The Low Down: Automated Foreclosure Finder vs Foreclosure Alert (AFF vs FAL)

I've seen a lot of people pondering what exactly the AFF and FAL systems are, how they work, what they are good for, and if you are only suppose to have one or the other. Even more often, the question of if they are worth the money... even though they are so darn cheap for what you get.

My true, unbiased opinion as someone who knows a thing or two about all of this, lol, is you have to be crazy not to try both for the cheap trial if you get the opportunity. Even the non-trial is too cheap not to pass up, and they offer a pretty lengthy unconditional refund anyways. It's a no risk opportunity, and that's the best kind of "deal".

They both do two different things that are critical for an investor, and they are a must have for any investor, especially for the ridiculously low price. I don't know why they sell it for so cheap, because for investors who know the value in what a good tool can return, they pay an arm and leg. I used to spend (and still do) a small fortune on trading platforms, but I did because they enabled me to get edge that had a considerable positive ROI (return on investment).

If you are using other means and they are working for you, more power to you, but these are great. Especially if you are a new investor, you will have a major advantage with these and make it so much easier to start getting deals done. This is no joke, I helped in the development of them along side Dean and other experts. (Foreclosure Alert System, aka FAL):
This gives you an even playing field with every other serious investor. It has the data on the foreclosures AND preforclosures nationwide. There was just a new version released about a month ago that does amazing stuff, high tech mapping, easy comparisons, etc. You can target several properties down from thousands in minutes. This tool allows you to get the inside track on all of this. All you do is find your targets and start making offers. This is a perfect system to help play the numbers game, if that is one of your strategies (submitting large amounts of very low ball offers as often at least one will bite out of a bunch). (Automated Foreclosure Finder, aka AFF):
This is a set of tools to get home owners, who are in trouble, but not necessarily even in preforclosure yet (the best leads - because they likely haven't talked to anyone else yet, or at least not many people), coming to you to try to help them out of their jam. Once you put the system in place, all you do is sit back and wait for the deals come to you. You take the good deals out of the bunch and follow up on them to hit your goals of making killer real estate deals.

There is tons of stuff included. A side from the information and strategic knowledge outlines in a How To format, there is all of this:
- a complete and customizable website (so easy anyone can do it) that screens deals for you and collects leads
- an auto email responder to establish relationship automatically. It is prebuilt but can be configured any way you like
- automated HOT lead generator
- marketing piece generators (automatically creates flyers and biz cards with your info on it for you in seconds to print)
- recorded phone messages
- video tutorials, walk-through wizard, lot's of helpful stuff
- and a lot more.

Some of the things I mentioned in the AFF are part of version 2, which is either being released TONIGHT or early tomorrow. You will be blown away if you use the system. It is proven and tested. The only thing it can't do is make you actually use it. Once you do that simple part of using it, it's game on people!

Don't give yourself a lame excuse not to give yourself an edge. These products are strong medicine, but wrapped in a very simple package. The best part is, we know for it a fact it works. This is not experimental, or hypothetical stuff, this is plain and simple effective techniques.

Tip for current and future AFF members... AFF + Craigslist = WOW!

Good luck, and don't sell yourself short...


Thanks for the clarification. Is the trial offer located on the website during sign-in or would we have received the trial offer in another media format; for example, through a promotional email or from Dean's website. Thanks for the continued support.



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Yes, when you buy the AFF online it is the 14-day trial offer for $1:

For FAL, I believe there is a trial offer the first time it is presented when you speak to the rep by phone. There is not a way to get a trial over the net, but if you sign up over the net you can get two months free by going a year:

With either program, you can get a full refund at any time for quite a while. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it is 3 months, you'll have to check more, but Dean's products have a easy money back guarantee to make everything risk free and not have a reason not try.

We're here to support the clients and help them be successful. A lot of companies are only it in it to make money, and that is why they have such a high dissatisfaction rate and give the infomercial world a bad name. We are trying to change that!

You probably noticed if you looked into other programs that none of the other companies teaching REI have an open community, or regular people logging on here and turning their lives around with real estate. We don't sell anything we aren't proud or would use ourselves (I use our own products myself, and I am fortunately able to afford to use any REI product, but I use ours for a reason).

FAL Trial

Thanks, I signed up yesterday online, didn't receive the 2 free month offer but got the trial and 60-day money back guarantee. I've already started changing web pages and adding my own "flare". I'm impressed so far. I need a little more time to fine tune it and make it more personal but I'm working on it.

Question 1: Do you know if I have to change and re-record the audio clip or can I keep the one provided. I understand with the 800 message I can keep the one provided or change it to my own message but wasn't sure on the internet clip. Thanks for the tip on FAL!

Question 2: With the AFF does this list of preforeclosures offer the same information as "Notice of Default" that you get from the courthouse?



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You have it backwards... AFF is the automated foreclosure finder. It is the one with website, recorded materials, etc.

FAL is the system where you search all the foreclosures.

On AFF, you can keep the message the same if you prefer.

On FAL, I'm not exactly sure what each data source is in use on it, but I would bet a lot money the courthouse data is one.

Glad you are liking it. Did you go through the "Getting Started" walk-thru/tour on AFF? We think that will go a long way to helping people get the most out of the course. Before we kind of just dropped a lot of info and tools on them and they would get stuck trying to figure out where to start or what to do. This should help that.

Right had it backwards

I just got it this morning...the updated version. I started yesterday and already made changes to personalize my website but this morning when I hopped on to continue those efforts I got Dean and his walk through!! Wasn't expecting that but WOW what a huge help. I couldn't wait to get back to the site to make my changes. Little worried I can't get it customized fast enough to start using the 14-day trial before my time runs out but I have a good feeling Smiling I won't be canceling my order.

Good to know about the possibility of default notices being available on the FAL system. I think I'll try that next.



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Just bought the AFF...and Im excited to start using....going thru Deans walk thryu now...couldn't wait for my hbby to get back to see it with me....hope I can re-do it when he gets here Smiling

Lastest book...AFF

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I bought Deans Latest book,with all the great I need the AFF? Its sounds kind of the same as a lot of info in the book...although the pre-recorded messages sound great.....whats the difference?

Just Getting Started

I'm off to kind of a slow start. I'm just getting high speed net as I live in the mtn's.
I also am just finally getting a R.E.
Person to work with. I'm looking forward to my
first deal. I could never do it without FAL!

Thanks Dean & Group


jsut recieved my probate site

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going thru the process of setting my site up very excited and can not wait to get it up and running..thanks dean

Great stuff!!

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Deans AFF is the real deal. I would highly encourage anyone to purchase this product its worth the time, effort and money!! Opens up the whole world of marketing WHICH IS KEY!!!


Im excited and still dont now why but I do know the Dean is directing us in the right path to riches !

AFF VS FAL Thanks guys this

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Thanks guys this has been helpful hearing your comments


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YES . They both sound very excellent . I bought them . Now to figure out how to make them work for me in this area .
Take the previous bits of advice and use the trial versions and support system for it right away so you know if they fit your system of doing business and a useful tool for the area you were going to focus in and on . I didn't . Oops , my error . Igloos and qwansit huts don't market very well .

Onward ! Mush , forward dogs . We got to find another area to work in until mid May when the snow is melted .

How does this compare to PropTrend?

Seems like PropTrend has the same stuff as the FAL program, but AFF seems like it has a lot more to offer.


William Delorme

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