When completing a real estate deal, what is the hardest part for you, as the investor?

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I purchased the book and kit, and i've been browsing the site for about 10 minutes and i must say that this is a very well informed and creative site. I really hope we can make each other successful.

If you answered finding properties...

If you answered finding properties with profit potential you should check out both 4ClosureAlert.net and Automated Foreclosure Finder.

I wrote a breakdown on both in reply to another forum post in the Foreclosure Alert section.

They are both really super affordable, each one tackles a different angle of finding properties, and either makes a great starting pointing for your investment procedure.

4closurealert is more of a instant deal listing service that gets you all the deals across the country as they happen, and you start sifting through them and making contact with the owner.
Pros: Lists all deals in public record with a few clicks.
Cons: This information is a matter of public record, so other people will be looking at the best deals very closely also, so you have to be quick and keep your eyes peeled.

Automated Foreclosure Finder gets owners in trouble to come to you looking for help.
Pros: You'll have deals coming your way that no one else has knowledge of yet. Owner contacts you for help, and not the other way around.
Cons: The deals come to you as owners seek you out, as opposed to a instant list of deals.

So you can see each serve their own purpose and having both is a two prong approach to finding the best deals.

Finding good deals

Hi! One my house is VA/we are not veterans/But used house any one can bid on and can bre underbid/, need closing etc was arond $2000.00 but 2 monts not need to pay bank,because they do paperwork that long,so I concern No down ,but occupy.
My other 5 years layter;excellent locations was kind of new,but no aircond.FHA loan and they paid us $6000.00 after moved in,and for aircondicioning.
This needed to bid also/used realestate people on both who advertising as realestate sales man for For Va and HUD home:The HUD meaning :a kind of finance.equity is $270 K altogether.That time 5 years already i studied realestate investing,I can buy before ,but I do not believed to able to buy ,and no money.Actually have to have $3K ,but that included 2 monts bankpayments in advence so 2 monts not needed to pay .Giorgianne

Finding Financing

Nowadays, banks and other lenders appear to be quite hesitant in giving loans, especially to investors. However, first time home buyers seem to to have less trouble getting approved for a loan, and they can avail of the FHA's mortgage program. Thus, it makes sense to partner with such buyers.


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I would definitely say paperwork. It can be quite confusing and tricky to make sure you have the right contracts and legal binding clauses. Like one of the contracts is 11 pages! Shocked

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to me, the cotracts are somewhat confusing at times

Financing, Financing, Financing, Financing, Financing, and more

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In today's market in my area, the deals are plentiful the abundance of financing is not. Thus, if I had an abundance of financing, I would probably be able to do twice as many deals, in 1/2 the time. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

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