Las Vegas, NV - Investors' Club

Las Vegas, NV - Investors' Club

Hi friends:

Just curious to know if there is a RE Investor's club in Las Vegas. I'm looking into networking with other investors specifically in Las Vegas to throw some ideas back and forth and as a sort of support system.

Please forward me information on any meet ups taking place in Vegas.

To your success,
Erica Smiling Smiling


Las Vegas RE Club

Hi Erica,

I'm Denise and I have a cousin in Vegas,
and his wife is a RE 'Salesperson', so she is knowledgeable in the industry. However, I currently reside in the ATL, but I may relocate to Vegas in the future. So finding an RE Investor's Club is also in my best interest...

In the meantime, you may want to visit the website CRE (Creative Real Estate).
Look in the Left hand column under RESOURCES.
Click on Investment Clubs. Then choose Nevada!

Ironically enough, their address is:

CRE Online, Inc.
6440 Sky Pointe Dr.
Suite 140-187
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Stay in touch - keep me updated on what clubs u visited!

A word of caution on

A word of caution on Vegas... It has never been a great rental market due to the transient nature of the city/people. (Easy to rent but they tend not to stay as long as other markets.)

In the past, that has ben tolerable due to the skyrocketing nature of RE prices. That is no longer case. Maybe do a little bottom fishing but do be careful.

Thank you!

DeNiecy8 & Rina, thank you for the references. And wmark1963, thanks for the heads up!

Best to all of you with your investments!


Hey, I saw some decent videos for one of Las Vegas' clubs on YouTube. You could probably just search it on there.

I live in Las Vegas and am

I live in Las Vegas and am starting up very soon. If anyone has any tips feel free to PM me, anything would be greatly appreciated, as you all obviously have had more experience than me.


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I have a property in LV

I bought a property few years ago in las vegas because we planned to move in but we changed our minds and now we want to live in LA. Now we don't know what to do with the property in vegas even though it is rented right now. Any suggestions? if any one knows who wants to live in vegas we can let them take over the house

please let us know.


Welcome to the DG family, we're glad you joined us here. Why don't you owner finance it? That means you get a down payment and carry the mortgage like a lender would. Or a lease/option (rent-to-own) would be another great way to sell it. These two ways are the most stress free ways to sell, no tennants or toilets. Eye-wink

Good luck and God bless you,


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There is also that web site that is called
You can go there and see what you might find.




Property in Las Vegas

I would like to discuss your property in Las Vegas. I am new to the Real Estate Investing business too but maybe we can work something out that would benefit the both of us. I currently live in Las Vegas. Maybe we could work out a lease option.

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