Weekly Wisdom #399 - My message from stage! A must watch!

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to share a message and a video from this past month's Growth Summit in Santa Clara California!

Myself, Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton, Dr. Daniel Amen and a ton of other great speakers were on stage sharing our greatest wisdom and I wanted to share a killer clip with you!

So go ahead and check out this short but powerful message I shared on stage last month and let me give you an inside peak at the Growth Summit!

Watch now!

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

Loved This!!!!

Dean, I wish you were my father, can you adopt me?? Just kidding, I would have loved all this fatherly advice you are giving your kiddos to have been taught to me at their ages. I believe it would have helped me out a lot now that I am older. You are a great father and it shows every time you talk about them or include them in your weekly wisdom videos. You are such a caring father, I just wish mine was. Hope to get a chance to meet you. Can't wait to see what #400 weekly wisdom video is. I love these and learning from you every week. Thank you and I appreciate all the great posts and videos you do. Thank you. Take care.


I love it

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It's always the simple way the best way to do things

Powerful Words

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This is so true thank you for continuing to keep all of us focused on the bigger picture.

Loved hearing this again

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Dean, I was one of the lucky people to have been a part of the Growth Summit. I really had a blast there learning from all the different speakers. You make life seem so much easier than we all make it out to be. It makes so much sense when you break it all down. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and making this world a better place.

Focusing on solutions.....

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What a timely WW for me. Just the other day I had a situation where I lost a small piece of metal on my lawn while preparing for the hurricane. It was a piece that was part of my shutters. I had put it in my pocket but my pocket had a hole in it and it fell out. I asked my roommate to be on the lookout for it because I wasn't sure where it could have been and it may be in the house or outside. I was first bombarded with so many useless questions and comments from her( ie How did you lose it? Which window did it come from? It's going to be hard to find in the grass, etc.) Long story short, I walked away from her and just started thinking of solutions and alternatives. I started retracing my steps, which by that time were many and all over my 1 acre yard, focusing on the probables instead of the unlikelys and within 5 minutes, found the piece. Actions, once again, not words solved the problem. It took longer for her to ask me and tell me the down sides of the situation than it did for me to come up with a solution and find the piece. So another WW, put into action, saves the day. Smiling

Have a great week.....
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