Dream Big and Live Life Well

Dream Big and Live Life Well

Now is the time to be bolder, to dare to achieve, to begin something worth doing.
Begin now to do something that has long been a dream, something that makes you approach each new day as a journey to accomplish what you want and desire.
Your days are numbered, you won't live forever so now is the time to grab hold of that dream and shake it for all it's worth. Time is a fleeting commodity that can never be retrieved again so do it now, not tomorrow or the next day - now.
Don't just dream.
Dig for it.
Put your desires into motion not just thought.
Be bold and be courageous.
Will it be easy? Not likely. Will it be worth the work, the risk, the frustration? Absolutely!
Persist, persevere. Life gives you the opportunity now so don't let one more moment escape your capacity to have, be, or get what you want.
There is one thing that you need to get right before you even make one move to get what you want and that is to trust yourself. Yes, trust yourself to be able to learn what you need to learn, to take risks to accomplish what others may think is foolhardy or impossible. Trust your own resolve to meet each and every challenge along the way.
Remember that YOU are the instrument of change, the mechanism that with all your capacity will see new things unfold as you put thought into action. Anything is possible!!! Just believe it!


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Nicely said MommaE. I

Nicely said MommaE. I bookmarked it so I can read over and over. Thank you.

dito E

well said and true....


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Elena Thanks 4 the Encouragement!

Thank you for those words. It helped me create some new momentum.


"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." — Peter F. Drucker

You bet!

Hey holt121, we could all use encouragement every day! I'm glad it helped you create new momentum, it's my great pleasure to help others.
Continued success and blessings,


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Great to hear !

We all need encouragement on a daily basis.

That's one of the things that makes this a great site to be associated with.

Randy S.
Elkton , MD

We all need it....

Encouragement is the reason many of us became DGrs in the first place. I used to come on here every day like clock work for encouragement when I was at the lowest point in my life. The awesome people I met on here picked me up and gave me hope that I could be successful again, when no one around me did. Had it not been for those dear people I wouldn't still be here, still working at it, I'd have given up. So as long as you keep coming here you will receive encouragement from me or any one of the other wonderful people here. Just don't give up!


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

love it!

Very well said Elena - now really is the time to let go of fears and take charge. Make it happen now - go after your dreams and work hard



"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

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Is your true potential still untapped?

Water is said to be the most powerful force on earth. The premise for that is water achieves its potential power when it flows. When contained, it is merely untapped potential. At our core, we are no different. Our true potential, like water, is achieved when we flow.

Have you ever been in the mental state where you are fully immersed in what you arNiagara - Flowe doing, energized by the process and completely enjoying the process of the activity?

This feeling of complete absorption is a truly powerful experience and when we enter it we are in a state of optimal experience as Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explores in his book titled “Flow.” Flow is defined as a subjective psychological state that occurs when your dominant strengths and greatest talents converge, enabling you to become completely absorbed in the activity at hand. In the state of flow, we are so engaged in the task at hand that:

-Time seems to stand still
-Self-consciousness, doubt , and questioning melt away
-We develop a laser focus for the task at hand
-The right things just seem to happen

Think about it…what activities and experiences in your life take you into this state? Are you experiencing this with the frequency you would like? As you go through reflecting on these questions, also ask yourself if you get to do what you do best every day. If you are like over 60% of our population, there is a very good chance you are not giving yourself this opportunity.

The powerful Flow state is one that understanding and applying your dominant strengths will allow you to achieve with more regularity. Doing something that you have become good at, but do not ENJOY doing is not the state of Flow…in the context of your work, it may just simply be collecting a paycheck. On this path, you may in fact be operating well outside of your strengths zone settling for mediocrity at best, and truly disengaged from many parts of your work and possibly even personal life.

Think about how great you feel when in your Flow state. If the feeling is incredible, yet highly irregular, could it be that it is time for some changes in your life to increase its frequency? Living in a regular state of Flow is like the river water carving its way through a canyon to create its path. Are you creating your path, or is your path creating you? Identifying your strengths and learning how to consciously apply them is the first step to moving into the Flow State with more regularity.dyirassammy


Thank you all for your words of wisdom..I am in the middle of Totally Fullfilled and am loving this book!! I am sick of mediocrity and am on my way to changing my attitudes, my life! It's very exciting and somewhat scary as I am out of my comfort zone! But I am going for it all the way! I have a fairly negative spouse who I admit gets to me occasionally..so I will do as suggested and come here for inspiration and motivation as well as the IE site! God bless you all and thank you!

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