"The 10 Keys to Using Free Online Classifieds"

"The 10 Keys to Using Free Online Classifieds"

"The 10 Keys to Using Free Online Classifieds to
Explode Your Investment Business"

Wow, are we lucky!
Do you realize we live in a world where it's possible to market nearly every aspect of your business online without paying a single cent in advertising costs?? And by doing so you're exposing your business to up to 40 million people each months on craigslist alone??
Sites such as Cragslist, Backpage, and Kijiji have completely transformed the way you should be generating leads and acquiring and selling properties. This wasn't possible five years ago.
Those real estate training CDs you're listening to? The books you're reading? Even the coaching program you're in? Most of them were developed years ago, when free online classifieds were in their infancy. Consequently, most of them are just starting to teach this!

Even if you've been using these sites already, we'd bet you aren't maximizing their potential to completely skyrocket the business you're doing.
Here are 10 ways you should be using free online classifieds right now to keep your business at the forefront of the latest investing strategies.

Build your buyers list. Don't wait until you have a property under contract to start looking for buyers. Post a "Looking for Home Buyers NOW" ad in the Real Estate For Sale section & direct them to your website where they can join an exclusive list of people who are notified FIRST of special investment opportunities. Your ad may get flagged by certain Realtors who think they own this section of the classifieds but keep posting. Your list will grow every day, and when you ARE ready to wholesale or sell a property you'll have a list of buyers who are ready to jump on it.

Have your bird dogs scan the "Real Estate for Sale" section in each of your target markets all day every day for deals. Keep in mind that other investors are refreshing this page all day too, looking for the same deals you are. You have to be ready to act as soon as a deal presents itself. Time isn't so much of the essence that you should be doing this work yourself, though. If you've trained your bird dogs well, they'll bring you these leads right away to make sure they get the credit for them.

Have your bird dogs pay careful attention to the real estate listings in lowercase letters with no pictures. These often turn out to be motivated sellers who just heard about free online classifieds and took a shot at selling their house this way.
Avoid the obvious Realtor-listed properties. These will stand out like that girl who was a head taller than everyone else in 6th grade. There's a language called realtor-speak and it's easy to pick out. Getting involved with these deals will almost always ensure that you won't get the price or terms you want on the contract.

When selling a property, always list it as a FSBO. In most states, there's someone on the Board of Realtors who monitors online classifieds. If a listing appears to be from an agent but doesn't show the agent's credentials, brokerage, and contact information, they'll pounce on it and try to fine you. Even though you can successfully argue that you're just an investor, don't get in the argument. Just list it as FSBO.

The best method in existence of recruiting bird dogs is placing an ad in the et cetera or miscellaneous jobs section. This is where people look for flexible jobs, part-time jobs, and extra income opportunities. Take advantage of it. Some cities charge a small fee for posting a job listing on craigslist, but it's worth it. We apologize if you live in San Francisco, however.

Keep your bird dog recruiting ads simple. Just give the world a little teaser on how they can make some great $$ by helping their community in finding houses. Then link them to your Teamwork Program website and get them into your bird dog network.
Be an outrageous marketer! People check these sites every day and skip over listings that don't catch their eye. Whether recruiting buyers or bird dogs, or selling a house, write something different and use special characters that will grab attention and make them want more. You can be simple and tastefully outrageous at the same time.

Create the first or last posting of the day. An instant attention grabber is to be the first or last listing under the date heading. All of these online classified sites create their new date section right at midnight. So turn on Conan O'Brien and stay awake to be the 11:59 or 12:01 poster. It's worth it.
OUTSOURCE your marketing campaigns. Yes, posting to online classified sites is generally free, but it also takes time. Place a higher value on your time and pay a small fee to an expert who specializes in getting ad campaigns online and KEEPING them online. Even though there are a number of companies and software solutions out there that promise they can do this for you, very few actually work because of the dynamic nature of online classified sites. Here's the best company out there.. they run 3,000 ads per day for Realtors, investors, and FSBOs on craigslist alone.

Use the Teamwork Lead System. There is no better way to save time and money, bring in the very best leads, spread the word about your business, manage your investing, and reduce your risk of failure than this. We want you to experience more leads, more deals, and more profits by putting a proven system to work for you now. We have eliminated the risk and provided you with a system that will automate everything immediately. Our hope is that through your free demo, special report, and this checklist, you can see that we are committed to helping you enhance your business right away.




I'd like to know...

I'd like to know what internet advertising company you were talking about. You forgot to say who it is! Thanks

Yes. Please. You have way

Yes. Please. You have way too much information. I was just hopping to click on some links and not having to read all of that.


That is alot of great information, but if you just want to simplify then I would take the first few steps that she mentions.
First and formost, building your buyers list is the best and most inportant thing you can do.I will focus on this step first.
Choose 3 classifieds that you want to place ads.Only choose 3 and then we will choose 3 ads that we will place. I always have my students change the ads every 4 days. We want to keep the ad in the top 5 pages. This helps us to be noticed more often. Here are some classified addresses and ads to choose from.

Best of luck.

www.craigslist.com, www.backpage.com, www.upillar.com, www.pennysaverusa.com, www.salespider.com, www.walmart.oodle.com,

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