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Credit Repair

In our ongoing mission to provide you with terrific resources to succeed in building wealth through real estate, we have teamed up with a excellent company based out of Texas. I searched the country looking for a Credit Repair company that can actually produce the results on a daily basis that my students need. I found a great guy out of Texas named Jeremy Roberts. Jeremy Roberts is the founder of The Roberts Group and he is one of the nations leading experts on Credit and Credit Repair. Jeremy has worked with thousands of Real Estate Investors and their clients, helping them increase their credit score so that they can attain the American Dream of owning their own home and/or investing in real estate. Jeremy will teach you how having good credit can make you stand out from the other Real Estate Investors in your area. The Roberts Group has 4 parts to their program with a small up front fee they offer Credit Repair, Credit Coaching, Credit Montoring and Identity theft Protection. The Roberts Group is so confident they can help you that they will offer you a 100% money back written guarantee! If they cannot help you, they refuse to accept any payment.

The Roberts Group specializes in Removing

  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Liens
  • Judgements
  • Reposessions
  • Foreclosure
  • Collections
  • Chargeoffs
  • Slow Pays
  • Inquires


Hello everyone my name is Cynthia and I am out of Atlanta GA. I have read the book and ready to get started so if anyone can give me the name of a good broker out of Atlanta, Decatur, Conyers or Covington Ga I would really appreciate it. Any information that you can give me to help me on my way I would accept and love. this is so great to have a support team and family

Looking for CT & GA Mortgage Broker


Chris Noga is a great mortgage broker in CT and can be reached at 914-447-2553. The only broker I use in GA is Mark Merrill with Flagship Financial 480-612-3216. If you have any other mortgage related questions don’t hesitate to call.


Mike Rohan

Looking for CT & GA Mortgage Broker

Hi Mike,

What is the Chris Noga's firm?

Loan Modifacations

I bought a house as an investment 6 years ago. The home is next to a college and renters where easy to get. The house was building equity all was good. Then I started to have a hard time finding renters so I moved in. I still have renters, but I'm one of them. The loan wasn't the best but it was all I was able to get. My income isn't that much making loans hard for me to get. Now the house is worth about $100,000 less then the loan, so a refinance most likely won’t happen. The house is a “positive income”, but I wish I could pay it off faster. The question I have is, can or do Loan Modification work? If so what is the best way to go a bought doing one? I would like anyone’s help to make this house a better investment.

Thanks G.P.

i need help to got the to our house.
a house.

Loan Modifacations

Hi Greg,

Expect a call from Brandon Lewis tomorrow, he’s our specialist in loan modifications and will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.


Mike Rohan

Looking for CT & GA Mortgage Broker


Chris Noga works for Residential Home Funding based in Westchester, New York.


Mike Rohan

New At This!

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How do you start with this program after you read the book and do the web site. What course should you be on if you just filed personal bankruptcy? Will this program work for me?

New At This!

This program will absolutely work for you! Give the success academy a call and they will answer any questions you have. 888-286-7712


Mike Rohan

Income Verification

After working for the last 4 years to fix my credit, I am now faced with income verification. I mostly get paid in cash and will not have the numbers I need on a 1099 for 18 more months. Does anybody know a lender for me? I'm in Florida. Thank-you. Respectfully, Lori Rheingold

getting started

I feelyou, we have almost the same story 8 years ago i was almost killed by a drunk driver left me disabled with no insurance and have 24 hours in home care which is very costly on top of that i have 4 children 3 in college 1 junior in high school, as you see i need to make some move but i am scared i have been thinking about real estate way before the accident the down size nosupport from my husband he doesnt believe this can work.ipraise you for your courage with God help and each other support we are going to make it. cleda

Finding Good Deals

I'm also getting started. I've done my research, I've read through Dean's book, I've set up my recorded message, I have a website which I designed myself, I have business cards, I've posted a few online ads, I printed flyers which I'm getting ready to post around the area, I'm going to run a classified ad in the newspaper. Basically I have all this going on, but I haven't gotten to the deal yet. I feel silly saying that. However, I'm still pumped.. but I tell you, I've been approached by people via email (unfortunately no homeowners yet), here is my question: How will I know if I'm really getting a good deal? I mean, there are a lot of properties listed, so how do I know what is the best deal? I suppose if I had an RE Agent I could have them pull comps, but I don't have an agent yet. I did prepare a list of RE Agents and Mortgage Brokers from the yellow pages, and I'll be sending them letters via fax and/or postal mail. Do you know of a good RE Agent and/or Broker in California, not southern CA. I'm located in the San Francisco area. Assuming I should have a local Agent, correct? Is a site such as Zillow a good source to determine the market value of a property? I mean, it seems as if Zillow is displaying the asking price for the property, but I'm assuming this is not the actually market value of the property. Sorry my message is long.

Thanks for your time.
Tim O'Brien

Mortgage Broker Denver,Co

I am just getting started after reading Dean's book and I am looking for a mortgage broker in the Denver, Co area.
Thanks for any leads.

need advice

Is their anybody in oregon that can give me any advice on how to get properties w/o having alot of income?

Help for a Newbie

Can anyone tell me the name of a mortgage broker for the state of NE?


Finding Good Deals


Give me a shout to discuss.



Mortgage Broker CO, NE

Mark Merrill with Flagship Financial is qualified to write loans in both Colorado and Nebraska. He can be reached at 480-612-3216. Give me a call with any other questions.



NE Mortgage Broker

Thanks for the info Mike. I will give Mark a call.

Broker, Co.

Thanks for the lead, I will contact him.

In Need of Investors in Illinois

If anyone knows of Cash investors in Illinois please send me a private message on this site. I would be greatful. ie: rental houses in a midstate, college area, ready to rent.

Investor Loans for Vegas

Does anyone have a source for loans made to corporations investing in the Vegas market? Thank you for your help

Investor Loans for Vegas


Try giving Michael Ross a call (619-602-5663). He’s with American Mortgage Specialists and might be able to help with residential and/or commercial properties. I have other brokers in NV if he can’t help.


Mike Rohan

To Mike Rohan

I am from Orange County, ny and good to see someone local from this website and hopefully we can meet up soon.


Credit repair

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Has anyone used Dean's Credit repair.
I'm looking to repair credit before investing,and just wanted to know if anyone has checked out National Credit Group

Thanks Angie


Now is an awesome time to get a great deal in R/E. Learned that lenders with inventories of REO's (foreclosed properties on their books) are anxious to clear them due to restrictions placed on them by the Feds.

As a disabled former CPA, I know the attitudes & misconceptions held by lenders that we aren't worth much. My bank wouldn't consider lending to me even though my current home was free & clear so I went to a local mortgage broker I had a history with from my current home who refinanced it. With cash in hand I went to local realtors looking for foreclosures. Was initially shown lots of "roachinfested garbage." Finally I found a clean roomy maintained 3/2 formerly sold at $204,000 that was owned by Countrywide & bid $75,000. Took a couple of weeks but they finally accepted my offer & gave me time to inspect the home. It had a new 30 yr roof, some window damage by vandals new kitchen cabinets but no kitchen appliances. Structuraaly it passed with flying colors. I bought new kitchen appliances, rearranged the existing kitchen cabinets to open it up & I now live there, renting the other. An initial step but with a good experience.

Hope this gives you some direction & encouragement.
Keep in touch!


finding fax numbers

Is there an easy way to obtain fax numbers of my local real estate offices.


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Did you ever get this resolved?? Were you able to purchase a rental without experience? I am in the same boat right now, so any advise would be helpful.


I'm new to all of this. How is anyone making these techniques work in an reo market?

Can someone help

I have found a great deal on some rental units/houses next to a college. My credit is good but my D2I ratio is horrible since becomming unemployed/selfemployed. The investment is sound but the local banks wont look at it.As such I can't even qualify for HEL's. I would love all the advice I can get.

Looking for Partners In Illinois

If there are any Investors in Illinois looking to partner up please PM me.

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