What to post in this forum...

What to post in this forum...

You can use this forum to network with people in your area or talk about topics that are unique to a specific area.

Many have asked for a way to more easily network with other users local to them, in their same town or metro area. We are working on ways to allow more comprehensive networking within the site, but this is the first step, to create a way where you can discuss items on the local level and solicit other users from your area.

The key to doing so is creating a proper Subject for your post.
1) Always include the city and state in the subject.
2) If you live in a small town, it might be best to use your nearest metro city instead of your town in the subject.
3) Be descript about the intent of the post. Is it "Advice Needed", "Investor Wanted", "Buyers Wanted", "Sellers Wanted", "Investing Partner", etc. Just be sure to add that to the post.

Below is an example of a suitable topic for someone in the Houston, Texas area looking for an Investing Partner:
Houston, TX - Investing Partner

Pretty simple but will allow people to easily sort and search for your post.



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