-risk. But what if being safe keeps you stuck? I’m not suggesting you get crazy, but maybe your future is worth looking at your present relationship with certainty.

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom..... As Benjamin Franklin said, "The only things certain in life are death and taxes."

We have to make each day count......Smiling

Thank You Dean for caring.....XO


A lot of truth is counter-intuitive

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So happy you are at Tony's event and got to spend some time one on one. I am a huge fan! I remember him teaching at Unleash the Power Within that certainty and uncertainly are 2 of the driving forces/needs in life. We can't lean either way too far. Security/certainty can keep us warm, but it can also suffocate us and prevent progress. Soak it up and share some more!


Dean awesome!

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I wrote that out what you qouted on a piece of copy paper and am posting it on my wall along with the famous Michael Jordan qoute "I have failed over and over in my life and that's why I'm successful" Love that one too and I have decided I am going to listen to the video Tammy Reoch posted it is sooo inspirational and to Tony Robbins every day in the morning to pump me up, for a 10 minutes while I work out.

FYI, my marriage has been so stressed because of the separation and I have been negative about it and about visiting my wife in Mex City because of the crime there, but I am flipping it and thinking positive that everything will turn out alright and go my way! Seeing the positive in everything, hey being away from my wife full time gives me the time to prepare for her coming back with having more RE profits to buy a bigger house! Smiling Merry Xmas and Happy New Year all!

Excellent blog

Hi Dean: Thanks for sharing information.I know Tony Robbins is a great very smart guy.Thanks Dean: I will measure my certainity this week. Carol in Texas

Back and forth

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Thanks Dean for your words of encouragement. I have been just floating here going whichever way the tide takes me. I have been complacent and uncertain of what I am trying to do. I have to focus and commit to the work at hand and get my affairs in order. 2014 will be the year of a great prosperous year for me. I will take account of my certainty this week. I am so glad to receive your Weekly wisdoms that they help me to focus on what is really important. without them I would just get nothing done.
John from Lemon Grove, Ca.

Get uncomfortable

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Thank you Dean for sharing, we have done more uncomfortable unsure things with our business and we have learned a lot with that. I used to play everything the safe way with having security at a regular job, benefits... however, we have learned there is no security but what you make it and that is why we do this business so we can be in control of our lives and not Corporate America dictating to us how we are going to do it. Making it happen is the key!

Tina Scott


Hi Dean and thank you for going to Tony Robbins event and sharing such a great weekly wisdom regarding uncertainty. Very true as well. This last month and 1st week of current month my life was very shaken up because I was able to see the light involving the current stagnant situation that I was in so what did I do, I moved my Castle and Office while I closed 2 deals... I am able to focus more on real estate with less distractions and outside interference, I hang around with like minded individuals more and have a peace of mind which money cannot buy!!! Years ago I fired my employer and thus removed the security blanket which I thought was security....TODAY I HAVE AN AWESOME LIFE / taking risks / going towards uncertaininty instead of settling for the dull / lifeless CERTAIN LIFE. WISHING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND DG FAM HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!


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Dean you are on point. I just like to thank you man for everything you are doing to make it possible for people like myself to have a chance at a better life through Real Estate.

Getting out of my comfort zone

Thanks for making time to create this video for us even though you're super busy, Dean. I'll certainly be taking your advice regarding uncertainty. I know I'll be having to get out of my comfort zone now, which is very difficult for me to do. I've built my life around making it as comfortable as humanly possible and I've been fairly successful in that regard. However, I still don't have what I want. And since I'm not the kind of guy who would be happy having to scrimp and save and do without just to make ends meet, I guess retirement is just not for me yet. So, I'm going to get out of my comfort zone and my life of certainty and do whatever it takes to become a successful Real Estate Investor and create positive cash flow so I'll be able to retire someday.


Living With Uncertainty

Thank you, Dean, for yet another example of what it takes to not only move forward but to share along the way. Wrote down the quote you referred to. Keeper! You AND the quote : ) The quality of my life = the quality of my belief system in action. I will, we will do this guys! It takes a village.

Eileen Byrne

My Uncertainty !

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Hey Dean thanks for the wisdom that you empowered us with today because I have been in a posture of confession all day long. What you gave to me about my uncertainty was something I needed,so thanks for delivering the message that you did.I have an opportunity to connect with a friend of mine who is a mortgage broker with access to REOs.I taking action before the 2013 year is over to change my position financially so I can be a blessing to the Kingdom of God. Thank you Dean for everything you have imparted to me.


This one reminds me of a similar message from Deepak Chopra. I think it's from The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success or The Way Of The Wizard.

Weekly Wisdom # 266 - Uncertainty

Hello Dean:
I face uncertainties in one form or another every day of my life. I consider my uncertainties the moments when I question whether I should do, or not do, something. These moments of uncertainties are definitely challenges that I must strive to overcome in a positive way to get positive results. Uncertainties could be considered stepping stones to certainties and success.

Hey Dean!

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Great Weekly wisdom and glad you're at the Tony Robbins event. I would love to get to one of those so i gotta make it happen. I grew up listening to Tony Robbins with my dad and still carry many lessons I heard from him with me today. Thank you for all that you do to help us keep pushing forward and taking action!

Make it a great week!


Hey there Dean.I am going from uncertainty to certainty.Thanks.

Thank you for sharing what

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Thank you for sharing what you are learning at Tony Robbins! Great info on quality of life.

Wonderful Insite

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This is a wonderful reminder on why we don't sit still and push the boundries of our comfort zones!


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We push through our uncertainties every day in this business. Uncertain every time we put out a sign if it will get calls? How long it will stay up?

When we get calls: Is it a good deal? Will they agree to sell to us? How long will it take? Will I get a buyer?

Always uncertain. Except that I am certain that I won't quit! That I CAN'T quit! I'm addicted! No uncertainty there!



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Measure the amount of certainty, uncertainty something to be excited about! For sure Dean, my family is uncertain about my choice of RE, education, costs etc... but they are coming around. But I can tell right now our certainty is very uncertain. And that is it the thing we call certain is not there so the uncertainty is really scary, but you are right again with the proper education we DON'T HAVE TO RISK IT with the path and plan and with Dean and others who have been there, and done it. Thanks for the encouragement you give every week.

Thank you Dean

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for doing another Weekly for us, this time from Palm Springs, very cool!... for a moment I thought maybe you would surprise us with, maybe a word from Tony himself?

No matter how many deals I've done since I joined this site, I feel uncertain every day! I feel uncertain every time I put in an offer! I feel uncertain every time I contact the banks to refinance a property!
I especially feel uncertain when other people let me down... but I don't let that stop me from reaching my goals!


Certainty or...

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I think we might consider some "certainty's" as perhaps complacency. When I think of it as complacency I am moved to make sure it is some place I want to be complacent if not time to jump in with both feet and be uncertain as to the outcome but knowing at the same time that in the "jumping in" I am at least attempting to make a difference. Without the attempt there is no chance for change. SO goodbye complacency and hello uncertainty!
Thank you for finding time to post your weekly wisdom and all the best to you at your conference or workshop. I know you will get a lot from it.

best regards,
Lisa Richardson


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Dear Dean, you are great and GREATNESS comes with surrounding oneself with just that. Good
stuff once again.


THANK YOU! You are incredible - You are awesome. I appreciate you so much. You will never know just how much. Let me just say that I have the favor of God upon me and nothing can stop me from being all that I am meant to be. I rec'd an e-mail this morning with a Friday the 13th deadline. I said to myself Oh My God! I will receive a scheduled direct deposit on the 13th which will enable me to take care of some business and take advantage of a deal that I thought I had lost out on. I live with uncertainty every day. With the right balance of certainty and uncertainty and making correct calculated risks I can not fail. I get that it is OK to make mistakes and we must learn from those mistakes. I am re-reading totally fulfilled and looking for more part time work. I have to have more income so that I can continue to have the time necessary to work on REI. 13 seems to be my lucky number. God Bless you. Oh by the way as I was listening you mentioned the kids zip lining and their reaction and experience. I was struck by how much our kids cause and empower us to grow and the cause and effect. Your kids cause you to be a better teacher and thereby they affect the whole
DG community. Awesome! Have a very Merry Christmas.


Making a decision base upon your knowledge and wisdom is always the right thing to do. When I think that I have done enough this is the time to do even more. I will continue to work hard and take more risk. This will create an atmosphere of certainty for me in the future.


Growing up i was taught not to give away certainty for uncertainty, but at times you have to revaluate and start to think out of the box, because doing the same thing every day and getting the same result is insanity. Thank you Dean for what you have share with us.

Strategic Plan

I have been trying to sign up for the Strategic Plan for two days and on two different computers, but nothing happens. I fill out everything hit the button and nothing happens. The offer ends at midnight tonight and I don't want to miss out.



Thanks Dean

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Uncertainty is what put me in the box. every time I try new thinks, uncertainty is on the way. This great my fear. Thanks for the word of wisdom on uncertainty. I am now using certainty on any circumstances I am ready to face on my new journey. Thank you Dean.

Risk Must Be Rooted in Certainty


Thank you for all that you share. Your desire to help others be successful is much appreciated. I have never heard Tony speak before, so I'm not familiar with his philosophy, but this concept of Uncertainty is very interesting. I don't know the context of his statement, but from what you shared it seems that Certainty is being defined as our "Comfort Zone" or "Acceptable Norm." So then it becomes true that our quality of life is influenced by the amount of risk we are willing to take in order to change our present circumstances.

But not all Uncertainty is inherently good or healthy. The risks we take must be calculated and qualified. We must risk in the right direction in order to have the opportunity to increase the quality of our lives. Random risk is dangerous. Just try crossing the street blindfolded to get an idea of what that's like! That's certainly not the uncertainty we're looking for. So what should guide the type of Uncertainty or Risks we take?

Here's the real counter-intuitive truth: Risk must be rooted in certainty. The Wright brothers had the courage to Risk flying in a machine heavier than air because they understood the principles of Gravity, Drag, Thrust and Lift. Without the certainty of those principles, their risk would have been doomed to fail. So this type of certainty must be defined as unchanging principles. Risking in the right direction then simply means taking action based on unchanging Truth. And for something to be True, it must be applicable in all situations and produce the expected results each time.

So, all we have to do is focus on the two major factors that influence the quality of our life and Risk in the right direction in order to achieve the greatest quality of life possible. Those two major factors are Relationships and Conflict. Just visit any Jr High School and you'll immediately see what I mean. Those with the highest quality of life are the ones that have the healthiest relationships and are able to resolve conflict well.

The ones who get picked on, may have great relationships (parents, friends, teachers, etc), but probably lack the ability to resolve conflict well. Others may be able to resolve conflicts well, but still feel alienated if they don't have quality relationships. We could have a billion dollars in the bank, and still be miserable if just ONE RELATIONSHIP is left unresolved. You see, the person you just thought of proves my point.

The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my relationships and how I resolve conflict. Quality relationships will encourage and build me up, while my ability to resolve conflict will reduce the level of stress I experience. This principle is rooted in a book full of counter-intuitive Truth. Lose your life in order to find it. Give in order to receive. The greatest among us is the servant of all. Yes, the Bible provides the unchanging foundation upon which we can build our lives and learn the direction in which to Risk.

I know this is long, so thank you for bearing with me while I share what I've come to learn. The Truth revealed in the Bible is actually simple. But do not confuse Simple with Easy. There is no easy path to a quality life, because it involves denying our own selfish ways in order to serve others. But the path is simple. We just tend to complicate it in order to avoid doing the things we don't want to do but know we should, or to allow ourselves to do what we know we shouldn't.

Dean, again thank you for sharing the best of what you've learned and allowing us the opportunity to reflect on things we may never have otherwise considered. God bless.

In Him,
Joshua Mesa

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