I'm currently reading Dean's book and on page 94, there is a spreadsheet that is somewhere on the website. Can someone let me know where it is.


page 94

I am also reading the book and apparently I am on the same page. Lol. I just got here and signed up and I'm looking for that spreadsheet myself. Of course I could make one, but I just thought it would be easier to print it out. Anyone know where it is?



Have you looked under Student Resources under Forms and Docs? Look at the side bar on your left.

Everything in the book I

Everything in the book I think is listed under Student Resources.

Spreadsheet question

I am in the same spot; looking for the spread sheet. I clicked into Student Resources under forms and doc's and still don't see it. It is split into 4 catagories and they look like legal forms and docs.

Which One?

What is the exact the spreadsheet you are looking for? I have most of them saved to my computer. If you tell me the exact one maybe I can upload it here.


The speadsheet to use for tracking personal spending.


Its not anywhere on this site. Its just a simple spreadsheet for your expenses. You can make it so easily It wont take two minutes. The important one is preparing an income statement and your net worth satement.



Also looking...

I am also looking for the spreadsheet mentioned in the book. The book says to go to the website for the sample spreadsheet on personal expense tracking. I do not have a lot of debt and do pretty good with my money, but was just wanting to see the one mentioned. I'll just make my own in Excel.

I made mine. I just used the

I made mine. I just used the book as a reference. I thought it would be easy to print it out, but I gave up when I couldn't find it. It has helped me see where my money goes and where I can trim down. Which is Great!


The spreadsheet is under the "Calculater and Tools" section in the left frame of the webpage.



I had a problem also but i found it under student resources {forms and docs}

forms and docs

forms and docs then click caculating rapair cost


thank you very much Jamahhouse for letting us know where the spreadsheets were i really appreciate it


Salvador Mendoza Jr.

Cash Flow Analysis on page 253

Hello. Can anyone tell me where is the cash flow analysis on the website the book says go to deangraziosi.com and you can download this chart and modify but I can not find it.

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