What is The Hardest Part of a Real Estate Deal?

If you can find the right

If you can find the right property the rest shouldn't be very difficult.

Paper work

I fear the paper work. The legal asspect of it is a little scary. Laws are made and changed on a daily basis, I just want to make sure that I have the paper work done right. What if some of us cant afford a lawyer, then we are on our own. I would love to see a forum that covers exactly what you need to do on the paper work in all of the situations that may come up. Thank-You and Good Luck Future RealEstate Millionaires.

Paper Work

On my first deal, I decided to use a realtor, only because I wanted everything to go smoothly, and I was a little scared to go solo on my first deal,I am learning every day and have ran into realtors that are not kind just out for the money, and that is ok! right now I am working on a deal and looking over all paper work to get my self familiar with the purchase contract etc, I did find dean's worksheet very helpful when submitting my offer on a reo property I am trying to purchase, lets see what happen this week. Take care and I see you all at the top.
Wishing all of you the best.

Paper Work

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I agree with both comments above. I am fearful of the paperwork and I cannot afford a lawyer just yet.
I have a great RE agent, but I will be wary of him until he proves himself to me.
I will now go and take a look at Dean's worksheet for offering on a REO. I have found one that I will look at tomorrow and I want to make sure I have researched and noted well to back up my offer.
Thanks for the input.


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Finding the financing when you have no credit and no money. If you don't know how to structure a 'creative financing' deal like Dean does, you have to have some type of financing in place like either private lenders, hard money lenders, a line of credit or investors with available cash. The paperwork is a breeze, in my opinion. Most standard contracts for your state, cover their bases, with the usual escape clauses for your protection and a place to add your conditions, then you also have addendums to extend the contract or conditions if you need to. My last deal was done with a simple one page contract I got from a course I bought, any changes were done with addendums. I'm not saying to do that, especially if you're afraid of dotting your i's and crossing your t's. I'm just saying there are good, standard contracts to use that cover everything and are available at office supply stores.

Hardest Part of the Real Estate Deal

I would like to see clearly in plain language ALL the creative financing possibilities together. I have never seen such a list. If there is one available, I'd like to be aware of it.


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Ive worked in sales before so that could possibly be beneficial but i think mostly paperwork ya know the legal stuff would be the most difficult because like pittsteel said, What if none of us can afford a lawyer. they can be quite expensive. Lol i'm lucky my aunt is a Realtor.

Good Luck Everyone!
Laughing out loud David Laughing out loud

Proof of funds

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Once you get past the proof of funds, everything else is easier.


without great credit, the financing is the hardest

Financing # 1

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I believe the biggest challenge is the financing. With an abudance of available cash, I believe you could probably do at least 3 times the deals. Good luck to everyone on their deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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I agree Joe. With the right fundng in place, so much more could be obtained. Financing is were you alot of the times have to become more creative! Contined success...........Lubertha

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