My 1ST best move was becoming a part of the Dg family. That being said, this short post is for all of my family who have hit a wall on trying to put deals together, don't know where to turn and need to talk to other investors who might not be involved in the DG site as we all are.
I just attended my 2nd meeting of the Central New York Real Estate Investors Group and let me tell you all, IT IS WORTH THE TIME TO GO. The first meeting I sat, listened and took it all in. Yesterday being my second meeting I got involved, boy did I get involved.
There are 20 very active investors in this club, but at meeting 2 only 8 of us were there. Here is how I made out

I have now added 7 more investors to my buyers list. Huge move for me. They range from wholesalers, to flippers, rehabers and buy and hold investors

I met a real estate agent who only works with buyers, Big huge plus.

I talked to a money lender who loves working with investors and will not blow smoke, if you know what I mean.

I sat in on a deal in the making with the president of the club who asked my opinion about this deal he is trying to put together. I talked about the methods we have learned with our site and all of the great people I talk to on almost a daily basis.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if you are not involved in a REI club, get involved and don't wait around like I did. The networking is so worth it, the connections you make are unreal.




Any REI Clubs in the Gainesville, FL Area?

I’m just getting started with everything and my “to-do” list is getting shorter. However, two things on my list are still uncheck that I’d like to get them marked off.

First is finding a good REI club in my local area. I can find plenty in south Florida and a few on the east coast, but does anyone know of a good club in the North Central Florida area? Maybe even in the Ocala area?

The second is finding a good mentor. Does any know of a good way of going about get connected with one? (of coruse taking care of the first may take care of the second)

I may be jumping the gun here by not reading all the forum postings (which may take hours and hours, but I plan to anyway Eye-wink ), but I wanted to leverage the knowledge and power of the DG family to go faster. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


REI meeting

Hi Everyone we have the finest Realestate Family on this beautiful Planet Earth, Oh I should have JOINED MUCH SOONER, thats water over the damn an having the time of my life, wishing you all the very best, Jim




Think about joining a REI club in your area. VEry valuable connectins to be made and a geat way to market yourself as an investor. Like your bio, much success to you...Jan

REI club

Best thing I did was joining DG. The next best thing was joining the REI and then our REI club put together a WINGS group for us women. We have had three meetings so far and because of it, I got a buyer for the probate house, and ended up doing a short sale on it. Now I wait on BOA, but the day I submitted the offer, found out through the WINGS group, that two other offers from the REI group came in to do financing or funding for me on that place. That just got me so inspired to go out and do another deal. Working on two more now to see if I can find buyers, if so, will make offers on those two for assigning.
So the door not only opened, but swung wide open!! Smiling

REI Clubs

Probably the best investment I have made. I joined this one about 6 years ago and became an active member. This adventure has paid me back more times than I can count.

I encourage all of my students to join one of these clubs right out of the gate. They are also something that you want to attend every week and become a familiar face.

They are easy to find by using Google and typing in "real estate investment clubs"+city and state. They will generally tell you date, time and location. some are free and others are 120.00 a year but worth it.

Become an active member and network, network and network.

Randy Bailiff
Dean Graziosi Success Team Coach


yes .....i agree with you jan and i would like to reccomend another rei investment club that uses skype on monday nites...the ca$hflow investment club$ this is on facebook !!! anyone can friend me on facebook for more info.
we use skype to share ideas and wisdom with each other and our goal is to aid in deans mission to create more millionaires in this economy!!
in my hometown i didnt have any clubs for hrs away and i currently am STARTING one .jan is correct in saying ...this is a must !!!


Click Here For homepage
need to sell ?
Need me to FINANCE a home ?

REI Clubs

Google is the best way to start your search, so just put in the search "real estate investment clubs"+Brooklyn, NY or whatever city and state you are looking for. In some cases you will have to try multiple cities.

I know for a fact there are several in the Brooklyn area and some of my students belong to them all. Some will have a monthly fee which is for renting space $10.00 per month) on a permanent basis. Others that are free generally move the location each month.

Keep in mind you really need to be there every month and become a face that every one gets to know. I have belonged to mine for over 6 years now and it has paid me back many times over.

If you do not have one in your area consider starting your very own. You can contact one that is in a bigger city and ask them for help in starting yours. I have found them to be a wealth of information and are willing to help you.

Randy Bailiff
Dean Graziosi Real Estate Success Coach

Business Partner

Hello DG Family,

I currently live in East Fallowfield PA, looking to link up with a partner who is real estate investing. If anyone knows anybody in this area that I can link up please send me a email or Post a comment to this message.


Finding R.E. Investment Clubs mad Easy! copy and paste this link to find the following by state:

Alabama - 7
Alaska - 1
Arizona - 5
Arkansas - 2
California - 44
Colorado - 11
Connecticut - 3
Florida - 38
Georgia - 9
Hawaii - 2
Idaho - 3
Illinois - 8
Indiana - 6
Iowa - 2
Kansas - 5
Kentucky - 5
Louisiana - 2
Maine - 1
Maryland - 9
Massachusetts - 11 Michigan - 12
Minnesota - 2
Mississippi - 2
Missouri - 5
Montana - 3
Nevada - 6
New Hampshire - 2
New Jersey - 10
New Mexico - 2
New York - 16
North Carolina - 5
North Dakota
Ohio - 15
Oklahoma - 3
Oregon - 2
Pennsylvania - 9
Rhode Island - 1
South Carolina - 5
South Dakota
Tennessee - 5
Texas - 21
Utah - 10
Vermont - 1
Virginia - 7
Washington DC
Washington - 7
West Virginia - 1
Wisconsin - 6
Canada - 14

Real Estate Investment clubs

Found a great one in MA about a 40 minute drive away. First meeting we brought a big stack of business cards and my husband and I handed out our cards and got cards from others there. I was able to actually refer someone (I was talking to off my ghost ad) to a hard money lender that gave me their card at the club meeting. Now we've gone to our second meeting ( and joined) and I took the business cards I gathered up and emailed the folks. I got 3-4 replies back so far. Can't wait to go to the next meeting and do some more networking.

Thank you all.....

Thank you all for the comments,helpful insight and resources. I, too am from the New York area (NYC) so after going to the Bronx county court house and having such a welcoming experience from investor buyers there knowing I can go to these REI Clubs and have further support,encouragement and networking with like minded individuals that I get here on the DG website from fellow DG family is defiantly on my to do list

Jan you rock for. Posting this.......

Also if anyone is in the Pennsylvania area (Poconos is where I want to go after New York even though I hear Philadelphia is hot please reach out to me)


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Hi Jan thanks I see this is and old post but your always a joy to listen too.Much success, Jim



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