May 28th Conference Call Assignment

Listen to the call at:

Below is the assignment created by Anita that is discussed during the call. Add your replies here!

Special thanks to Anita for thinking this out and putting it together!

1. Locating properties that are unlisted and/or not for sale

a. How to locate homes that you want to research.
b. Where to look.
c. What are the visual signs of potential properties that make be good deals.

2. Researching the data/owners

a. How to use the internet locator's like Google, white pages, cross reference
b. Asking the neighbors
c. Using you local courthouse as a resource
d. Using web programs as a source

Thank you!

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the call and to Dean and his wonderful staff. That was really fun.

Listen to training call

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Hello All,

If you were not on the live training call tonight (May 28th) then this assignment won't make sense. But give us 48 hours and we will post the call for all to listen to it if you missed it live. If you did miss it then you will definitely want to return here when it is posted. It was an amazing call and one of our wonderful students Anita shared some great wisdom on how everyone can get out there and start making money right away..

Make sure to thank Anita for taking personal time out of her night to share what she could to help you get started..

Big thanks from me Anita;-)


Great Call?

Thank you!
I am new to this site. I am a realtor in MA. My husband and I had bought and owned properties back in the early 90s and got pretty beat up by the tenants. At one time we had 7 apartment buildings and we had cash flow but we didn't treat it like a business and we got pretty beat up by the situation. We are looking to buy again but are hoping to be more successful. I really enjoyed what I heard being said tonight on the call. I am not really savy with the whole blogging thing and not sure if I am replying to a post of Dean's or Anita but I just want to say thanks to both for sharing tonight.
A really good call!

Excellent Advise

I am new at this also, but I wanted to thank you both for the excellent advise. I really learned a lot from it. I probably would have given up by now if not for everyone and especially the encouragement I have received. So once again Thank you both and all of you out there.

**Finding people**

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The absolute BEST site that I have used in my opinion for finding peoples address/phone# (if listed) is

check it out...type in your name and state, see what comes's almost scary!

remember a phone number will ONLY appear if it is listed in the phone book. If you have an unlisted number, no site will be able to find it!

Hazco Investments LLC

Conference call

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I got to listen in on the call and it was inspiring. Anita is a great asset to all of us. Thank you so much for sharing. Jrgnsn

Homework assignment

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Anita, Thank you for putting this together! Hope everyone gets out there and does the assignment. I know I will be. Should we report back in here what we come up with? It will be great to hear everyone's feedback and positive results!

Thanks again, and Great Job!


Conference CAll

Thank you Dean and Anita,

Your call truly has inspired me. Currently, I am not working but hope to be working soon. I have the book and have read through Chapter 3 and beginning Chapter 4. I am more interested than ever now. I have already begun to work the homework assignment, though I have not completed the book. I will share the journey as I go along. Again, thank you, thank you!


An "Aha Moment"

Hi Anita
That was a great call, thanks for the awesome ideas and personal story, I missed some of it so I am looking forward to the post. Somtimes we feel stuck and need a live motivator like you, to get us on our way. Thanks Dean for allowing Anita to share her story. Definately an "Aha Moment" Smiling I love this site!

That was great

Thanks again the call had great Info for all the new r-e-i,s also thanks Dean you are great to listen to always good info.

Anita rocks!

The one thing i learned from Anita last night was never be afraid to ask. I'm always the bashful one and afraid to ask questions, but after the conference call last night, i've made up my mind that i will never be afraid to ask questions. Ask and it shall be given, knock and it should be opened. Thank you to you Dean and Anita. Great conference call!



Conference call

Hello Anita,

Wow! I was on the call with you last night and am very impressed with your portfolio and the work that you've done with Dean G in six weeks. Wanted to send you congratulations for taking
control of your life after over coming your illness. You have inspired
me to go after my dreams also. Thanks for allowing yourself to help others with your sharing on the blog!

I'm a slow reader and have not completed Dean's book yet, but since I heard you on the call I'm starting to focus more.

Thanks again!


Great conference, I need all the inspiration I can get. I guess I'll have to ride my mule into Flag. or Williams.

Conference Call

Hi Anita & Dean,
I have listened to all the recorded conference calls posted at but last night was my first live and it was a turning point for me.
I'm so very new to this, I have not even received Dean's book I ordered. I have no money and my credit is in shambles. But following Anita's advice to be more proactive, I logged on to the call last night, pulled up some pre-foreclosure properties in areas where I’m looking to invest including agent’s info. I called some of the agents first thing this morning explaining what I’m planning to do and one of them has agreed to meet with me over the weekend to discuss my plans. After work I drove pass three of the properties I pulled up and one of them look promising (exteriorly).
Thanks again Anita for sharing your story.

Conf. call

Hi Everyone,
I have not yet recieved my book, but I am ready to rock and roll.... Thanks to both for allowing me to join your call! I found it very informative, exciting, motivating, and all I can say is with the support that Im getting before I recieve my book, I cant wait to see what happens after I recieve it. I have found a property that I am working on already. Thanks again! blear

Conference call

I am new to the site! Just finished reading "become a real estate millionaire". Good book. Listening to Anita on the call last night was motivation that I needed badly! She was in a lot worse situation than I am! She let me know that someone from inner city could do this! I always believed that "people" in the suburbs were the only ones who could become successful in real estate! Glad I listened to call! Thanks Dean!

I just heard the conference call...

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Just heard the conference call (after the fact), since I wasn't able to listen live. It was great! Anita you did a great job presenting the information. I appreciate all of the tips and information. Thanks to both Anita and Dean for all of the comments and inspiration!

Here I come Smiling movin forward.

Inspired by conference call.

First of all thank you Dean for providing this empowering approach to inform others of your success. I have been truely inspired and have been slowly but surely researching properties in my area.

Anita, what a wonderful story you have. Congradulations on all your successes. After listening to your story I realized that yes I have been researching properties and talking with my husband about them but that is all I had done. When you began stressing the importance of "ACTION", after the call I got in contact with a local realtor to get info on a property I have been looking at. It is an REO and has been on the market for 114 days. The realtor told me right away not to bother since it had been froze up all winter and now has no heat. The asking price is 142K and I know that in this area houses run between 245K and 292K so I am taking your advice about not letting anyone tell you "NO" and will continue to gather info about this property. Hopefully this will be my first deal Smiling Thank you.

Awesome and Confirmation of Faith

Ms. Anita - Thank you for adding more substance to the courage I presently have. I am a firm believer of "Ask and You Shall Receive." Through my experience, I know for a fact that you have to take action and knock fear (False Evidence Appear Real) out of the way. Properties, or anything for that matter will not come to you.

I realized that when I started being an investor, you must go out, have an open mind, take action and be persistent. "Seek and Ye Shall Find." Also, when someone tries to be discouraging in your presence, move that mountain to the side and go forth to see what the end's going to be. You will never know until you try.

Thanks again Mr. Dean and Ms. Anita for your time and patience to help all of us to become successful in our journey of Real Estate!

Everything starts as a thought choose the good ones

Everything that you believe to be hard will not change, until you first think of it as being easy.
Thank you for all you people do to keep us inspired, to keep us uplifted, to give us that extra push in the right direction, thank you for all the advice and suggestion, thank you for giving of yourself to help others who need your support.
The Universe is your oyster, all you have to do is open it up and find the treasure inside.

Everything starts as a thought choose the good ones

Everything that you believe to be hard will not change, until you first think of it as being easy.
Thank you for all you people do to keep us inspired, to keep us uplifted, to give us that extra push in the right direction, thank you for all the advice and suggestion, thank you for giving of yourself to help others who need your support.
The Universe is your oyster, all you have to do is open it up and find the treasure inside.

New Here But Excited

I'm really brand new. I've just gotten to part two of the book and I'm truly excited at the prospect of making money with real estate. The call was great, both because of Dean's input (as the 'old pro') and Anita's experiences as a neophite. I'll be on the next call, too. Guaranteed! Right now I have a time crunch because of previous commitments that will be wrapped up in a couple of weeks. I know what my new found time will be devoted to; making this work. I've seen successes in my life, and this will be another. I play jazz as a hobby and recently read a book on improvisation the was titled, "The Creative Nudge: All You Need Is A Little Information", which sums up what I'm getting here. Only in this case, it's a LOT of information. My thanks to Dean, his team, and the community as a whole. I'm looking forward to absorbing all the incedible stuff that's available...and I'll be talking to you all again.

conf call 5/28/08

Tuned into "The Call" this morning due to weekly Wed eve commitment and I just wanted to say to Anita, " You Go Girl!!!" I really needed some encouragement to keep pressing forward toward the goal. I'm about to work my to do list and call the Real Estate person I talked to last week. Great call and thanks D.G. for all the info at this site!

"Just Do It"

I'm so new, I haven't even received my Study Course. I decided after ordering my book (Sunday 5/25/08' 2am), to start making phone calls to Sub-Prime Mortage lenders. I found 2 in my area and yesterday stopped in on one of them,(no appointment). It went so well He offered to train me as his junior broker, what he said was; "You have real focused energy on what you are trying to do and you can make lots of money as a Broker". He's sending me some info on it, and told me to think about coming on board...I know I'm on the right track if on my 1st face to face I able to add any where from 30,000-50,000. a year "part time". Anita's testomony was such a great source of strength for me..It has taken me to another level. I am constantly (on a Daily Basis), doing something towards My being one of Deans Success stories... Use all the Materials you get from him and you'll begin to expand its usage. Don't give up.."Just Do It"..

conference call

Good job Anita,
That was my first conference call...
Thats awesome you got the guy to owner finance and at what sounds like good terms.. Could you tell me how your deal worked out? For instance down pmt, terms, pmt. and will the rent cover all costs???
I am still looking for my first deal...


I have just listened to the call!

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Thanks Anita for the great information. I have never been afraid to ask questions 'except' when I am clueless as to what I am doing. That has to change. I learnt that from your call and appreciate it. After all, I will learn from asking the seemingly 'stupid' questions from anyone I can find.

I also loved what Dean had to say about the DG site??

Conference Call

Thank you so much Anita for your honesty and encouragement. I am going to get started on the homework assignment.
Dean I would like to thank you too, I really feel like I could be a success at this.


Anita's Call

Thank you to both Anita and Dean. I just finished the audio version of the book and will be reading the hard cover as well. I knew I could listen to the program on my way to and from work much easier and this was my first call I have been on. I am excited by this opportunity and can't wait to get going. I really like the websites as there is a lot of interaction which I know will be helpful in the future. Thanks again for letting me be a part of this.

Great Feedback, Dean and Anita!!!

This may be the first time I didn't see any negative comments about the conference, live or otherwise.

I look forward to many more!!!


Better late then never

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I got a chance to hear the call tonight
and I was loving every minute of it.
It was great to hear both of you.
Anita and Dean Thanks, I will do my Homework
and make some offers. Bryan

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