You Asked For It... Now Use Your Points To Go!

If you were on last night's call you know not only was the call a great one, but we had some big news. Dean is hosting a live event here in AZ in April, 2009.

This event is going be great and there is no doubt you will be walking away with an enormous amount of real world knowledge and secrets based on real deals, even if you are a season pro, not to mention a healthy dose of inspiration. This is a great chance for all of us who know each other so well from being on this site to shake hands and put a face and voice to the text.

As you all know, I had said in the past we would have special offers based on your site points to reward people for contributing and making this place so special. You can use them towards this event: $1 off for EVERY point you have. The point accumulation cut off date will be FEBRUARY 9, 2009.

Yep, that means some of the most active members will be getting their ticket free because they have enough points to cover the whole thing, but a large number of you have the chance to get a pretty deep discount.

All you have to do is go to and read all about the event and see a video from Dean. On the signup page there is a section to enter your username and password (the one you use on this site) and it will instantly tell you what your discount is and apply it. Keep in mind, your point total on February 9th will determine your discount amount.

If you haven't done so already, listen to last night's call online. It was great, and special thanks to Chip and Andrea! Towards the end of the call Dean talks about the event there as well.


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When signing up will it deduct my current points now as of today or is there an option to say "deduct points at the time of event" April 24ht is 3 months away, and a lot of folks who really want to go could accumulate some more points by then...granted the posts would have to be legitimate postings.

just a thought, to help out... Smiling


Point cut- off date

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In the post above, there is a cut off date for point accumulation. You will be able to use your point total on or before February 9th to receive your discount.

What an opportunity!

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Dean, that is such a generous and awesome gift to us, just for sharing here with the DG Family. (THANK YOU for not letting me turn off my points when I asked!)

D, don’t wait TOO long to sign up! You might accumulate more points, but sign up soon enough so you don’t miss out on the seats that are left! I am SO excited to see everyone and share some “real” time with my “virtual” DG Family. Woohoo!!!


P.S. Great call last night! Thank you, Dean, Chip and Andrea.


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...Megan! and I won't wait too long Rina... Smiling


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Well Rina, I guess our hints worked lol. See you all in April.

It is when you register

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The points you apply when you register is what we be deducted, not what you have on April 24h. You can hold out a little bit if you wanted to be more active and accumulate more points, but if you really want to go I would I do it soon because the seats are going VERY fast since the call.



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That's neat! I will definitely be able to attend now. Question: Can I donate points to someone else so that they may be able to attend? I just thought since I do have extra points, I would be more than happy to help someone else who can't afford it go to this event of a lifetime.... Laughing out loud



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I already asked. Nope. Sad
I guess that makes sense, because how on earth would you decide how to divy them out. It would be hard. I know I would want to help EVERYONE.


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Well, it was worth a try! Thanks Ri!

Can a "partner"

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for the extra $500 be anybody? Like another member here? Eye-wink Eye-wink

The partner/spouse ticket

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Must be your spouse or a active investing partner. If your partner is not local to you then you will need proof of investing history. It cannot be "anybody" Eye-wink

This is clarified on the signup form.

PS- This thing is selling out REALLY fast. It will be blast for everyone to get shake hands and the knowledge that is going to be shared will be insane. Think just how much info is shared on this site... well all of the speakers will be sharing their own formula and secrets, I am sure all of the people doing deals that are attending will be sharing a lot great stuff do just in conversation.

If you are on the fence, and you are actively investing or someone new but is serious about investing, pull the trigger, this will be a GREAT experience and lots knowledge that is priceless.

past the deadline...

Well I guess I missed out because ai just signed up. So will there be another time to be able to use accumulated points?

What a great deal!

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As I read all the older blogs, I am trying to make up for some lost time. I believe this was a great deal and motivation for all of the DG members. Thansk for making this available. I hope to see this again for the 2010 event. Believe and Achieve! Smiling

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