Success Never Goes On Sale

Success Never Goes On Sale

One of my favorite quotes is "success never goes on sale, you have to be willing to pay full price". That statement is so true. I meet a lot of people who want to get rich quick and just don't want to put a lot of work into creating lump sums of cash or monthly cashflow. Sadly, when I show them how to create cash out of thin air using some of Dean's techniques, it often seems to difficult or they work at it for 1 week and they haven't become a millionaire yet so they quit. I can promise you that you won't find "success" in the 1/2 off sales rack or at a yard sale. You will have to pay full retail price for it, but it is so worth it and that comes from a guy that hates paying full price for anything. Be willing to put in the work, your worth it, your family is worth it and we want to brag about you. YOU go out and be the hero. Success does not depend on genius, but rather on determination!


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

That's a great saying, CBR.

That's a great saying, CBR. I think you're right on track. You can't just go through the motions. Wouldn't you say that your success in real estate is probably proportionate to your effort?

Well said

That was nicely said. Thanks for the inspiration.


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Not giving up...


I have had a couple of "maybe's" over the weekend but after the contractors came back with the repair estimates I just need to move on to the next. I am not giving up. If the numbers change from what is going to provide me a small cash flow then I move on to the next w/o getting "emotionally" involved. I'm having fun and I know success is just around the corner...I can taste it! I have a couple of things cooking as I write and will know more soon...thanks for the inspiration as always!


Challenges are only challenges if you view them that way. Try looking at them as OPPORTUNITIES instead and success will follow!!! "ME" Eye-wink


this one back up, it is so TRUE!


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"In order for me to think outside the box, that would require me to acknowledge that the box actually exists. In my world, there is no box."
~Matt Larson~

I'm so glad this post was brought back up

Matt has a way with words and makes a very good point. The way people live today they expect to have immediate results. We have become such a disposable society and so fast paced that people do not take the time to absorb concepts and knowledge or take time to really enjoy learning. We have to work for what we get if it is going to be worthwhile. There is a great deal to learn to become a successful investor.

I love this post - thank you Matt!

The statement rings true and will never change! There are no shortcuts to success. If it were easy then everyone would be achieving it!



"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

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