Conference Call 12/9 - Get The Info and Submit Your Questions

UPDATE: The conference call is complete! Listen to the replay!

We have a new conference call scheduled for December 9th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

As many of you know, we offer the ability to both dial in and now listen live on the Internet as well.

See the rest of this post for access info and to submit your questions or comments you would like addresses during the call...

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Sorry to Miss This One!

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I am going to be at my sons Air Force graduation in Washington State during 'live' time - but will be looking forward to the replay when I get back home to Jersey!

First Timers Here

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Hi my name is Treena And my Husband is Durby and we just purchased your book and have read almost all of it now but our question is with the economy in a recession, bad credit, bankruptcy finalized back in july of this year, living paycheck to paycheck, Is there hope for us to becoming a real estate investor? what would you suggest for us to do to get started in making a better future for our family in real estate investing?

Funding Deals

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I had heard you mention that you would fund deals? How do we get in touch with you to fund deals?

Also first timer Here and I'm having trouble finding funding!!

I'm almost in the same boat as Treena. Only, my husband Richard and I are dealing with his previous debit of $85,000 to the IRS!!! We have a lawyer, paying him. and I'm trying to help out this way. I can't work outside the home and know I can do this. Funding is my WALL!!So....Finding deals aren't the issue. In our town of Shawnee, OK there are plenty of deals. How do I keep my "chin-up" when I can't do anything about them?

Dean, Are you funding great deals?

I don't have 20% to put down for investor financing nor 5 to 10% for hard money sharks. Any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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It almost seems impossible to get a good buyers list in a small town. It seems that what few investors that are in town have been here for years and all know each other and seem to like to work to gather. They don't like change to much. I grew up in a small town of 20.000 that is now 130.000. The town I am in now is about 5.000. so i am consider and outsider. I am in the processes of joining and REI group 100 miles away that has 300 members. Any suggestion would be appreciated. This home town mentality really sucks. I refuse to give up. Like a lot of people I have no money. Still working with all small banks i can find, But with small towns they have to be coached a little to. Some of them don't even have a clue of what I am trying to do. I was told today by the bank that I could not buy a house at 50% Of the LTV in my town.

# 7

This is one of my favorite calls. I love this call.
It's really sad that part of the call was lost.

Michael B

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