What title for Dean's new show would most grab your attention if you saw it in your "Channel Guide" TV listings?

Profit in Your Town
49% (269 votes)
Real Estate Reality
17% (92 votes)
Down Market Cash
7% (40 votes)
Recession Buster
9% (51 votes)
Flip that Foreclosure
18% (102 votes)
Total votes: 554

Dean's New Show

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I saw the first cut of the new show the other day. I think it is great! We will post it here once the final cut is ready.

We figure there is no better group of people to ask then the DG family on what title works best to get attention from people watching TV. We'd like your opinion on what title you most get you to tune in to the show if you saw it on your TV's channel listing - be it your digital cable or satellite on screen TV guide listing, the TV listing channel or even a actual paper copy of "TV Guide".

We have our favorites, but we can't wait to know what yours is! Smiling

It was a tie between Profit

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It was a tie between Profit in Your Town and Recession Buster.

I feel that "Real Estate Reality" will only attract the people already interested in Real Estate Investing.

When I saw "Down Market Cash", I read CRASH instead of Cash for the first few times I read it.

Flip that Foreclosure is probably a good one too, but if you're trying to get the most people I say go with Profit in Your Town OR Recession Buster.

Cant wait for the vid!

I like the profit in your

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I like the profit in your town. I think it will trigger the curiosity in people because the wording (your town) will make them want to see what your talking about that can effect them.

Dean's new show

I think profit in your town is a title i think would catch someone's eye on how they can make money around where they live Plus i do not think anyone would say no to Profit their pockets

Profit From Your Town

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One of the biggest obstacles people face is whether these techniques work in THEIR area. I remember thinking it doesn't work in mine because of the higher priced homes in the northeast. This title will grab everyone's attention.


Down Market Cash

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Like dominoefekt, I read "Down Market Crash" instead of cash, too.

But Down market Cash is what the average person would NOT be thinking of! Most people see hopelessness in this market. To suggest making money in a down market is anti-intuitive, and therefore grabs the attention! Maybe "Down Market Money" or "Cash in a Down Market."

I am one who is profiting greatly in this market. We are finally making ends meet because of RE. Our financial future has never been this hopeful thanks to Dean and his strategies! People see how happy I am in spite of our market, and it gives me a great platform to share how they can find hope, too!


profit in your town

I like the Profit in your town title. It says it like it is and would certainly intrigue me if I saw that title.
Once you get the people to tune in to the show, they will realize that this can be done in a down market, or any other market for that matter.
My vote is for Profit in your town.


I like the words "Real Estate"

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I watch anything about Real Estate. Nearly everyone today understands that now is the time to invest in RE, or they are concerned about their own RE holdings and want more information. I think a title with "Real Estate" in it would draw more attention. How about this... "You Can Profit From Today's Real Estate Market"?

"flip that forclosure" rolls

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"flip that forclosure" rolls off the toungue smoother and has a certain familiar ring to it...ive been waiting for something like this, good luck dean!

Profit in your Town

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I think that this one would work fine because people are really wondering whether or not this would work in their home town, what ever the size.

Profit In Your Town

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Profit In Your Town works for me, it caught my eye best. That'd be a very good title.


New Show Title

With all the struggles that are going on with most in today's world; I would say that any title with the word "cash" in it would be an attention grabber. After all; soooooo many people are hurting whether it's paying bills or trying to hold onto their home or having enough money to buy groceries or for that matter medicine. But most of all; we have all kinds of people without jobs. They are trying to find a way to make ends meet. Dean, your new show will give that viewer hope-a chance-a light at the end of the tunnel-confidence-excitement-and finely success. Success that, that viewer never ever thought they would achieve. I say go for the cash. The real estate part of the title and all the information will come as you share the new book. Thanks

Show title

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I think that down market cash is the best attention getter. Other title's being presented, struck me as already overused. I also think when people see cash and down market, it will catch their interest now under the current conditions since it relates a total opposite of what one might think. Just my opinion. Hope which ever title wins that it is a winner for Dean's success.

and the winner to me is...

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I liked Profit in your town. Sounds like anyone anywhere can do this. Didn't like Flip that Foreclosure. I felt it was generic. Can't wait to see what was selected. The other title were ok. just liked PIYT the best.
Thanks for asking...
Earl in MI

All Good

I prefer Real Estate Reality because to me it refers to Real Estate business in general that I think it applies to everybody. Some titles don't apply to some in reality due to the economy status in every place or locations...dom

profit in your town

it sounds really good


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Here is a suggestion. Using the "Profit in your town" slogan but ending it with real names of real towns Dean will present in his show. This way, the slogan will be a bit more personalized and more people will build upon this curiosity, hence acquiring more audience.


Real Estate Reality

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This one seems to be most interesting and eye-catching to me.

Profit in your town

That sound very good for a first time investor since they are always start in their home town.

Profit in your town

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I would tune into a title that say " Profit in your town". If I am just starting off with real estate investing or someone looking for that edge in there town. We'll you got my attention.

how about all of them

they all go hand in hand... all would be nice to learn about expecially for people who are just starting out. but to start with i would like to see profit in your own town.

Profit in your Town

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"Profit in your Town" is the one I like the best. Looking forward to seeing it. Have a great week everybody!


Profit in Your Town

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Catches personal interest, I believe. Pulls you into the show to find out if it could literally mean YOUR town. Smiling


Good Luck

I hope the the best title wins.

Profit In Your Town

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Hey Dean, I don't think you want to be known for beign a flipper which is the message the idiotic competitor is using to steal from the uneducated.
So beign relatable with everyone, that it can be done in their town is an excellent way of promoting the new show.
There it is.

Profit in your town

That's the title that caught my attention, so in my opinion, that should be the title. Thank you for your books and the website.-------Kolby

Profit in your town

With the exception of "Profit in your town," none of the other titles appealed to me. That's a winner right there.


Real Estate Reality

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I liked Real Estate Reality, but Profit In Your Town would probably work just as well. No matter what Dean calls it, I'll still watch it 10 or 20 times just like his other commercials. I almost know them word-for-word and they always have a way of getting me motivated no matter how many times I see them.

Rick Merritt
Trident Reality, LLC

Profit In Your Town

Everyone getting started in real estate is going to feel more comfortable in their own backyard, so profit in your town just makes sense

Profit in Your Town

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Dean's new show & book demonstrates that not only
the ones of us that participated in this awesome
experience have made huge profits in our own home
towns, but that people everywhere accross the country are making money! This tile, hands down
says it all.

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