Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

GLOSSARY of real estate acronyms. Someone had mentioned it was hard to follow when just acronyms were used in posts. If you want to add to or have a question, leave a post and we'll edit it in.

AFD = Agreement For Deed

AFF = Automated Foreclosure Finder

AITD = All Inclusive Trust Deed

AMR = Anticipated Market Value

APN# = Assessors Parcel Number

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

ARM = Adjustable rate mortgage

ARV = After Repair Value

ASP = Anticipated Selling Price

BARM = Be a Real Estate Millionaire (Dean's book. JUST in case anyone didn't know Smiling)

BOM = Back On Market

BOR = Board of Realtors

BPO = Broker's Price Opinion

CAD = County Appraisal District

Cap = Capitalization

CAP = Cap Rate (NOI / Price)

CCIM = Certified Commercial Investment Member

CCR = Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions

CDA = Confidential Disclosure Agreement

CFD = Contract for Deed

CLTV = combined loan to value. This is if you have a 1st and 2nd or HELOC on your home, it is the combined amount owned compared to the value of your home.

CMA = Comparative Market Analysis

COCR = Cash on Cash Return

COE = Close Of Escrow

COF = Cost of Funds

COO = Certificate of Occupancy

CPI = Consumer Price Index

CRB = Certified Residential Broker

CRE = Creative Real Estate

CRS = Certified Residential Specialist

DBA = Doing Business As

DCR = Debt Coverage Ratio

DIL = Deed In Lieu

DOM = Days on Market

DOS = Due On Sale Clause

DOT = Deed of Trust

DSCR = Debt Service Coverage Ratio

EM = Earnest Money

FAL = Foreclosure Alert

FCRA = Fair Credit Reporting Act

FFE = Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment

FHA = Federal Housing Administration

FHLMC = Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Freddie Mac

FMR = Fair Market Rent

FMV = Fair Market Value

FNMA = (Fannie Mae) - Federal National Mortgage Association

FRBO = For Rent by Owner

FSBO = For Sale By Owner

GMAC = General Motors Acceptance Corporation

GRM = Gross Rent Multiplier, is the price divided by the total rent. The problem with it (as opposed to the cap rate) is that it does NOT include an info on expenses

HELOC = Home Equity Line of Credit

HML = Hard money lender

HOA = Homeowners Association

HUD = Housing and Urban Development

HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

IEE = Instant Equity Exchange

IRA = Individual Retirement Account

IRC = Internal Revenue Code

IRR = Internal Rate of Return

IRS = Internal Revenue Service

L/O = Lease Option

L/P = Lease Purchase

L/S = Landlord Seller

LIBOR = London Interbank Offering Rate

LLC = Limited Liability Company

LO = Lease Option

LOA = Letter of Authorization

LOC = Line of Credit

LOI = Letter of Intent

LP = Limited Partnership

LPOA = Limited Power of Attorney

LTV = Loan-to-value ratio

MAI = Member Appraisal Institute

MAO = Maxium Allowable Offer (Typically if you can get it, it is 30% off the ARV less repairs)

MFL = Maximum Foreseeable Loss

MIP = Mortgage Insurance Premium

MLS = Multiple Listing Service

MUD = Municipal Utility District

NAR = National Association of Realtors

NDA = Non-disclosure Agreement
(also known as a confidentiality agreement)

NIV = No Income Verification

NMD = No money down

NNN = Triple Net Lease

NOD = Notice of Default

NOI = Net Operating Income (Total Income minus all expenses EXCEPT debt service)

NOO = Non Owner Occupied

NTS = notice of trustee sale

O/F = Owner Finance

OBO = Or best offer

OO = Owner Occupied

OPM = Other people's money

P&S = Purchase and Sale

PFC = Prepaid Financial Charge

PITI = principal, interest, taxes, & insurance

PMI = Private mortgage insurance

PML = Private Money Lender

POA = Power of Attorney

PR = Primary Residence

PUD = Planned Unit Development

REI = Real Estate Investing / Real Estate Investor

REIA = Real Estate Investors Association

REIT = Real Estate Investment Trust

REO = Real estate owned

ROI = Return On Investment

RTO = Rent to Own

SBA = Small Business Administration

SBC = Small Balance Commercial (under 5 million)

SEC = US Securities and Exchange Commission

SFH = Single Family House

SFR = Single-family residence

Sub2 = Buying property subject to existing financing

T/B = Tenant Buyer

TAA = Texas Apartment Association

TAR = Texas Association of Realtors

TAV = Tax Assessed Value

TIL = Truth In Lending

TREC = Texas Real Estate Commission

UBIT = Unrelated Business Income Tax

UCC = Uniform Commercial Code

VA = Department of Veterans Affairs / Veterans Administration


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New definitions added

From Drew's reply:

“PFC” stands for “Prepaid Financial Charge.” This would be any points
that would be paid or the cost for any tax services.

“MFL” stands for “Maximum Foreseeable Loss.” The website,
defines MFL as the worst case scenario under which an estimate is made of the maximum dollar amount that can be lost if a catastrophe occurs such as a hurricane or firestorm.

.pdf updated:

Thanks Drew!


Mark K. Cool

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Thanks Mark & Drew! I added

Thanks Mark & Drew! I added them to the acronyms. Have I missed others from previous posts? I'll have to look back & check.
Thanks again for the add and the definitions! Smiling



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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With the exception of the new ones (PFC & MFL) I believe you're up-to-date.

Thanks for the great job you do on keeping the glossary updated, it makes it easier for us to have everything in one location.

...and you're welcome for the add too!

Take care.


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RE: How do you buy property with no money down.

I am very much interested in getting started but I have no cash.
How do I start with no cash in hand. I just live pay check by pay check just enough to pay rent which is 500.00
and bills.

Thanks Rina

Hello Rina and thanks again for the Glossary Terms, now I will know what everyone means one step at a time for me.


It's the beging of a new way of Life.



What TLC means?

"Your TLC builds equity"

Please help.


Tender Loving Care.


Mark K. Cool

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Just ran across a thread where someone was discussing her own housing situation and mentioned foreclosure vs. DIL. A respondent asked what that was, and I came to the Glossary since I'm working on learning all this, but I did not see it listed. A later response in the thread explained it as being Deed In Lieu, or basically handing the property back over to avoid having a foreclosure. Would it be possible to enter these additions back into the list in correct order once they are checked so that someone who is looking for an answer doesn't have to go back through the entire history? Thanks for the resource!

.pdf updated

Thanks for bringing it to our attention Jade East!


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Thanks for the updates!

There are so many of these,and looks like they just keep coming. Great to have a quick resource so handy, so we can check something out and go right back to whatever we were reading without losing train of thought. Wonderful idea.

OMG!!! Rina

Thank you for translation of acronybonics.
Each industry has it's now I feel I speak 9 languages and still stay lost.
You are totally a SS (super savior) & BFF to all of us.



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Thanks for the link to the .pdf version of Rina's Glossary. This is a really necessary resource, and apparently there's no end to it. It's late (early?) and I'm getting punchy. Was starting to think maybe I'd have to make myself flash cards or design a game --- Lingo Bingo? --- to begin to get a handle on all this. Too much electronic media time fries my eyes and my brain. I know it isn't as "green," but I'm still a paper person sometimes; I was about to create a Word.doc and figured I'd have to remember to scrap it and redo it to keep up with all the additions.


In NM, this was the acronym for my land contract: REC, Real Estate Contract. Just saw the same thing used elsewhere but defined as Real Estate Commission.

DS and DOS

DOS is already listed here as Due on Sale Clause; I ran across it also as simply DS. Acronyms and abbreviations are a lot like texting --- nice for shorthand simplicity, but easy to assume incorrectly. Probably best to spell it out and make sure everyone is really on the same page when it's important.

The Edge

Just bought The Edge, couldn't afford the "Blueprint" can't wait to get it, have so many questions, I wonder if The Edge has coaching with it? I did one assignment 5 years ago and then the market went, I could get buyers and sellers but the bank wouldn't give anyone a loan. Need investors list, cant afford the rei in my neighborhood. I am very pumped up and want to get started. Been reading everything, blogs, forums etc. Read Profit from RE Now it is great. Lost my house two years ago and if I wasn't so emotionally involved I could have sold it to one of you. Appraised at $375 sold for $68K and they pretended to be working with me for over a year and then they said, get out! The government had paid off the bank months before, I just didn't know it. Now I have to make it, on disability and can't do CNA work. Hope to be working with you all when I find my first house! Thanks Janet

Tools for our tool bag!

This is an excellent resource tool everyone!
Thanks Rina for posting it & getting the ball rolling as well as all the additional ones.

What a great team effort!Smiling
These posts are pricless while building our tool bags of knowledge & resources. Smiling

A new Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Abbreviations are a necessity in real estate advertising because most of the time so much information must be communicated such little space. The following list contains some of the abbreviations which are commonly used in the real estate industry.

ab Abstract

a/g pl Above ground Pool

ac Acre

a/c Air Conditioning

Actv Active

AICUZ Air Installations Compatible Use Zones

Alm Aluminum Siding

APPR Agency Approved

APT Apartment

ASB Asbestos Siding

ASM Assumptions

ASRSV Assigned Parking

Atfn Attic Fan

Att Attached Garage

ba Bath

Balc Balcony

Bb Baseboard Heat

Bch Beach

bd; br Bedroom

bkporch backporch

Bkyd Fenced Backyard

bldrs redo builder's renovation

blt built-in

Bot Boat Slip

Brk Brick

Brkf Breakfast Area

Bsmt Basement

Bulk Bulkhead

Bung Bungalow

3 3 Bedrooms

3-Apr 4 Bedrooms/ 3 Bathrooms

4/3/2002 4 Bedrooms/ 3 Bathrooms / 2 car Garage

1C, 2C 1 or 2 car Garage

1 LV, 2 LV 1 or 2 Living Levels

cac central air conditioning

CAM Common Area Maintenance

Cape Cape Cod

Cbl,Cblh Cable/Hookup

Cdrcl Cedar Closet

Cen Central Air

Cer Ceramic Tile

CFan Ceiling Fan

Chn Chain Link Fence

Cldsc Cul-de-sac

Clap Clapboard Siding

Clbhs Clubhouse

Clus Cluster

Cnl Canal

Col Colonial

Cont Contemporary

CPT Carpet or Carport

Crk Creek

Cnr,Crnr Corner

Crwl Crawl Space

Cth Cathedral Ceiling

CVAC Central Vacuum

Cvga Converted Garage

crprt Carport

c-fan Ceiling Fan

cent h/a Central Heat & Air

CW/CD Clothes Washer / Clothes Dryer

Deco Decorative Fence

DEDRS Deed Restrictions

Det Detached Garage

DhkpP Dryer Hookup

Dk Deck

DLM Seller Disclaimer

DLO Seller Disclosure

dbl Double

d/w Dishwasher

Dog Dock

Dog Dog Run Fence

Dr Dining Room

Dry Clothes Dryer

Dsp Garbage Disposal

DWF,DWAC Deep Water/Access

EFPP Eviction Foreclosure Prevention Program

ELE Electric

ELV Elevator

END End Unit

E-Rng Electric Range

Exr Exercise Room

Farm Farmhouse

fdr Formal dining room

Ffbr First Floor Bedroom

Fha Forced Hot Air

Fha/VA Qualifies for FHA/VA

Flr Floor Furnace

fin ll Finished lower level

fm rm, or fr Family Room

fml Formal

fncd yd Fenced Yard

f-bmt Finished Basement

Foyr Foyer

Fp, Fpl Fireplace

Fpgas Gas Fireplace

FR Family room

Frog Finished Room Over Gar

Full Fully Fenced

fplc Fireplace

f/a ht or fah Forced Air Heat

FSBO or Fisbo For Sale By Owner

FXR Fixer Upper

gar Garage

g/a Garage, Attached

garb Garbage

GAR Garage

GAROP Garage Door Opener

GLF Golf Course

Gmt kitchen Gourmet kitchen

GRNO Ground Maintenance

G-RNG Gas Range

HBR Harbor

HIST Historical District

HP Heat Pump

HPWA Water/Air Ht Pump

HRS Horses Allowed

HTUB Hot Tub

HW Hot Water

hvac Heating, Ventilation; Air Conditioning

IGSP In-Ground Sprinkler

Ingrd pool inground pool

INLW In-Law Suite

INT Intercom

JTUB Jetted Tub

LFT Loft

lrg Large

liv rm or lr Living Room

MAR Marble

MBA Master Bedroom w/Bath

MBRFP Master Bedroom w/FP

MCOA Min $ on Assumption

Meik Modern eat-in kitchen

Mk Modern kitchen

mo Month

MOPOA Monthly POA Fee

MRSH Marsh

Mstr Master bed room

MSN Masonry

Mtg Mortgage

MULTI 3+ Car Garage

MWV Microwave Oven

NAM Subdivision Name

nat gas ht Natural gas heat

nbd Neigborhood

NGS Natural Gas

NONQ Non-Qualifying

NTV Notice to Vacate

OA Owner Agent

OGN Ocean

of Owner Financing

OFC Office/Study

OFF Off Street Parking

OP Occupancy Permit

OVER Oversized Garage

OWN Owner Financing

PAN Pantry

PAR Partially Fenced

PAT Patio

PERM Perm Attic Stairs

PGS Propane

PICK Picket Fence

PILE Pilings

PL-A Above Ground Pool

PL Pool house

PL Swimming Pool

PL-1 In-Ground Pool

PLAY Playground

PMP Well Pump

POA Prop Owners Assoc

POR,POR-S Porch/Screened

prop ht Propane Heat

PRQ Parquet

PRTL Partial

PRV, pvcy fence Privacy Fence

PURD Planned Unit Residential Development (zoning term)

NTV Notice to Vacate

R/OPT Rent w/Opt-Buy

RAD Radiant Heat

RDR Radiator

REC Recreation Room

REF Refrigerator

REL Related to Seller

RNCH Ranch

rv prkg RV Parking

RVR River

SAT Satellite Dish

Scrnd porch Screened porch

sec dep Security (Amenity)

sec Security System

SECSY, sec sys Security System


SFIN Seller Finance Opt

SFT Water Softener

SHNG Shingle

SHOP Workshop

SKY Skylights

SLT Slate

sn Senior

SMP Sump Pump

SPC Drive parking spaces

SPDED Special Warranty Deed

SPLT Split-Level (Sty)

sr Security Deposit

s-mb Split Master Bedroom

spklr Sprinkler System

sq ft Square Feet

sd/w Storm Doors & Windows

STA State

STOR Assigned Storage

STR On Street Parking

SUN Sun Room

TEN Tennis Court

TOWN, Th Town House

TRAD Traditional (Style)

TRAN Transitional

TRC Trash Compactor

TRSH Trash Pickup

Txs Taxes

U/g sprk Underground sprinkler system

UNO Unit Number

UTCL Utility Closet

UTLVL Utility Room Level

UTRM Utility Room

VYL Vinyl

WAR Warranty Plan

WBS Wood-burning stove

WF Waterfront

WDSTV Wood Burn Stove

WHF Whole House Fan

WHKP Washer Hookup

WIN Window/Wall Unit

WINDT Window Treatment

WLKIN Walk-in Closet

WOD, WOODD Wood, Wooded

w/o walk-out

WSH Washer

WTR Water

w/w cpt Wall To Wall Carpet

w/d Washer/Dryer

w/d hkup, or w/d con Washer/Dryer Hookup

wtr pd Water Paid

wbfp Wood burning Fireplace

wd Wooded yard

wdstv 4 Woodstove

wd pnl Wood Panelling

yd Yard

NKOB at this second....

Im the newest kid on this block (owning this very second). I am SOOOOO inspired by the knowledge bits I am feasting on at 2:30AM. I have watched DG on infomercials for years - would have been 'rich' had i got off my not so enthusiastic prop (lazy behind). But life was kicking us in that spot for awhile. Another book/chapter-later. But I have made 2 mistakes already - used my email name as user name (went back and made edit changes: from 'nannap ' to 'Ducchess_b2b)ok? Made craziest mistake- Hit the 'marked all forums as read!!!! SOOOOO sorry. (and my signature is Virtuous Woman???). So there u have it. But despite my error - I am already in love - again - with embarking on this real estate career. I'm older, wiser, trying to stay healthy on the eyes still - after almost 7 years of procrastination. I pray to God that the wrinkles in my brain will roll out the real estate knowlege I obtained over the previous years because Im in this for the long haul (if I can just keep my internet on LOL). So thank u, old and new, DG family members. I plan to earn this grafted in adoption. May God bless us all in this tumultuous economic process. I want to help folks get back behind four walls and a roof v. on a corner with a sign/collecting pennies, nickels and dimes. This is America! I thank God for a 'virtuous man' like you, DG, for obtaining, maintaining, and preserving this vision of yours. And then u have the selfless audacity to SHARE!?! Going back to my training now. Until inspiration hits me again - I will follow the mantle of my distinguished predecessors - U. Thank you (my second is up-Im no longer NEW. At least, not to any of U)


A Virtuous Woman

still in training....

...and lovin this comment forum! I'm feelin the 'family ties' every now and then. 'We' working Rina td (to death)! Thank u Rina for 'holdin up the staff' cuz u the 'Moses making sure we get 'cross the Red Sea' LOL. I dont have the books - yet. But I will get them. No $ but no reason to procrastinate. With this knowledge base, no excuses - cuz it only leads to missed opportunies to think and grow 'rich'

Love 2 All 'U' ...back to training. And Now I HAVE read ALL comments - all 5 pages of em. Error correctomony! YES God bless.


A Virtuous Woman

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Hi Rina. Thanks for all that you do. You are a superstar. I just started and i'm on just my second 5 days to fast cash. I have 2 buyers so far. I'm still nervous on the phone. I called a For Rent Ad today looking for buyers and I told the lady on the phone that I was a real estate inventor not investor. Ha. After writing down information about the new buyer these questions began running thru my head.
1. If I bid on a house and the bid gets accepted than what are my next steps. How do I not use my money if I havnt got a buyer yet?
2. Does the bank just hold the property for me until I find a buyer? If I'm doing an assignment of contract or even a Double Close?
3. How long do I have to get out of the contract If I cant find a buyer?

A new real state investor, right here!

Good People of DG,
I am new in this blog and in real state.
My goals are to do my first deal in 30 days, I am on my own and looking to be a part of this great family of successful entreprenurs.
Currently, I am homeless and with the burning desired of get back on track and driving my way to success.
Thank God for this community

Great thread for someone new to the DG family

I am new and just finished watching the EDGE 2011 videos. One of my action items was to find and purchase a book so that I could have a glossary of all the new terms. Now I can save the money I was going to spend on the book and move on to the next action item.

Thank you Rina and everyone else who contributed to the list!


Georgina Schimpff, GIST Properties LLC


Welcome! If you have any questions, just post your search in the bar in the upper left of any page. Hit enter (the magnifying glass is just for show) and voila! If you still have questions, we are all here to help! Smiling


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Awesome - great to have handy!

Happy Sales everyone!


Here's another acronym I learned about today: OWC = Owner Will Carry

Apparently it means that a seller (Owner) Will Carry a mortgage, and the buyer pays monthly payments directly to the seller (bypassing a bank).



I have read some forums where the RBBP is discussed. What is this stand for? It was suggested using this before signing up for the academy. I am starting and need some clrity. Thanks for the help!


Bill French


Stands for Rock Bottom Blue Print, which is no longer available to purchase, but there's plenty of information over in the forum about it. Just type in RBBP at the search bar at the top left of the page, and hit enter. Good luck!


"Persistence Pays, Procrastination Delays!" - smurfy

"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

"He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee" Isaiah 26:3

"Those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

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What is a yellow letter?

What is a yellow letter?

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