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Credit Repair

In our ongoing mission to provide you with terrific resources to succeed in building wealth through real estate, we have teamed up with a excellent company based out of Texas. I searched the country looking for a Credit Repair company that can actually produce the results on a daily basis that my students need. I found a great guy out of Texas named Jeremy Roberts. Jeremy Roberts is the founder of The Roberts Group and he is one of the nations leading experts on Credit and Credit Repair. Jeremy has worked with thousands of Real Estate Investors and their clients, helping them increase their credit score so that they can attain the American Dream of owning their own home and/or investing in real estate. Jeremy will teach you how having good credit can make you stand out from the other Real Estate Investors in your area. The Roberts Group has 4 parts to their program with a small up front fee they offer Credit Repair, Credit Coaching, Credit Montoring and Identity theft Protection. The Roberts Group is so confident they can help you that they will offer you a 100% money back written guarantee! If they cannot help you, they refuse to accept any payment.

The Roberts Group specializes in Removing

  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Liens
  • Judgements
  • Reposessions
  • Foreclosure
  • Collections
  • Chargeoffs
  • Slow Pays
  • Inquires

Still plugging away.

Hello Dean; i don't know if you know this or not but the Oklahoma market has been holding steady and has not really been effected by the housing crunch. So I've been working with a real estate agent he seem pretty good so far in helping find the right deal. But I have a little problem trying to find the right financing. I've been unemployed for over 7 months, I have found some properties that will sign the deed over to me for refinancing, but I have not found a lender that will refinance the property for me as of yet. Do you have any ideals?

Thanks for the new life!!

I recently purchased Dean's Book and other material. I know nothing about real estate(Not Yet), my CD Drive crashed with the help of peanut butter and jelly from mu grandson , so I am off to a good start. I am buying a new pc tomorrow and I will listed to the AFF CD. I really want this to work, so I just wanted to express my apreciation to Everyone !! This will work for me!

DEAN is the man!

John A's picture

My credit is on it's way to an excellent score. Thanks to Dean & his awesome connections Smiling

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

Credit Repair

The Roberts Group plan for credit repair sounds great. I was paying a repair company a monthly fee and wasn't getting very good service. When I finally canceled my account and checked to see the results I found that for two credit bureaus my score went up, but for one it actually went down! After months of their eforts they managed to lower my score! That's not what I paid for. I will check out The Roberts group to see if they can help me raise that one score!

Brokers Needed!

I am looking for good mortgage brokers in NC., VA.

Brokers Needed!

Bill Sohan (VA) 410-963-2308
Mark Merrill (NC) 480-612-3216

Need Agents and Brokers

If anyone know of any good brokers and agents in NC. and VA. please let me know i am still building my team.

Brokers Needed

Thank You for the infomation it's great to have alot of people on this site willing to assist others with the info. they need.

I know through faith all things are possible.

2 nd mtge anyone???

hi all, Frank here seeking some help, i have a great deal pending on a 79 unit apy complex BUT it has a 1 st mtge that has to be assumed or there is a 400k pre payment penalty, so I need a broker who is willing to give a second mtge any help out there???

Teaming up sounds good!

Hi Ms. Brooks,
I am also new to this site and have enjoyed reading other students and their situations. Very interesting. I live here in Southern California but have several relatives that live in Northern Cali....
I just started reading his books also and so excited in getting started. I think the motivation that we can both share with each other would sky rocket us into our careers at RE investors. I am not a spring chicken anymore so even more so I need to plan my retirement future now.
Anyway, if your still looking for a growth partner, write me back.
Aloha for now!

Great Job!

Hi Mike Rohan,
I have been on this website reading alot of inquiries from other students in need of assistance and I have to say, you are so helpful and very prompt in getting some kind of answers to these people....
I just started with this course of books but it's very comforting to know that I have such a great support person that I can go too when I am in need of answers.

Great Job! Thanks for being there for all of us. Dean is awesome and I hope to meet him in person someday. I am a single mother and just want to provide the best for my children's future.
God Bless. (Just had to let you know....) Smiling


Self Employed

I'm self employed and I'm interested in talking with a Mortgage Broker in the Central, NY (Syracuse, Utica, Albany) area about what options if any I might have as far as locating financing. I've seen contact numbers for brokers down state. However, anyone who lives in NY knows NYC and Upstate are two totally different animals. Although my actual income is around 100k my net income is another story all together after write-offs. Even if they can't help me I would like to start building a relationship with a good broker. I'm closing in on two years self employed and I've been told my financing options will loosen up a bit after my two year anniversary. Thanks...

Need a Mortgage Broker in FL

Hi all!

Can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker in the state of FL. Central Florida to be exact.



Need a Mortgage Broker in FL

Mark Merrill will be able to help you in FL. Mark works for Flagship Financial 480-612-3216. If you have any other questions concerning the mortgage process don’t hesitate to call.


Mike Rohan 914-213-1129

Flagship Financial

hello mike!

i did send Mark Merrill an email and he responded quickly and said the FL office was going to contact me by email but they never did. Got tired of sending emails back to Mark asking if he could give contact information for that office but got no response.



Creative Financing in the Denver Area

I am looking for some creative Financing options in the Denver area.

I need to use OPM (other peoples money) to finance rehabs so 100% loan plus repair costs is needed.

Am I crazy for even asking or is there some way that you know of that can help me reach my goals?

Please PM me with any useful information.


Flagship Financial

Hi Ada,

Try giving Dmitry Gutman a call 917-771-0608(NY broker that is licensed in FL)



I own a house in ohio. I now

I own a house in ohio. I now owe more than my house is worth and I cannot keep up with the payments. I do not want to walk away from my house. What should I do...can anyone help?


mortgage broker in Oregon

hello all, love this site. there are a lot of realy smart people on the dg sites. i need a creative finance broker on my team, not only for my upcomming deals, but for me as well. wife and i need to get out of renting, but deep hitting roadblocks due to a bk 1.5 yrs ago. can anyone recomend someone in oregon? thanks for all your help as always. you can pm me if you wish.



Try giving Brandon Lewis a call 480-570-0999. He may be able to negotiate a lower mortgage payment for you.



Looking for a Realtor/ Mortgage Broker


Do you have any recommendations for a good Realtor and Broker in the Sacramento/Roseville/Rocklin, CA area?


CA Mtg Broker

Amber Kovarik 602-502-2282

Hello, Lesnemb, I am New here too! Ginny7

Hope to find you doing well today, I can relate to your life story, and I understand why you want to get into real estate, I can't wait to make my first deal. And be able to share what I have learned and how I am going to apply what I am learning here on my first deal. I will share with you anything I learn and do and you can contact me whenever you need someone to talk to about how you are doing or even if you have questions about something, I will help you out, we can both help each other out. I just started and I am reading Deans first book, can't wait to put what I have learned to action. Ginny7

Dean Graziosi

Just this week I purchased your books. I also called the 1-888 number and left my msg.

Due to an illness that lingered, I am presently in debt with bad credit. Before this occurred, I was virtually "debtless" with a nice sized bank/savings account, good credit and a great future.

I am back to work now, doing the paycheck to paycheck routine.

What can you do for a person who has no money and bad credit?

Needing your help.


You guys are absolutely fantastic. I am a very new investor, found out about Dean Graziosi yesterday on TV and I went to his website and I am imazed. Few years ago I purchased the course of Carleton Sheets and I purchased two investment properties. Unfortunatelly it was in bad time, I lost one already and the other one is in bancruptcy. I just purchased the program created by Armando Montelongo and I am not very happy with it. So far I did not purchased Dean Graziosi's program, I wanted to check it out. As fas as I see it is the best of all. He is offering everything so easy. You do not to spend hundreds of dollars first, even thousends for a coach, etc. And I really like this forum.

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property in oregon

i have 8 properties in oregon . due to the recent death of my wife i have to turn some of them to meet some of her bills and before forclosure. i recently purchased your book and am waiting to receive it but would like to get started now, thanks, deloy

flipping some properties

i have 8 properties in oregon . ..due to the recent death of my wife i need to sell some off to pay some bills and prevent foreclosure. most have good equity but the real estate agents don,t seem motivated and seem to have no investors who are not just snapping up foreclosures. i am willing to share in the equity.

flipping some properties

Mr. Dennis,

Give me a call when you can.


Mike Rohan
800-489-7003 x 17

looking for mortgage broker

I am in Tennessee and am also interested in some NC areas. Would you share your mtg broker names and phone numbers?