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Dean Graziosi's real estate methods are the real deal… His unique strategies and techniques for the average person to become rich from real estate come from over 20 years of experience and are changing people’s lives all across America. As a child Dean watched his single mom struggle to pay the bills, working two jobs to make about $90 a week and he longed for a way out!! He longed for something that could allow him and his family to stop just “wishing” or “wanting more” to actually start “having more.” Luckily before the age of 20 innovation combined with desperation led him to do his first real estate transaction using no money of his own. That very first deal was the catalyst for Dean to change his destiny and the destiny of all future generations. Dean overcame the nay-sayers, overcame being broke and having no experience and went for it. And the result is a multi million dollar real estate empire. Dean Graziosi was a millionaire in his twenties and a multi millionaire in his thirty’s from real estate. And the exact creative methods he has used in the last 20 years of real estate investing are what he shares in his Be A real Estate Millionaire book and his Think A Little Different real estate course. We Designed This Site With You In Mind This site was specifically designed to increase your capabilities for profiting in real estate. You see, there is no doubt that your OPPORTUNITY to make a bunch of money in real estate is available to you. But without the proper CAPABILITIES those opportunities mean nothing. The strategic teaching in Be a Real Estate Millionaire and/or the Think A Little Different real estate course are doing nothing more than raising your personal capabilities, confidence and knowledge so you can take advantage of the fortune that can be made over the next few years. What You Will Will Get At This Site This site offers you links to valuable resources and tools. You’ll find a wide assortment of calculators in the member tools area that range from knowing future payments to analyzing personal expenses, future savings and so much more. We have included a wide variety of sample documents and forms that can be easily adjusted to fit your specific needs. We provide cash flow analysis sheets, expense reports, the monthly buzz newsletter, monthly tele-seminars and much more. This site will also keep you updated with the latest tips and techniques Dean Graziosi is using to profit in the current market. We will also feature some of Dean’s tops students on their accomplishment and how they did it! If you currently don’t own Dean Graziosis’s Be a Real Estate Millionaire book or his Think a Little Different real estate course you can click on the links to the left of this site and get one or the other or both right now. Also check out Rachel’s Challenge link. It is a cause close to Dean’s heart and a great way to help today’s children have a better chance for tomorrow.