Arizona Man to Award Needy Family A Beautiful Home – Expenses Paid - For One Full Year!

A week from Christmas, one needy family will be the recipient of a very big helping hand, because on December 18, 2007 they will be given a home to live in FREE for a full year. It’s a contest called “Operation Free Home” and its purpose is to help fill homes and fix lives. However, you can’t buy a ticket for this contest; the only way a family has a chance to win is to have lost big already. That’s because the criterion for entering is to submit two stories of 400 words or less. The first one must describe why you, a friend or a family member is experiencing a hardship, and the second must explain how having a FREE home for one year will get you, or the person you are writing in for, a chance to get back on your feet.The contest is the brainchild of Best Selling Author, Investor and Phoenix resident Dean Graziosi.  Graziosi, a real estate expert himself, say’s he came up with the idea because of the nationwide housing slump. “Currently our country has an overabundance of available homes. Many investors own multiple homes that have sat unsold and vacant for months. I thought, rather than trying to sell a home in a market where buyer's choices are better than ever, why not take one of those homes off the market and use it to help a family in need?” and that’s exactly what Graziosi did. Using one of his own homes and a few local sponsors, Operation Free Home was born - just in time for the holidays. Graziosi’s hope is that Operation Free Home will expand nationwide as a model for home owners and investors to help as many families as possible. Say’s Graziosi “There are few things as honorable as people helping people. In the end, the Operation Free Home concept is beneficial to everyone involved, owner, winner and sponsors alike.” Anyone wishing to enter themselves or another family can do so at

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